I have been slingshot for 9 years, sharing experience and perception.


The slingshot should be selected, the 8mm is sufficient, the more detailed the more accurate, the more clear the point. Use a long distance. The narrower the inner bow door is, the more casual, the 30mm 32mm 35mm 38mm 40mm, respectively

Although the thick bow is not clear, it can be matched with thick rubber bands.

I use a 8mm bow with 1632 rubber bands and 7.5mm steel beads. I use it with my heart. It is drawn in 24cm. This is my standard in my daily life. It is also the most accurate match, and rubber bands have also played extreme kinetic energy.

9mm, 10mm and 12mm are equipped with 1636 rubber bands. The rubber bands are thick and the shocks are powerful. After a long time, the fingers and wrists will be damaged. And it is not allowed. So I hit a long distance of 44 meters to 60 meters. The goal of 12mm is a 12mm slingshot +1636 rubber band+8mm beads, and sometimes 2040 rubber bands. The rubber band is selected from ice blue, and the ice blue elasticity is the strongest (the same type of rubber bands are different in color.)

If the slingshot is selected from stainless steel, do not choose titanium alloy. There is a disadvantage of titanium alloy because it is easy to shock, and a slightly thick rubber band shakes the hand, unless you use 1632 rubber bands. I only have a 8mm bow of titanium alloy, and only 1632 rubber bands are used. The advantage is lightweight.

The slingshot is gripped, and the bow door is narrowed to the top of the bow of the thumb, so that the bow can be promoted. Each time the bow is pushed, the rubber band will not be tilted to the bow arm.

So the inner bow door must be narrow, so that your thumb is enough to hold the bow.

The 12mm rough bow can only grab the holding position, because the thumb can’t hold it, and the rubber band you match is too thick. Each time you pull the thumb, you can’t resist it.

The thick bow with thick rubber bands, the range is farther and the power is greater, but the small goals are not allowed because the hands are trembling.

The smaller the pocket, the more accurate. Beads are easy to slide to the center, and the finger card is more positive. The skin pocket must be small.

There is no skill in playing the slingshot, only day after day, he has no hands.

After the bead is playing, the natural level is improved. The Guinness record is 30-40 years old and has a talent. High talent+diligent training can challenge Gilly records early.

I take the slingshot as my sports, sports competition, relieving stress, and controlling emotions.

Everyone is responsible for being forbidden to fight birds and protect birds.