The super white nail picture, come and arrange your feet, who can apply who looks good


Summer is here, and the probability of wearing sandals is getting higher and higher. Come and arrange a nails for yourself. If you have no style, you can refer to the following styles! With so many nail styles, you can find one that suits you, white and advanced.

1. Rainbow armor, big red thumbs, the rest of the feet choose different colors, beautiful and smart, be sure not to decorate your nails!


2. Forgive the color nails, the thumb and ring finger coat deep forgive color, and the rest are white with light colors! High -level and advanced, like it!


3. Blue nails, gentle and cute, with pearl retro style! There is a high -level feeling, the pink bright crystal is applied to the index finger and ring finger, and the feet are more agile!

4. The gentle talle is purple, and the index finger of the toes is painted with pink aurora, or the sequins are purple, which is super gentle!

5. Classic red shy sequins! It ’s always out of time. The picture is the cover of scrub texture. The scrub red looks more advanced!


nice! If you like it, forward it to your girlfriend and let her arrange nails! The whole summer is beautiful