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1. The main components of pediatricinophenols are: (to acetaminophen), (poker), (artificial beef yellow). Children under one year of age should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

2. The treatment of dermatitis and eczema for the treatment of dermatitis and eczema is 2-4 weeks.

3. Anyone who drives a locomotive boat or other mechanical operators and high -altitude operators, the working hours disable the cold medicine containing the chloro -phenyamin and phenyraramine.

4. During taking cold medicines, generally do not take nourishing Chinese medicines at the same time. When taking Chinese medicine, avoid spicy, greasy, and cold foods.

5. Hemorrhoid capsules are used in various hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and constipation. However, pregnant women are disabled and can treat hemorrhoids with Shuang Hemorrhoid Cream.

6. Bangnuo’s ingredients are decentralized, which is a selective external weekly H1 receptor antagonist.

7, allergic rhinitis symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, nasal congestion.

8. Cold soft capsule function Dispel the wind and solve heat. It is a pure Chinese medicine preparation. It has no side effects and has no drowsiness, but patients with hypertension are disabled.

9 The function of anti -inflammatory cough tablets treats anti -inflammatory, antitussive, phlegm, and asthma.

10 Double Coptis chinensis is suitable for the symptoms of colds caused by external wind fever fever, cough, and sore throat. But Shuanghuanglian is not suitable for cold and cold people.

11 Children’s retreat thermal oral liquid function Dispel the wind and solution, detoxify and swallow.

12 Dalifen particles are the third -generation cephalosporin. Its role is characterized by less toxicity and fast results.

13 Removal Ning Ning tablets The Indications are clearing heat and removing dampness. Oral, 4 to 5 pieces at a time, 3 times a day.

14 When taking anti -inflammatory tablets, pregnant women should be disabled, allergic to this product, and those with allergies with caution.

15 anti-inflammatory tablets, orally, 4-6 tablets at a time, 3-4 times a day, pregnant women are disabled.

16 Children’s cough syrup has the function of expectorant and antitussive, which is used for cough caused by a cold, but it contains ammonia chloride, so the liver function is used with caution.

17 Bubble Timetable Type, has the characteristics of fast effect and absorb good.

18 Chuanbei Qingyun function is the main smell of clearing heat and moisturizing. It is used to relieve cough and phlegm, dry cough, dry throat, and sore throat.

19 Beylra, also known as Pioneer 6, is the first generation of cephalosporin, and is not suitable for severe infection. However, cephalosporin can enter the fetal blood circulation through the placenta barrier, so pregnant women and women with lactation should be used with caution.

20 Foot light scattered functions: clearing heat and dampness, pest killing sweat. Used for damp heat betting: keratinic hand -to -foot ringworm and stinky disease. But blisters and erosion -type hand -to -foot ringworm are disabled.

21 Sales of Football Scattered is a short course of treatment. It is a course of treatment for three days. A box is a course of treatment and the peeling phenomenon is not serious after use. It remains better for the skin!

22 The sales characteristics of the Qu Annende cream are fast -acting, which can quickly relieve the corresponding symptoms. For example, it can stop itching with foot light scattered. The effect is obvious and the recurrence rate is low.

23 Maternal Yankang’s internal use of the internal condition of this conditioning, and the external use of gynecological thousand gold washing solution quickly relieve symptoms.

The function of the 24 children’s pharyngeal granularity is: clearing heat and throat, detoxifying and pain, 4 grams of age three to five years old, three times a day.

25 artificial beef yellow metronidazole capsules are also known as toothache. It is used for acute wisdom tooth crown inflammation, local alveolar abscesses, pulpitis, and periodontitis.

26 In order to increase the unit price of store customers, we ask the store to conduct “one more sentence” sales recommendation. The content includes three aspects: related sales, warm reminder and convenient product recommendation.

27 Hepuding’s chemical name and method of taking are Lamifding, one/day.

28 The color of the medical insurance prescription is: blue.

29 The color of the self -financed prescription is: white.

The color of the 30 poisonous hemp prescription is: red.

When multiple doses of one party, the weight error of each dose should be controlled to positive and negative: 5%.

