Early spring trousers are collected! Fresh and comfortable jeans, lean striped checkered pants, save pear -shaped figure


Text: Xiao Shuang


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In addition to our beautiful skirts in the early spring, pants are also very popular, especially fresh and comfortable jeans that have been popular and thin and high -grade barriers, which are the gospel of pear -shaped figure. buddies!

Pants are also very ways to match. Different style of pants should be fully considered on the selection of tops.


Color, style, style

and many more. Just like

High -waisted jeans with fresh camisole overall refreshing, comfortable and sunny, but if you use small camislars with tights, it seems not so optimistic.

Essence So what if you wear a good pants and wear a sense of high -level? Let’s learn together!



Knitted short sleeves+checkered trousers


Adopting the tightly loosening design style, the tight -fitting effect of the upper body knitted sweater is displayed in a good figure, and the mild texture design of the top will also be thin, and it will not enlarge the upper body muscles.

The design of the grid suit pants is selected,

The grid pattern is fresh and clear, the visual sense of pale gray melanin elegant and refined

Essence It is a dressing style that is very suitable for women in the workplace, which is very energetic and capable.


White shirt+plaid trousers

It is also good to use a shirt to match the plaid trousers. Compared to pink tight sweater,


The three -dimensional sense of the shirt is even stronger. Deep V shirt neckline design with checkered pants and a retro feeling, very advanced suitable for girls who like French romantic style


Essence Coupled with canvas shoes, it is easy to relax, whether shopping or dating, it can attract the requirements!


Printed white T+black wide -leg pants

The classic white and black dressing method, the red printing pattern adds color to the white T -shirt. Whether it is wearing the pants or vertically, it will give people a different effect, lazy and casual style.

Wide -leg pants are also designed with high waist, which can be perfectly made in the middle of white T and pants, and small girls can also easily control.


Denim shirt+jeans

Cowboy can be said to be a set of versatile items, and the overall color is the main color. The reason why cowboy can be popular for so long is not only related to its texture and comfort, but also to the visual impact brought by it.

It is really not so strict with this camisling strap to be in line with this early spring and refreshing. You can match it at will according to your favorite, or a simple style of pure -colored simple style.

The jeans can also be easily controlled by shirts. In the jeans in the girly pink shirt, the jeans can improve the waist curve. The waist to the crotch gives enough loose and comfort. Deep V shirt is short and long design. The pants are straight pants.

Same jeans with black shirts are still full of high -level sense. The shirt is a V -neck short design, which is small and pleasant. Coupled with the delicate and temperament of the beret, the loose cuff design gives the arm enough to release the space. Even the buddy friends who are thicker can hide it well. Black and blue classic high -end matching casual temperament.

The shirts are diverse and versatile. The blue and white shirts are matched with denim. It is also very fashionable with a small suspender inside. The slimness of the striped upper body sets off the upper body.


Jeans and shirts can be said to be versatile. It is very good to match clothes. It is very fashionable to wear two items. Whether in color or style, both can be well integrated together to give people a very comfortable visual sense.

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