In addition to hairdressing nails, pet cosmetic has a special blush now


Reporter | Zhou Fangying

Edit | Lou Qinqin

If you are also a “cloud -breeding pet” enthusiast, you will definitely brush on the video of the big social media platforms to give Corgi Dog’s blush on the ass. In order to highlight the cuteness of pets, many pet bloggers also crowned them on the beauty of “peach hips”. With the explosion of such videos, this is also derived to make makeup to cat cheeks.


In fact, with the rapid development of pet raise, pet makeup and beauty for pets has become the “traffic password” of many bloggers. Beauty projects such as “blush” and “hair dye” have also become particularly popular on cats and dogs.

Interface Fashion found through search, and found home pet cosmetic products such as pet blush, hair dyes, etc. on e -commerce platforms. However, it is worth noting that most related products are unknown, or have no official purchase channels for overseas brands but currently have no official purchase channels. This means that the qualifications and safety of related pet beauty products are still doubtful.


In fact, earlier, a beauty additional project has begun in pet stores. In addition to conventional basic projects such as hair cleaning care and oral cleaning, special beauty items such as hair dyeing and SPA -level maintenance are even provided in some pet shops. This is obviously to meet the beauty needs of some pet owners. In addition, some netizens posted that they would bring pets to the nail shop to make nails together.

However, the consideration of pet security has made most of the pets who are opposed to these beauty projects. Many pets said that because pets such as cats and dogs have the habit of licking hair, it is easy to swallow chemical products such as hair dye cream into the abdomen and cause physical discomfort. In addition, cosmetics attached to hair may also cause skin problems.

But there is no doubt that with the rise of pet boom, “its economy” is becoming a new consumer outlet. This has continuously developed pet supplies into the field of subdivisions.

According to the “Report and Market Research Analysis Report of China’s Pet Economy Industry Development and Market Research” released by Ai Media Consultation, the size of the Chinese pet market in 2015 to 2020 continued to grow. The market size in 2020 was 295.3 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 33.5% Essence


With the continuous popularization of pets and the development of pet market services and products, it is expected that by 2023, the market size of China’s pet industry will reach 592.8 billion yuan. The type of pet industry has also extended from traditional pet food, pet products and other fields to peripheral industries such as pet photography, pet medical care, pet insurance, and cute pet experience hall.

Recently, many pet supplies brands have received capital attention. In July 2021, the “repeated” brand of cleaning and washing brands in the family of pets announced that it had completed the seed wheels and angel round financing within six months, and a total of tens of millions of yuan was raised in two rounds. The brand’s explosive product is “pet -free gloves”, infiltrating the essence of the bath liquid on the gloves, and can be wiped out to dry the pets.

In addition, “little pee pets” featuring smart products such as pet heart rate, sleep time, and Pidan brand Pidan, a full -category lifestyle, have also announced the completion of multiple rounds of financing in the past two months.

Many beauty brands have also launched pet products in order to develop in the direction of the entire category of lifestyle.

For example, the American skin care brand Koyan has launched the “Hug Pet Series” nursing suit, including bathing milk and soft hair such as shower milk, hair soft milk, etc. Australian organic skin care brand AESOP also released the exclusive product of Xiaohongshu -pet cleaning dew when she settled in Xiaohongshu.

Naturally, e -commerce platforms with more sensitive consumer wind directions will naturally not let go of the growth opportunities in the field of pet supplies. In early 2021, China Cross -border E -commerce Platform SHEIN has quietly expanded the category of products to pet supplies. Before Double 11 this year, Tmall split the four categories from the original industry to operate independently and upgrade to a first -level industry category. Pets are one of them.

It is conceivable that the attention of capital and platforms for pet supplies will further promote its development. But like the role of beauty protection products, the investment of pets for pets determines the safety of the product is the primary condition.