32 Emergency contraceptives are effective within 72 hours afterwards, and the earlier afterwards, the better the effect.

33 Multan’s ingredients are the amurate tablets of hydrochloride.

34 The ingredients of the oral liquid of the Hanson Simuli Decoction: woody, coriander shell, betel nut, black medicine.

35 Gastrointestinal ulcers can be divided into: two types of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

36 Stomach ulcers often disappear after 1-2 hours of pain 05-1 hours after meals.

37 Pain 2-3 hours after meals, the pain lasted until the next meal gradually disappeared, or pain before going to bed at night.

38 Akapo candy swallows with food at the 1st-2 mouthful of food during the meal.

39 Vitamin A excessive poisoning is manifested as: anorexia, hair falling off, easy to get angry, etc.

40 Vitamin E excessive poisoning is manifested as: promoting venous thrombosis, headache, diarrhea, etc.

41 Anti -heat -relieving analgesic drugs are generally not more than 3 days to relieve heat, and it is generally not more than 5 days for analgesic.

42 The function of monkey jujube beef Huang San: remove phlegm town, Tongqiao.

43 Vitamin AD {Bet command} Each capsule contains vitamin A1800 units and vitamin D2 600 units.

44 The function of compound fresh bamboo threshold: clearing heat and phlegm, cough.

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45 Ai Chang is suitable for infants and young children.

46 Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. Low folic acid in pregnant women can cause abortion and anemia.

47 Mu Shutan’s indications are sticky and not easy to cough.

48 Muschtan can be used with amoxicillin cephalosporin erythromycin antibiotics to enhance the curative effect!

49β-laidide stores are common representatives (amoxicillin), (penicillin), (penicillin), (cephalosporin), (cephalosporine), (cephalosporin).

50 Daily (200-300mg) (200-300mg) (2-3) of the use of levofloxacin capsules in hydrochloric acid.

51 Schway intestinal insects are prohibited for (pregnant women), (pregnant women and children under 2 years old), severe liver, kidney, mental function, and active ulcer disease.

52 The skin and mucosal infection caused by (with sorervi) (simple sores) (pure sores).

53 Sipireno General Name (Ixzole).

54 This product is used to solve the heat and continuously use no more than (3 days), for no more than more than more than (5 days). If the symptoms are not relieved, please consult a physician or pharmacist.

55 Subjin alcohol must not exceed (0.8) grams per day.

56 The cost of wearing a lotus lotus tablets: 1-2 tablets at a time, 3 times a day.

57 Blippiece, which contains 1 grams of vitamin C-ascorbic acid per tablet, take half tablets every day for children.

58 Folic acid tablets prevent fetal neurological deformities. The usage is: orally. Women of childbearing age are 0.4mg once a day from planning to three months after pregnancy.

59 The main ingredients of Guizhi Poria Capsules are: Guizhi, Poria, Danpi, Tao Ren, Bai Zhi.

60 compound groue oil embolism: vaginal administration, 1 capsule at a time, once a day, better use effect before going to bed at night.

61 During taking Liuwei Dihuang Wan: It is not advisable to take medicine for cold medicine.

62 Cough must be cleaned to the dry cough caused by various reasons.

630,000 perimine ingredients are: sulfate sulfate.

64 Wheat germ oil consumption method: 2 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time.

65 Soy isoflavones can improve skin quality, which can make women’s skin delicate, gloss, and elastic.

66 Efficacy of Health: Immunode regulation.

The ingredients of 67 是 are ketonazole.

68 Chicken eye cream is commonly called salicylate phenoltol paste.

69 The taboo of wet poison is prohibited by pregnant women.

70 Mommy loves to use water below 40 degrees.

71 The chemical name of Xieli stopped is the pillar sulfidine tablet.

72 Ronamin should be 150mg once in one day, twice a day, or once a day once a day.

73 Disposal Capsules of Left Vinkine for (18) patients under the age of (18), pregnant women and lactating women (disable).

74 The amount of sausage intestinal insects is the amount of children over 2 years old and adults (2 tablets). Children over 2 years old are simply a little insect disease.

75 Agelovoviri is orally, 0.2g at a time, one day (5).

76 compound sulfa metamolidazole is also known as (Bailin Jing), and also referred to as (SMZ).

