Bo Yan’s new flagship paper book release: 7.8 -inch pure glass, this is the flagship electronic paper book


Bo Yue has always been the best in domestic electronic paper books. Product coverage is relatively complete, with mainstream 6-inch-10-inch coverage, and in terms of product innovation, software optimization, and cost-effectiveness, it performs very well.

In the e -paper book, 7.8 inches can be said to be a golden size. This size of the paper book can also take into account the portable and good reading experience at the same time. At the same time, this size of the paper books also has great advantages in PDF reading, so many people call it golden size.

And Bo Yue, just released a new 7.8 -inch product: Bo Yan Likebook P78.


This product is positioned with a 7.8 -inch golden -size e -book. At the same time, a lot of upgrades were made on the basis of the old model. Let me summarize, what are the highlights of this product!

1. 7.8 -inch pure flat screen, the display effect is better

In the past, many e -paper books were designed with soft screens. After all, the ink screen of the electronic paper book is relatively special, and the soft screen has also continued for many years. The cost is low, and the reading experience is also very average.

However, Bo Yan Likebook P78 uses a new flat screen with a layer of glass on the surface. Not only is the reading experience improved significantly, but the sensitivity, solidity, and aesthetics of touch are obvious.

In addition, the resolution of the screen is upgraded to 1872*1404, and the pixel density is 300PPI, which shows more finely.


2. The hardware configuration is improved, the full upgrade of storage and chips


Bo Yan Likebook P78, a new 4 -core 1.5GHz processor is used; because of its own e -paper book products, the positioning is the reader, so the configuration requirements are not high.

However, such chips can meet the reaction speed of power consumption, standby and products at the same time, and the role is still very obvious.

Not only that, the LikeBook P78 uses a hardware configuration of 2+32G, which can store more books.

Maybe many people will say that 32G’s storage space is enough if you read more? The answer is: if it is a crazy man, it is not enough. How to deal with it? The answer is: memory card!

That’s right, Bo Yan Likebook P78 supports up to 256GB of memory cards, which is valuable in e -paper books. In terms of hardware, Blikebook P78 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology and is equipped with speakers. It can be used directly to listen to books. It is still very good!


3. The system upgrade, the interface is more beautiful and easier to use

This time, the UI of the LikeBook P78 is more outstanding. The homepage supports 3*3/2*4/3*4/4*5 various UI layouts, which can design different display methods according to the needs of the user.

In addition, the method of passing books has also continued multiple solutions. It not only supports WiFi books, but also supports USB and Bluetooth biography. The mobile phones can be directly passed on, and the functions are powerful and easy to use.

The new reading engine of the Likebook P78 supports the original book typesetting, the vertical of ancient books, and so on. We WeChat reading is built. The resources are more resources and the reading effect is more outstanding.


Do you like such a new e -paper book product?