How should the six strange tools on the tea table be used?


Friends who drink tea know that there are some things on the tea table. They are placed in a jar, with different shapes. The material may be metal or wood, and they are the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony.

The six gentlemen of the tea ceremony are the auxiliary appliances on the tea house, which can make the tea drinking process more elegant and more pleasing to the eye.

But many friends may not know how these appliances are used. Today we will talk about the purpose and use of these appliances.


Gentleman 1: Tea Tub

The tea tube is responsible for putting the other 5 gentlemen. There is nothing to say. Just remember that all the handle is inserted into the tube!

Gentle Two: Tea Leakage

Tea leaks are not used to filter tea, because there are no fine gauze on it. Its role is to assist tea into the teapot.

Because some tea leaves are too crushed, it will cause the case when it is poured into the pot. At this time, it is necessary to use tea leaks. It can prevent tea from pouring the tea and avoid waste and pollution.

Gentleman three: tea needle


Black tea, Pu’er tea, and white tea all have tea cakes. Because the tea cake is relatively tight, it is generally difficult to move with hands. At this time, the tea needle is used.

The tea needle can be inserted into the tea cake, and then the tea cake is pry open, so that the tea can be removed easily.

However, the tea needle in the tea ceremony utensils is not used to pry up tea, because most of them are bamboo or wood products, and the hardness cannot meet the requirements at all.

The real use of wood tea needles is actually used to clear the blockage of the tea pot mouth, so it has the reputation of “Tea Tong”.


Gentleman 4: Tea Dial


Tea dial, also known as tea, is a long arc -shaped object, which is generally used to put tea.


Put the tea in the tea, which is convenient to display the tea, so that everyone can see the quality of the tea more clearly.

Gentleman Five: Tea Spoon

The tea spoon is used to scoop tea, scoop the loose tea into the tea spoon, and then put the tea into a teapot or cover bowl.


For tea spoons, we avoid grasping tea directly by hand, clean and hygienic. And I can see how many tea I have taken intuitively.


Gentle Six: Tea clip

The volume of the tea cup is usually relatively small. When cleaning the tea cup, it is easy to get hot.

The role of the tea clip is not only to avoid hot tea cups, but also to avoid hand -polluted tea cups.

Although the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony on the tea table, although not every drinking tea, it is very useful.


They integrate practicality and artistic nature, both as an essential auxiliary tool in the tea drinking process, as a decoration and embellishment to create a mood of the product.