Buy clothes in the season, 7 classic re -engraved jackets dressed you as hormonal gentleman men


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One of the most practical items in autumn and winter jackets, men’s jackets are basically improved in classic models. I am a person who likes classic men’s clothing very much. The following jackets are available. Let’s share the history of some jackets (refer to the Internet data) by the way. I hope I can like it.


As soon as you get to various jackets in autumn, you become the protagonist. Walking on the street, you can see the fancy jackets. Sometimes you look good but you can’t call it accurate. What keywords to search, I wonder if you feel like this? It happens that I am going to the north these days. The temperature in the morning and evening in the north has reached the level that it will be cold without wearing a jacket. It is necessary to bring a jacket, so I started to turn out a lot of jackets that I bought or customized last year in the closet. There is a cool story behind these jackets.

Next, share a few classic men’s jackets, and by the way, let you know what the origin of these similar jackets.

1. Hunter jacket (Safari Jacket)


The English of the hunting jacket is called Safari Jacket. Safari means traveling in African language. This is why many people return the origin of hunting jackets and hunting people. The hunting jacket is actually a clothing designed by the British British in the 19th century in order to facilitate hidden operations in the jungle.


The four big pockets on the clothes are designed for combat supplies such as ammunition, map, compass, etc. The back folds and belts on the back will not affect the activity due to the limitations of the clothes. The color of the jacket fabric is generally military green Or earthy yellow is convenient when fighting.


1. The shoulder chapter is the most typical military element, which can also show that the hunting clothing originated from the army;

2. The four big pockets on the chest and waist are small objects used to store maps, compass and other battles before;

3. The belt is more convenient to make clothes tightly;

The back fold is more conducive to activities.

The retro and gentleman’s style of hunting jackets is very obvious. In recent years, it has been a single product that gentleman lovers like. The current hunting jacket has already ignored the functional side. On the basis of retaining classic elements, the current popularity of seasonal fabrics will be used. Pure cotton or wool fabrics, even in order to improve the texture, will also use leather materials. In short, different materials can show different styles.


Various materials of hunting jackets

Now it is just autumn. It is more recommended for cotton hunting jackets, which are soft and comfortable. When the weather is cold, you can choose the suede material. The retro temperament of the suede coincides with the retro style of the hunting jacket, and the clothes of the suede fabric are very worry -free. You can wear it for a long time under pure air and then clean.


The combination of hunting jackets is still very flexible. If you want to be a little formal, you can match the shirt with a tie, the pants choose a formal western pants, the whole look will look very gentleman, the formal sense is second only to the suit, participate in some parties or some parties or some parties or do some parties. The party will definitely be very brilliant.

▼ This is a white pure cotton column jacket customized in my spring. The style of the pocket is changed to a simpler design

Of course, for most people, rarely wear trousers and ties, let alone tie. The most practical is the casual style of jeans. You can choose a T -shirt in the inside. The method of wearing is practical and can highlight their own taste. Men are not a whisty of wearing flowers, but in the sense of exquisiteness.

▼ Full Monty Holding Jacket

The fabric with a suede is soft and warm, and the collar has been improved to become more profitable. The YKK metal zipper is practical and textured.


▼ hany corduroy hunting jacket


The corduroy -based hunting jacket is full of retro style, and the pumping rope that lacks the belt and waist is not so easy to show the figure.

2. G9, G4 jacket

The British, which originated in the 1930s, was designed by John and Isaac Miller, the founders of the clothing brand Barracuda. ​​This brand was originally a foundry for brands such as Burberry. The G9 jacket is also a product designed by inadvertent willow. Of course Rain is necessary, and it can be regarded as a new product that combines the functionality of the raincoat with the fashion of the jacket-a rainproof jacket.

The highlight of this jacket is not just rainproofing function, but also very particular about the design of clothes. The sleeves and the umbrella folds behind the shoulder and the double -beginning zipper make the wearer more flexible. To prevent wind and cold, the design of the thread at the cuffs and hem can be better because the clothes fit the body can also prevent wind cold. The red plaid cloth is very aggressive.



