How many meters can the self -suction pump suction process?


How many meters can the self -suction pump suction process?

Self -sucking pumps may be relatively unfamiliar, such as suction and raising. However, these factors must be considered when buying, so how many meters can the suction pump suction pump? How much is the self -suction pump when buying?

The maximum suction process of the self -suction pump can reach 9 meters.

There are many types of self -suction pumps, including melting salt pumps, self -suction pumps, vacuum pumps, submersible pumps, metering pumps, gear pumps, corrosion -resistant pumps, acid pumps and fire pumps. Then, it merged with the water exchange from the right back of the water hole and flowed along the snail shell. Because the liquid is constantly hitting the leaf grid in the snail shell and crushed by the impeller, it will be stirred and mixed with the air to form a gas mixture, and continuous flow will prevent the gas from separating the gas and water. The mixture is stripped through the separation tongue at the exit of the snail shell, and enters the separation room along the short tube.

The air in the separation room is separated from the exit tube and discharged. The water still flows back to the outer edge of the impeller through the left and right pores, and is mixed with the air in the inhalation tube. This repeated cycle gradually discharge the air in the inhalation tube, so that the water enters the pump and complete the self -suction process. Sewage pumps, self -suction pumps, oil pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps and gear oil pumps are the same. The difference is that it does not flow to the outer edge of the impeller, but flows to the entrance of the impeller.


When the internal mixed self -suction pump is activated, the return valve of the front and bottom of the impeller must be opened to return the liquid in the pump to the entrance of the impeller. Under the action of high -speed impeller, the air in the water and water absorption pipes is mixed to form a gas mixture, and then discharged to the separation room. The air is discharged here, and the water returns from the return valve to the impeller entrance. Repeat this process until the air is excreted and the internal mixed self -absorbing pump absorbs water.

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