77 The main ingredients of clearing heat and eliminating Yanning (nine sections of tea).

78 The function of wearing a lotus tablets: clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and swelling.

79 Zinc and Calcium Special Taboo: Patients with hyperthyroidism are disabled.

80 Palace Blood Ning Function is to stop bleeding, clearing heat and dehumidification. It is used for 4 weeks for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

81 Guizhi Poria Capsules The effectiveness of Capsules is: promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, and elimination.

82 Gynecological Qianjin solution has bacteriostatic, itching, removing taste, and cleaning.


83 Cough must be cleaned, the general name is sprayedolin.

840,000 Torin is mainly used to alleviate the bronchial spasm of patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

85 Zhengtian Wan function Indications: sparse wind and blood circulation, nourish blood and flat liver, and relieve pain.

86 Breastfeeding women who take nonitropine tablets should stop breastfeeding.

87 experience is also known as Plurol Hydrochloride.

88 The adverse reactions of thirst pills hypoglycemia reactions.

890,000 tuber bone taboos: pregnant women are prohibited.

After the 90s, the component of Dingnuo is (Mi Fei keto tablet)

The alias of 91 methimazole is (hebazole)

92 The main ingredients (rapeseed pollen)

93 Renisdine does not exceed (7) Tian Tian

94 Taining’s storage temperature is below (25C)

950,000 Aiko’s chemistry is called citrus citrate Sina Nafa

96 Pregnant women in Yunnan Baiyao Qi Wu, and those with damage to the skin are disabled.

The maximum dose of the 97th pine is (60-80mg)/day.

98 indication of methylmazole: (hyperthyroidism of thyroid function)

99 Sibirin General Name (Fluinine Hydrochloride Capsule)

100 Small alkali hydrochloride indications (gastrointestinal infection)

101 The ingredients of Calcium Calcium Chewing Tablets are calcium carbonate and vitamin D

102 Youbid pregnant women are banned.

103 Vitamin C+E Donestion is children.

104 Common macroachane antibiotics (erythromycin), acecorcinicillin, (hydromycin), Ronamycin, (Achicterromycin) and so on.

105 Norfloxacin’s alias is (fluoroprotic acid), which is mainly used for (intestinal infection)

106 The most common first -line anti -tuberculosis drugs in clinical practice include (cigarettes), Lifupi, (ethylene butanol), pyrdinamide, splinycin, and so on.

107 Agelovoviri Tablets (5-10).

108 pyracatin, also known as (brain Fukang), is banned (newborn).

109 The pain tablets are used for (fever and moderate pain).

110 Bezhuang detoxifying tablets (clearing heat and detoxification) (dispersing wind and pain)

111 Money Grass particles ingredients: Money Grass

112 Indications for Kim Stekkang: It is used to prevent and treat various diseases caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals.

113 Blossoming gynecological inflammation, usually seven days for a course of treatment.

114 Precautions for Guizhi Poria Capsules: Disclosure during menstruation. Contraindications: Pregnant women avoid taking it.

115 Maternal Yanyan Clear Name: Metronidazole chlorine has a fixed washing agent, which is suitable for various vaginitis caused by (bacterial, trichomonas, mold).

116 Donkey Globe blood supplementation of blood supplementation (long -term disease deficiency, (cigarettes), Lifupin, (ethylene butanol), pyrdinamide, chaincin, etc.

117 Agelovoviri Tablets (5-10).

118 Pyracatin, also known as (brain Fukang), is banned (newborn).

119 The pain tablets are used for (fever and moderate pain).

120 Bezhuang detoxifying tablets (clearing heat and detoxification) (dispersing wind and pain)

121 Money Grass particles ingredients: Money Grass

122 Indications of Kim Schurkang: Various diseases caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals are used

123 Blossoms cure gynecological inflammation, usually seven days for a course of treatment

124 Precautions for Guizhi Poria Capsules: Disclosure during menstruation. Contraindications: Pregnant women avoid taking it

125 Maternal Yanyan Tongzhi name: metronidazole chlorine has a fixed washing agent, suitable for various vaginitis caused by (bacterial, trichomonas, mold)

126 Donkey Globe Blood Make blood particles are used for (long -term illness deficiency, qi and blood loss deficiency and irregular menstruation).

