Middle -aged and elderly leather single shoes, a new set of new models designed for mothers, the upper foot is very comfortable


Glip -like non -slip flat shoes


The leather flowers soft bottom shoes, simple styles, have extraordinary quality, flat design, good -looking and young, the quality of the shoes is very good, the design is elegant, the rubber bottom is not slippery and wear -resistant, and it is easier to walk safely.

New leather retro middle -aged and elderly single shoes


The new leather national style retro -soft bottom hand -made single shoes, comfortable and fast wearing, the design of the upper printed pedal, comfortable and easy to wear, non -slip and wear -resistant flat bottom, light and comfortable on your feet, whether you are at home, travel or refining, you can wear it.


Spring soft bottom leather leisure flat women’s shoes

Middle -aged and elderly mothers soft bottom leather leisure flat single shoes, soft and comfortable upper, comfortable and dry and more resistant to wear, excellent air -permeable insoles, sweat -absorbing and exhaust, and wearing it for a long time.

Ferry anti -landslide and bow and bow women’s shoes


Middle -aged and elderly leather single shoes, flat heel non -slip soft sole single shoes, the design of the shoes is simple and easy to wear, the design of the bow is dynamic and stylish, wear -resistant rubber soles, soft and comfortable shock absorption, and strong anti -skid grip.

Leather comfortable medium and old -fashioned women’s shoes


Middle -aged and elderly leather shoes, delicate and soft fabric design, make the shoes look more textured, round head design, elegant and fashionable.

The new flat bottom leather soft bottom single shoes

The beautiful bow of this mother’s shoe toe is simple and dignified, more elegant, showing the mature charm of women, the head layer of cowhide leather high -grade high -grade wrinkles, waterproof and oil -proof, and has good breathability. High -quality wear -resistant sole, equipped