What color of wedding curtains do color taboos in wedding room curtains


Summary: In order to make the wedding room in the future, the festive colors are not suitable for layout, so it is suitable for the soft outfit of the wedding room, which is also convenient for future replacement. A warm and romantic and festive wedding room, the curtains are a highlight. Choosing a good curtain can embellish the wedding room and add points to the wedding room. What color does the wedding curtain be used? Here are the taboos of the new wedding bedroom curtains and the color of the wedding room curtains.

What color does the wedding curtain be used?

1. Red sand curtain+ocean -red bedding+gray carpet ocean red and purple stitching bedding gives people a warm feeling. In order to create more emotional space, you can replace the fluttering sandy red curtains. The curtains are more obsessed with the bedroom. The gray carpet and white furniture are integrated red, making the color of the bedroom more balanced.

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Wedding room curtain window screen

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2. Black and white background+thick red curtains+red pillow+red blanket Although the wedding room is festive, for the longer life after marriage, the simple style decoration is more wise. Simple black and white background bedrooms can become festive. A thick red curtain, pillow, blanket, and red single chair are often eye -catching.

3. Although red sand curtains+refreshing white bedding wedding rooms, although the layout of the wedding room of the white bed is particularly festive, the color should not be too strong, otherwise it will make people feel depressed and affect the new wedding mood. You can choose a white bed in a paving wedding bed without any visual burden, so that you have a good sleep. In order to create the atmosphere, you can choose to install red sand curtains in the bedroom.

Therefore, for the color matching skills of the curtain color of the bedroom room, you must determine what color curtains are used before buying the curtains. An important part of the room and bedroom, curtains with different colors can create different atmosphere, and the operation is very convenient.

Color taboos of wedding room curtains

1. Wedding room bedrooms choose smooth colors and static color curtains.

Such as light brown, brown -red furniture, can be matched with beige and orange curtains; white furniture can be equipped with light coffee, light blue, beige curtains to make the room look elegant but not deserted, warm and not tacky, which can reflect the taste of the newlywed couples very much Essence

2. Try not to use too pure colors in the bedroom bedroom curtains

The bedroom is a place to rest. Although it is a wedding room, try not to use too pure colors or too strong contrasts, mainly light, so that it can be beneficial to sleep. The bedroom also needs sunlight during the day, but sometimes it does not need to be sunny, so it is better to choose curtains with better shielding properties in order to regulate the strength of the sun. Pay attention to curtains with good ventilation performance to keep the indoor air fresh.

3. The choice of colors of curtains in the bedroom bedroom, focusing on “coordination”.

Its color and texture need to be coordinated with the furniture of the room, the decoration style of the room, and the indoor wall, ground, and ceiling to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty.

In general, the color choice of the color of the bedroom curtains depends on the specific situation. For example, the style of the bedroom bedroom, the color of the overall bedroom, and the coordination according to the owner’s preferences are the key.

Precautions for the color Feng Shui of the bedroom curtain:

1. It is best not to use too much red or black as the main color inside the house, because too red or too black can make people extremely impulsive. It is also recommended to increase purity and brightness on the wall to achieve saturation, which is the positive color we say.

2. In Chinese feng shui science, smallpox represents the sky, the floor represents the ground, and the wall represents people. The color of the wall should be between the ceilings and the floor, that is, deeper than the sky and the floor, so that the sky, the ground, and the talents can reach harmony.

3. It is the turbidity of the sky: the color of the ceiling should be used as light colors as much as possible. At the same time, the color of the floor is deeper than the ceiling. Otherwise, the people in the house will do things upside down.

新婚窗帘用什么颜色 婚房窗帘颜色禁忌

4. Choose different colors according to your needs

A. Oriental li red: Traditionally, red represents joy, enthusiasm, and boldness. In Feng Shui, the East also symbolizes the spirit of youngness and courage to adventure. Therefore, placing some red furniture and decorations in the East, such as mahogany hanging decorations, red carpets, etc., can make their family full of energy, benefit their careers and studies.

B. Red only as decorative color is good, or small area can be used.

C. Southern interest green: In Feng Shui, the south dominates inspiration and social ability; green has a vitality. In addition to adding green plants in the south, in addition to adding green beauty, it also has a positive catalytic effect on interpersonal relationships. If it is a wall coating, it is recommended to use small areas and reduce purity and brightness.

D. Western sharp yellow: Yellow has always been used to represent wealth, while the West is considered to be the direction of the leading cause and wealth. “Tengda. In home decoration, it is recommended to be used for cloth jewelry or small furniture. If it is used for coatings on the wall, it is recommended to increase purity and brightness.

E. Northern Lycn Orange: The northern is in charge of the relationship between husband and wife, while orange has the meaning of enthusiasm. If you want to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, you can place orange table lamps, small carpets, pillows, etc. in the north of the bedroom, which is beneficial to the relationship between the couple.