: There are two buttons, rension sleeves, double -beginning zippers, oblique tapes cover pockets, cuffs, hem elastic threads, back umbrella folds, red plaid library cloth


▼ Red checkered cloth, the umbrella folds behind


▼ Rare sleeves and waterproof fabrics

Later, this jacket was exported to the United States and was liked by golf athletes. It was not restricted when wearing a golf. When it was raining, it could be used as rainwater. Later, this jacket was also called this jacket as a golf jacket.

Known as the Harlington jacket, after being broadcast from the TV series “Peyton Place” in the United States, the role played by the actor Ryan O’Neal is Rodney Harrington.

G4 jacket

Later, on the basis of the G9 jacket, the G4 jacket designed for golf sport was improved. Compared with the G9 jacket, the change of the cuffs and hem has gone, and the version became a “straight cylinder” type;

Old cadre jacket


Later, on the basis of the G4 jacket, the collar was changed to a large lapel, and the design of the pocket became more concise. This is the simple and low -key and simple veteran jacket that the elders often wear.

Harlington jacket is my favorite jacket in autumn. The main version of this jacket is very modified. The design of the jacket just over the waist and the closure of the hem will look long. The tightness at the hem reached a comfortable state.


It is relatively simple to wear. You can match casual jeans with sneakers to become a set of LOOK for daily leisure wear in autumn. You can also choose a semi -formal style of a dark jacket with trousers leather shoes.


According to the temperature of different seasons and jackets of different materials, you can wear rain -proof nylon fabrics in spring and autumn, and you can choose better suede fabrics or wool fabrics in winter.


Suede fabric


However, one thing should be noted that when you wear this stand -up collar, do not turn the collar when you wear it. After the collar is folded, the neckline lacks the three -dimensional sense. At the same time, it is not good to open the two sides of the collar.


Harlington jackets are still relatively common. Many brands have it, but many brands have improved the details. The outline of the shape still retains classic design.


In order to pursue the simple production of Uniqlo jacket, Uniqlo jacket removed the design of the umbrella folds behind. The pocket turned into a sloping pocket without a slope, and the zipper was also a single zipper head. The design of the rotten and cuffs is designed, and the selected cotton fabric also looks three -dimensional.


Three colors

: Red, beige, Tibetan blue color

▼ Skaro


Each detail has been fully engraved with the G9 jacket. Gabudian’s waterproof fabric texture is strong and stylish. As for the breathability, there is no need to be extravagant at this price. , Japan’s imported stitching, the wiring of clothes is also very flat, and the clothes are also very modified.


▼ Barracuda

As the pioneer and originator of the G9 jacket, it has always been a luxury brand foundry to prevent rainfall clothes. Although today’s reputation is not as good as another British brand Barbour, the jacket made by its brand is still as good as ever. There is no disadvantage except that Guihe’s purchase is inconvenient.


▼ Full Monty imitation suede jacket


When the weather is cold in winter, the warmth effect of a cotton jacket is not required. The warmth of imitation suede fabric will be better, but don’t be deceived by the name. One is in line with the material, the texture is lighter than the real suede, and the warmth is better.

This jacket is not a real G9 jacket. The pockets and collars of clothes have been improved. The pocket style is more retro and looks more layered. There is no umbrella fold behind the shoulder sleeves;

Cotton waterproof fabric is soft and stylish, and is more suitable for Asian slim -fitting models. The color -speaking temperament inside and outside the neckline is more young and vibrant.

3. M51, M65 battlefield jacket

The M65 jacket was improved on the basis of the original M51 jacket of the U.S. military. It changed the lapel to the establishment and increased the storage cap. It has become a new material with good rain protection and warmth. All this change is the climate of the US military in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.



The appearance of the M-65 jacket looks very similar to the hunting jacket. There are four big pockets of combat items that are carried with them. The biggest difference from the front is that the hunting jacket is a small lapel, and the M-65 jacket is a band Hide the stand -up collar of the hat, and instead the belt with a tight draw on the waist.