127 Mu Shutan’s common name is the hydrochloride oral liquid

The dosage of 1.28 million Torin is sprayed 1-2 each time, and it is sprayed every 4 to 8 hours if necessary. Extremely cannot exceed 8 spray within 24 hours.

129 Sap Aipus’s universal name: Paidamine Drops

130 Better Order ingredients: Vitamin AD

131 The main ingredients of clearing heat and eliminating Yanning (nine sections of tea)

132 Double Flying Precautions: Avoid directly touching with the eyes

133 Red grape seeds 2 tablets a day, take before bedtime

134 The function of Xia Sangju granules is: clearing the liver and eyesight, sparse wind to relieve heat

135 Ronamin should not be used in combination with (tetracycline), otherwise it will increase (liver) damage.

The main ingredient of the 136 Schway Enterprise is (alptol).

137 Different tobacco slices are (anti -tuberculosis) medicines, and cigarettes are also called (Remy Feng)

138 The disabilities of Agelovir are (allergic to this product) and (pregnant women).

139 must be linked (to acetamine) to inhibit the synthesis of the prostate, and has an analgesic effect of (relieving heat).

140 Usage of Brain Pills: It should be used (before meal), not suitable for cold patients

141 Double Huanglian’s ingredients are (honeysuckle), (Scutellaria), (Forsythia), (Forsythia)

142 Usage and Dosage of Money Grass particles: Take it for boiling water, 3 times a day at a time

143 The usage and dosage of Kim Schurkang: Oral, 1 tablet a day, meal or after meals, take it after meals

144 Gynecological Qianjin Films Indications: clearing heat and dehumidification, nourishing qi and removing stasis

145 The main ingredients of compound Curdia oil embolism: Curdia oil, nitric acid Yikongzole

146 Liuwei Dihuang Pill formula has the characteristics of three supplements. Cooked land, dogwood, and yam are three -flavored tonic, Zexie, Poria, and Danpi are three -flavored laxatives. At the same time, the amount of tonic is greater than the amount of laxatives, which is mainly supplemented.

147 The function of cough special tablets: antitussive, expectorant, asthma, anti -inflammatory.

148 Mu Shu is suitable for those who are sticky to sputum and not easy to cough

Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other patients with hypertension

150 Health Yuan is aimed at the crowd: Babies under the age of 7 are applicable

The main ingredient of 151 State is Mapiro Star.

152 Children Xiaolun, also known as: compound taurine dripping eye fluid

153 Renitidine does not exceed (7) days continuously

154 Sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium (ATP)

155 Taining’s storage temperature is below (25C)

156 The most common adverse reactions of Losicks are headaches and gastrointestinal symptoms

157 The alias of the crickets of Shan Shanbin is (654-2)

158 Amoxicillin is suitable for respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, and soft tissue infections caused by sensitive bacteria in this product. This type of medicine is prohibited for allergies, cautiously used (pregnant women, lactating women).

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159 The principle of anti -tuberculosis medication is (early), joint use, appropriate laws and medication.


The 160 Schumonaworm is mainly used for (tapeworm disease) tapeworm disease.

161 Speedor’s antibacterial spectrum is (broad -spectrum antifungal medicine), which is appropriate to achieve the best effect (immediately administered after meals).

162 The chemical name is acetylphenol, and the alias is heating and polygage.

163 allopurinol is mainly used for treatment (chronic gout).

164 Function of Chaihuang particles: clearing heat and detoxifying, for respiratory tract infection, cold and fever.

The function of 165 money grass particles: Qingli damp and humid, drenched, swelling

166 Folic acid tablet adaptation is used to prevent fetal congenital neural tube deformities. Prevention of women during pregnancy and lactation.

167 Maternal Yankang Function Indications: clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and removing stasis, dispersing pain and relieving pain. Pregnant women avoid using it.

168 compound Curdia oil embolism is mainly used for: white vaginal infections, mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and cervix.

169 Liuwei Dihuang Wan is mainly used for symptoms such as soft waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, tinnitus, tinnitus, fever in the heart of the hands and feet, and nocturnal emission night sweats caused by kidney yin deficiency.

