Abandon the traditional bedside table, one high and one low on the head of the bed, and the suspended cabinet instead is “practical additional points”


Can I only put the bedside table on both sides of the bedside? Of course, it is not. The traditional landing -type finished bedside cabinet has gradually OUT. Now it is not only popular with suspended bedside tables, but also likes to make high and low platforms on both sides of the bedside.


Compared with the traditional landing bedside table, making suspended bedside tables can perfectly avoid the problem of dirt and shaking. Here is a suspended high platform design. The low side is used as a bedside table. In the space of 1㎡, the study function can be integrated into the bedroom to achieve multiple use of 1 room. It is the “practical bonus design” in the bedroom.

If you want to make such high and low designs on both sides of the bedside, the length of the bedside wall cannot be less than 3 meters, because it is at least 60 cm in length as a hanging desktop, otherwise it will not be able to work on the work at all, and it will not be able to work on it. Learning, the height is different from the bedside table, it is recommended to be about 75 cm.


If the wall of the bedside is long enough, you can also put a row of wardrobes. The sideways on the side of the wardrobe extend the table countertop, which is exactly to form a high or low table with the bedside table.


Compared with both sides, there are suspended bedside tables, making different highs and low platforms, giving people a bright feeling, full of design sense, at the same time, there is a gap in height, and the layers are clear. In addition to the bedside table, the bedside cabinet has a learning function and has a stronger functionality.


Such suspended heights are more sophisticated in installation.

You need to slot on the position determined on the wall on both sides of the bedside, and then embed the cut wooden countertop and install it in the wall. Compared with the countertop or cabinet that is directly hung on the wall, it can ensure the bearing capacity. Compared to the service life, it is also greatly lifted.


Finally, the heights on both sides of the bedside are close to the bed. Therefore, if possible, the corner of the countertop can be used for arc treatment, so as to reduce the risk of bumps and higher safety; Design, this is relatively safer.

In addition to the high and low designs on both sides of the bedside, these places can also be done at home. Like a bathroom, a high and low washing table, the high side is an adult area, and the low side is the children’s area. The floor of the living room forms a height difference, and the height difference can be 15-20 cm.

The kitchen table is made of high and low platform with a height difference of about 10 cm, which is in line with ergonomics;