Tyraria mobile game, pig savings can is a very important prop, it cannot be missing it


Tyraria mobile game, pig savings can is a very important prop and cannot be missing. “Tarary” is a game developed by RE-LOGIC. This game is a highly free sandbox game. Although many people have not heard of this game, it is actually a very old game. This game was released on PC on May 16, 2011, and it has been more than ten years.


Prior to this, this game has always been played on the computer, and the recent mobile game version of this game can also be officially downloaded. This game is online, which makes many old players very happy. I personally think that the mobile version of Tyraria. It is more suitable for players now, and the limitation of time and space is much smaller.


Players can take out their mobile phones anytime, anywhere to play this game. Those who have played this game should know that players can do a lot of things in this game, such as making weapons and then defeating a variety of enemies and communities. For example , Det underground search for equipment accessories, money and other useful things.


In this game, players can collect wood, stone, ore, etc., because the degree of freedom is very high, players can use everything in the world to create what you need and guard it. There are many interesting, or very important props in this game.


Today we are going to introduce one of the props. This kind of item is a pig savings tank.

In the game of Tyraria, pig savings cans are very important props. I personally think that it cannot be missing in the process of playing games. This kind of prop is a prop to accompany the player’s life. Different from many other props, this item cannot be made and can only be purchased at NPC merchants.

Many people may think that such things will be more expensive, but in fact, the price of this kind of thing is still very cheap, it only needs 85 silver. During the game, the businessman NPC only needs to have a vacant house, and at this time, the money on the body will be greater than 50 silver.

Although this prop looks on the outside, it seems to be able to save money. In fact, this kind of prop can be saved other props.

Pig savings tanks in Tyraria mobile games are very important props and cannot be missing. And those who have played this game should know that this kind of thing is very critical. In any place in the world, open the pig savings tank, and you will find that it is the same. The function of the warehouse is one of the indispensable props in the game. With this kind of thing, the game fun has greatly improved. Of course, it can be understood as an extra backpack.