170 cough must be cleared.

171 Mu Shu is best taken during meals. It should be avoided at the same time as the central town cough medicine, so as not to block the sputum to block the air.

172 Black and Black General Name: Midea Pseudo Pseudo Tablets

173. The ingredient and usage of Ding Guier’s umbilical stickers?

Answer: Lilac, cinnamon, 荜茇. External use, stick in the umbilicus, post it at a time, change the medicine once every 24 hours.

174. What are the indications for Qu Annendrazole cream? (Answer one point 1 point)

Answer: ① dermatitis and eczema with a tendency to be accompanied by fungal infection or fungal infection; Dippermia; ④ Candida Candida oral angle; ⑤ methylitis; ⑥ mixed infection of skin caused by fungi and bacteria.

175. What are the pharmacological effects of the three components of pediatrics or yellow Namin particles?

Answer: Contains acetaminophen, chlorophenyamin, and artificial beef. The role of acetylphenol is to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin, which produces analgesic effects; Malaysic acid chlorophenyamin is an anti -allergic drug, which can reduce the symptoms of runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing.

176. What medicine should be used for the Bangnuo indications and what medicine should be used?

Answer: For allergic skin diseases and allergic rhinitis, it should be used with caution when taking drugs such as ketoconazole, large -ring dectomial antibiotics, wisodidine, and catexine at the same time.

177. How to prevent hemorrhoids?

Answer: Develop good bowel habits, and the daily defecation time must not be too long; prevent constipation; strengthen physical exercise. It is advisable to strengthen local massage and anal lifting exercises; reasonable diet, fasting spicy, cold and greasy foods, eating more crude food, crude fiber food.

178. How to prevent stomach problems?

Answer: Develop good living habits; develop regular eating habits; diet is a small amount of meals, light and easy to digest food; eat less spicy, cold and greasy foods; chew slowly and maintain a good mood when eating.

179. How to briefly use the method and precautions of gynecological Qianjinwa (Maichuan Pharmaceutical Production)?

Answer: The method of use is: 1. The vaginal flushing, the appropriate amount of the original liquid is directly irrigated into the dedicated flusher, then inserted into the vagina, squeezed the liquid for rinse, and once or twice a day. 2. The vulva is cleaned, and the appropriate amount of this product is rinsed or wet. The precautions are: 1. Avoid it; 2. Do not use it for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life; 3. If there is a little precipitation during the storage process, it will not affect the use.

180. Cold soft capsule function Indications and usage and dosage

Answer: Function Indications: Sanfeng solving heat. It is used for headaches caused by the cold and cold, nasal congestion, runny nose, cold and sweating, sore bones, sore throat and pain. Usage and dosage: 2-4 capsules at a time, twice a day.

181, comfortable eye and applicable people

Answer: visual fatigue, unclear vision; dry eyes, itching; myopia amblyopia; operating computers for a long time, watching TV; arc, welding and other people.

182. What are the applicable people for health products “Vitamin E+C”?

Answer: (1) Men who need to supplement vitamin C, vitamin E (2) Men who smoke for a long time (3) People who are busy with fast food (4) People with low immunity (5) The skin is dark, dry, freckles with long freckles, long freckles Lady.

183. What are the applicable people for sea dog oil soft capsules?

Answer: (1) Insufficient qi and blood, low immunity; (2) adult men with poor energy and fatigue; (3) those who need to enhance their physique and improve their ability; Crusades; (5) Latinopa, insomnia, insomnia, and lack of sleep.

184. The sales characteristics of “vitamin A+D” health product “vitamin A+D”

Answer: (1) Promote growth and development; (2) enhance immunity and prevent upper respiratory tract infections; (3) protect vision; (4) promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus; (5) 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time.

185. What is the role of protein in the human body?

Answer: (1) Create muscle, blood, skin and various body organs. (2) Help the body of the body. (3) Transfer nutrition to cells. (4) Regulate the balance of water in the body. (5) Help wound blood coagulation and healing. (6) Making enzymes in the body helps to convert food into energy.