Receiving hat


After the M-65 jacket’s style is drawn into a practical and high-end business short trench coat after being drawn from the fashion brand. The waterproof fabric is equipped with a simple design. It can be worn alone or wears in suits. It is also very practical.

Of course, there are many M65 jackets that continue the style of military uniforms. They use military green cotton fabrics, retro and characteristic. They are often used with jeans, or wrapped in other coats as a trench coat.

However, for the recommendation, it must be the M65 jacket of the Tibetan blue business style, which is more in line with the public’s aesthetics and more practicality. Whether it is daily or going to work, it will be very grade and taste.

Of course, it is still more attractive for military fans. AK’s jacket is the perfect re-engraving of the M-65 jacket.


Fourth, pilot jacket (MA-1MA-2)


Pilot jackets are definitely familiar with each other. The most in the air force worn by the US Air Force during the World War I. At that time, the aircraft cockpit was very cold, and the leather jacket could mainly heat up. The earliest flying jacket was heavy jackets such as G-1 and A-2 made of seal skin. The clothes were hard and thick, and they were bulky.

During World War II, due to the lack of various materials such as the long-term war consumption, and the warmth of the leather jacket could not meet the needs of pilots, there was a B-10 pilot jacket with fabric fabric replacing the leather jacket. Compared with A- 2 jackets are thicker, and the warmth is strong.

The B-10 was later replaced by the B-15 jacket and changed to nylon material, and the inside was used with better warmth.


The next step is the MA-1 jacket born in 1950. This jacket is improved on the basis of the B-15 jacket. There is a defect in the B-15 jacket that when the pilot parachutes the hair collar will affect the opening of the parachute. , So remove the hair collar on the MA-1 jacket.

Another factor is that the inside of the B-15 jacket uses wool fabrics. One is to make the clothes very heavy. The other is to fly at a high altitude all year round. The temperature is very low. Wet. The inside of the MA-1 is replaced with a light and warm and well-warm artificial fiber.

Libu usually uses eye -catching orange satin. This is for the dangerous descending situation to turn the jacket over and urgently ask for help. This functional purpose is also perfectly retained.


Now the model of the U.S. pilot jacket has reached MA-2, and its code is


On the basis of the MA-1 jacket, the outer nylon fabric was replaced, and the new material Aromatic Polyamide (polyamide) that can resist high temperature and fire fire can be replaced. Design has become more practical.

Among these pilot jackets, the most common is the MA-1 model. In autumn and winter, you can often see handsome men and beautiful women wearing classic green and hidden blue jackets with jeans. The version of the pilot jacket is narrow and short, and the legs are very long.

To say that the material of the pilot jacket is basically the same as other jackets. Spring and autumn will use thin cotton fabrics. In the cold winter, it will use thick and warm -filled artificial fiber fabrics.


The essence of Zara’s jacket perfect MA-1 pilot jacket, the fabric of the clothes uses military green technology fabrics, the inside selects orange Li cloth, the threaded hem and the cuffs on the cuffs are perfectly engraved. The original MA-1 pilot jacket.



The world’s largest flight jacket and trench coat supplier, American pilot’s M65 windbreaker B15 flight jacket, etc. Today, Alpha still focuses on the re -engraving of various pilot jackets. It is very sophisticated in terms of materials and craftsmanship, and the style is also very complete.

MA-1 flight jacket

The DuPont Nylon 66 is made of waterproof, oil -proof, windproof, and windproof. The brass zipper with Alpha’s LOGO is fake.

In addition, there are many other styles, including classic models, flag versions, etc., and the color types are not only with Tibetan greens and green, but also have a slim version specifically for Chinese people.

G4 jacket


MA-2 (CWU-45/P) pilot jacket

Use DuPont Nylon 66 Material


This is built -in Costed cotton. The warmth effect is better than ordinary cotton fibers, suitable for winter.Whether the outside fabric is made of DuPont nylon, but also uses the waterproof layer of cotton fabric, which also has waterproof function.