Xunfei Translation Pen S11 evaluates the dumb English of Chinese people


“Teaching according to its aptitude, teaching and no category” is the educational thinking of Confucius thousands of years ago, and this has deeply affected the students of later generations. Today, with the technical breakthroughs in the fields of AI in the diagnosis of love, personalized counseling, it has gradually obtained the consensus of children and parents through artificial intelligence to help students reduce the burden and increase efficiency.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

The Xunfei Translation Pen S11 was born in this educational background. Its main functions include scanning words/translation, voice check/translation, textbook scanning, hearing practice, follow -up evaluation, etc., and comprehensively covered English learning The complete process of listening, speaking, reading, and remembering. Next, I want to share with you some use experience of Xunfei Translation Pen S11, and how I find a good way to learn English through this product.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

In today’s era of mobile Internet, the use of traditional paper dictionary has been greatly reduced, and products such as Xunfei Translators S11 not only carry lightweight, but also check the speed of words (officially testing scanned words in 0.5 seconds to see the interpretation). First of all, the size of this product is very small, weighs only 78g, and easily holds it with one hand; a 3.7 -inch high -definition touch screen is equipped on the front of the fuselage, [scanning check], [voice translation], [textbook scan], [hearing force], [listening force Exercise] The core functions are lined up in turn, and the simple and clear interface can easily get started.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

Gently sweep, look at the interpretation

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

The next step is to share with experience. First of all, for scanning, the accuracy and efficiency of this product are definitely impressive, and the operation is very simple. The user only needs to hold the pen tip and align the pen tip to the words and phrases of the pen. Gently sweep; then while lift the pen, the interpretation and real people read aloud (British/American pronunciation) can be seen, which is very efficient.

Sweep the pen tip and look at the interpretation

In terms of daily actual experience, using Xunfei Translation Pen S11 scanning words, the query speed is really fast as lightning, whether it is a word or a long sentence, you can “lift the pen and translate”. The problem is that the efficiency is far from the paper dictionary and even the mobile phone dictionary (the mobile phone dictionary must also be manually input or camera recognition, which is far less than that of the S11 scanning).

3.2 million+mass quantities, the accuracy rate of scanning identification is as high as 99%

In addition, I also found that the accuracy of the scan recognition of the Xunfei Translation Pen S11 is very high, and the accuracy of the official test is as high as 99%. In fact, this is mainly due to its 3.2 million+large quantities, and this time there will be new Oxford high -level English -Chinese double solution dictionary on S11. Professional vocabulary and other large quantities are all included; so it is not easy to make this translator translate wrong.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

Of course, the premise of ensuring accurate translation is that we must keep the pen tip of the pen and the stars always alert the words. You should pay attention to this tip, otherwise the error result of the translation of S11 will not carry this pot.

“Listen, speak, read, remember”, no one can be less

In addition to scanning words with a very high frequency of daily use, the voice translation of Xunfei Translation Pen S11 is actually a very useful feature. It integrates Xunfei’s voice recognition/translation, AI voice synthesis and other technologies. Press the voice keys on the side of the fuselage when using it, and speak English words or Chinese words/idioms that you want to query. , Very convenient. It should be said that in the voice translation experience, Xunfei has been doing greatly. S11 uses this technology, and the experience is also very satisfactory.

Voice translation is equally efficient

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

For English learning, if we do not take notes in time, then the words that have been checked will not be able to spend a long time. So I want to remember a new word, “Listen, speak, read, remember” the process of “reading, reading, and remembering” must not be less. I have introduced it to you before listening to the experience. Xunfei Translated Pen S11 also supports words and sentences and reading evaluations. Based on the English testing of homologous technologies in the middle and college entrance examinations, every time I heard that exercises are a simulation actual combat, helping help Children cultivate a sense of pure language.

Follow reading exercises to practice pure words

For example, when the voice input is completed, click the smiley face icon on the screen, you can choose a real person to pronounce and follow the reading. Then you will give a score based on your pronunciation. Repeated reading exercises can significantly improve your speaking pronunciation and practice pure language. In addition, when you encounter a new word during the practice, you can also click on the star number icon on the right side of the screen to add to the new words, one -click collection, and remember the new words anytime, anywhere.

One -click collection of new words

This time, Xunfei Translated Pen S11 also added a unique [listening exercise] function. The importance of listening in English learning does not need to be said, you can listen to it, you will not practice dumb English, and this will not be dumb English, and this will not be dumb English. It is also a common pain point in the process of learning English. Before starting hearing exercises, you need to connect the Xunfei Translation Pen S11 to the computer, import the MP3 file into the Audio folder, and then you can listen to local audio in the translation pen.

In terms of actual experience, this function is also very useful. It also means that you can exercise the hearing feeling anytime, anywhere. If you are worried that you are noisy, you can also practice using the headphones of the Type-C interface or connecting the Bluetooth headset. In addition, listening exercises are used with textbook scanning and speaking and reading evaluation, which can make the Xunfei Translation Pen S11 form a good closed loop in assisting English learning, allowing you to say goodbye to dumb English.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了

Nowadays, the translation pens on the market are not a small number. However, in terms of comprehensive experience, I found that the Xunfei Translator S11 is still very worry -free. For example, using this product to scan English words and Chinese characters/idioms, they can provide fast and accurate interpretation. When it is not convenient to scan, you can also spell to check words through voice keys. The flexibility of English learning, which is very convenient for students and workplace people.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了


We know that the key to learning English is not only to stimulate learning interest. Each ring of “listening, speaking, reading, and remembering” in the learning process is also indispensable. In my opinion, Xunfei Translated Pen S11 can not only allow students to read picture books smoothly and stimulate English interest, but also fully covers the complete process of the above four points. This is the most important thing for English learning. Essence In addition, because this product does not have any entertainment function, it can prevent children from turning the learning machine into a game console, so it is more worrying for parents.

讯飞翻译笔S11评测 国人的哑巴英语有救了