186. Pairong’s indications, how to use Porisato?

Answer: ① dermatitis eczema; ② tinea and tinea, body tinea, etc.; ③ diaper dermatitis. Patson’s usage: Treatment of dermatitis, 2-4 weeks of treatment during eczema, and the treatment of inflammatory fungal diseases should continue until the inflammatory response treatments should not exceed 4 weeks.

187. The adverse reactions and taboos of the cough special film?

Answer: Adverse reactions: showing sleepiness, drowsiness, thirst, etc.

Contraindications: (1) Disables for pregnant women and allergies.

(2) Tobulets, alcohol and spicy, cold, greasy food.


188. What are the precautions for taking potatol?

Answer: (1) Do not take it with vitamin C;

(2) Avoid application with iron salt at the same time;

(3) This product has no anti -inflammatory effect. When it is used for acute gout, it needs to be used together with other anti -inflammatory agents;

(4) During the medication period, drink more water to keep the daily urine volume above 2L.

189. What are the adaptive people of wheat germ oil?

Answer: (1) Mrs. who needs to supplement vitamin E; (2) weak constitution, disease, premature failure; (3) endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, upset women with insomnia; (4) increased pigments, dry skin women; (5) Men and women who want to improve the chance of conception.

190. Clear the function of clearing the granules and taboos?

Answer: (1) Function Indications: clearing heat and detoxifying, calmness and peace, used for heat caused by external wind heat, irritability, sore throat and upper respiratory tract infection, viral colds, and acute pharyngitis see the above -mentioned evidence.

(2) Contraindications: Pregnant women are prohibited, and diabetic patients are prohibited. Avoid smoke, wine and spicy, cold, greasy food.

191. Indications of intensity extension?

Answer: (1) Enhance the body’s resistance to prevent and treat all kinds of acute infectious diseases;

(2) For the treatment of post -recovery period, trauma healing period, and auxiliary treatment of allergic diseases;

(3) It is used to prevent and treat scarlet disease.

192. The main ingredients and functions of children’s seven -star tea?

Answer: ingredients: Coix seed, rice teeth, hawthorn, light bamboo leaves, hook vines, cicada molt, licorice; functional treatment: stagnation, used for children’s indigestion, do not think about diet, two are unsatisfactory, and night 寐.

193. The functional and precautions of the black chicken Baifeng Pills?

Answer: Function: Nourishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation.

It is used for qi and blood deficiency, thin body, soft waist and knees, irregular menstruation, and large amount of leucorrhea.

Note: (1) Avoid cold and cold food; (2) During the medication, it is not advisable to drink tea and radish; (3) This product should not be taken during a cold;

194. Indications and precautions that must be painful?

Answer: The fever caused by ordinary colds or popular colds is also used to relieve mild to moderate pain such as: migraine, toothache, dysmenorrhea, joint pain, neuralgia, muscle pain.

Note: Severe liver and kidney dysfunction is banned, and pregnant women and lactating women use it with caution.

195. Please briefly describe the similarities and differences between Meilin and Tynolin in children’s medication

Answer: Similarly: (1) can be used for fever caused by children’s normal cold or popular cold; (2) can be used to alleviate children’s mild or moderate pain.

Different points: (1) Meilin’s ingredients are ibuprofen, used for high fever, mostly used for fever above 38.5c or more. (2) Tynolin’s ingredients are acetylbinol, used for medium heat, mostly used for fever below 38.5c.

196. The function of Huoxiang Zhengqi Oral Oral Liquid?

Answer: It is used for colds and colds, internal injuries, or colds caused by dampness or summer wounds.

197. Sipiren’s impact treatment and use method of gray nails?

Answer: Treatment of A fungal disease impact treatment: The impact treatment is 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time, and take 1 week. Nail infection requires 2 impact treatment, and toenails infection is a course of 3 punching agents. The first course of treatment is three weeks after the second course, and the second course of treatment is two weeks apart from the third course.

198. What are the indications of pediatrichinol yellow Namin?

Answer: It is used to alleviate the fever caused by children’s normal colds and popular colds, headaches, sore limbs, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat and other symptoms.

199. The function of Fulfantan Ginseng tablets?

Answer: (1) Function: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving qi and relieving pain;