Home -dry goods: Is the kitchen oil -proof sticker easy to use? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


I believe that everyone has understood the kitchen oil -proof stickers. It is very practical to avoid the kitchen oil stains on the wall.

Is the kitchen oil -proof sticker easy to use?

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Is the kitchen oil -proof smoke sticker easy to use?

Advantages of kitchen oil -proof stickers:


1. Kitchen oil -proof stickers are mainly used to protect the walls of the kitchen. It uses environmentally friendly and healthy materials, which will not adversely affect the human body;

2. It is excellent waterproof and oily. Do not worry about oil stains on the wall after sticking it;

3. The color of its color and not fading, maintaining the characteristics of beautiful sightseeing;

4. The quality of the oil -proof stickers is very durable, the use time is long, and it is not tilted.


5. The installation of the oil -proof sticker in the kitchen is very convenient. To tear the film and stick it directly on the wall. Tiles, walls, wood, and stainless steel can be pasted. It is convenient to clean after dirty and can use a cleaner.

Disadvantages of kitchen oil -proof stickers:

1. Kitchen oil -proof stickers are not suitable for all wall surfaces. If it is a grassroots that are easy to absorb and fall off, it is not suitable for stickers.

2. Paste the oil -proof stickers in the kitchen, which can appear obtrusive and affect the aesthetics to a certain extent.

3. The kitchen oil -proof sticker is more difficult to tear down. Usually there are glue residues on the tiles, and additional measures need to be taken to clean up, which is relatively troublesome.

Is there formaldehyde in the kitchen oil -proof sticker?

1. Whether the kitchen oil -proof sticker contains methanol, depending on the material of the sticker. For safety reasons, you can choose the material of PVC resin. This material is non -toxic and harmless and will not cause damage to the owner’s health.


2. With the popularization of oil -proof stickers, various oil -proof stickers appear on the market. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use materials that are harmful to the human body to make oil -proof stickers. At the same time It is also cheaper, so for your own health, you can’t be cheap.

3. Identify whether the kitchen oil -proof sticker contains harmful substances to the human body. You can smell the surface of the product. If there is a more irritating odor or feeling, it may be a substance that is harmful to the human body.

How to post kitchen oil -proof stickers

1. Before the oil -proof stickers are sticked, you can sprinkle a little water on the tiles to make the tile slightly moist, and then tear it off on the back of the oil -proof sticker. Be careful not to tear it too fast, otherwise you may not be torn off. Essence

2. Pay the corner of the oil -proof sticker to the corner of the tile, and then fit the tiles first from top to bottom, and then scrape it with the edge of the scraper. Do not worry when you stickers. Leave a bubble.

3. After the entire oil -proof sticker is pasted, you can observe whether there are bubbles. If there is a bubble, use a scraper to slowly scrape it out.

The above is the relevant knowledge about kitchen oil -proof stickers, I hope to help you.