Hanging the wall clock, the master of the clock world


The clock on the double -sided hanging wall is specially picked out to introduce special inspiration sets. The position of this fashion hanging clock is very suitable for installation and placement between the aisles or doors. The performance of both sides is very practical.

挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

At the same time, hanging wall clocks occupy a certain space to create a three -dimensional sense of time.

Simple iron racks hang up with double -sided hanging clocks. The brown -yellow antique design with Roman numbers is a slow casual sense. The position of the bell is also a classic example. The porch looks straight at the opposite door, and the clock has a strong sense of effect.

挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

The white bell is still luxurious and fascinating.

The bell arm made of iron was rolled up, and the black was dark, and it was like a guard at the turning point.

The white pure iron is hanging wall clock, gentle and European art, and the atmosphere shrouded under the wall clock is so warm and romantic.

Classic iron skills, small yellow flowers and small green leaves, if a lifelike artwork, jumps smartly, is very vibrant.

Symmetrical iron racks and antique style of British, modern English coupled with the Arabic clock can sway as the iron chain can be swayed and lively.

挂壁钟 ,时钟界的master

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