What is the car cleaner?


Car cleaner is mainly based on surfactants, sterilization agents, polishing agents, imported permeas, and unique glittering factor. Brightness and other characteristics. Can quickly and thoroughly clean the surface of the car, baffle, car body, etc. The car cleaner can remove various rubber paper and labels pasted on the surface of the car glass, and can remove the oil from around the wheels, mud, bumper, car body and various tools. After the car cleaner is used, a film can also be formed to protect the car paint. In addition, the interior cleaner of the car is the chemical fiber, wood, leather, fabric, velvet, engineering and other products in the car (such as: ceiling, seat, instrument, carpet, etc.).

Brief introduction

The unique penetration and polished light factor can quickly remove the adhesive paper, label stickers, etc. When it is coated with the surface of the cleaning object, it is combined or fused with the dirt, but it requires flowing water to clean its residue. Water -saving cleaner can be used with less characteristics or water to achieve water saving.


1. It is easy to use.

2. With a clean scraper to quickly remove stubborn stains.


3. The magical cleaning effect can be seen everywhere.

4. After use, a film can be formed to protect the car paint.

5. It can easily remove various rubber paper and labels pasted on the surface of the glass.


1. Fully shake the liquid in the can.

2. At 15cm, align the stains and spray this product, and keep it clean with a rag for a few minutes.

3. Use stubborn stains such as rubber paper on the glass to clean the scraper.

4. Use clean scraper to remove stubborn stains on the body.


component ratio

Silicone emulsification solution 10%

18% ammonium oxide

25% of alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether

47% water


The car cleaning agent formula contains anion surfactants (alkyl ammonium oxide), non -ionic surfactants (alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether), light brightener (silicone emulsification solution), mix the above component according to the above proportion Later, the purpose of decontamination, light, and paint on the surface of the vehicle can be achieved. The preparation of water -free cleaning agents is very simple and easy to use. Spray the cleaning agent on the surface of the car and wipe it with a cloth, eliminating the trouble of rinse with a lot of water. There is no limit to use anytime, anywhere.

Preparation Process

Press the above three solvents to alkyl -based ammonium oxide and alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether in the stirring container, stir up and place it in a distilled kettle at 90 ° C, and keep it in the stainless steel or enamel container for 3 minutes. When cooled to 50 ~ 60 ° C, add a certain percentage to a certain percentage of silicone emulsifier and distilled water. After stirring, it is filled with a small container to use it.

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