Spring and autumn must -have girl bottom pants, the method is super simple, according to the cuts and cuts, make one in ten minutes


The leggings to be said today are really a must -have for children. I think it is necessary to have one color every color.

The style is super simple and the approach is simpler. There are two seams: crotch seam, inner seam. The feet mouth and the waist are rolled on the side. The waist is put on the rubber band. Do not want ten minutes.

Although the clothes are simple, they are very versatile. If you want your child to wear comfortably, the fabric is critical. It is recommended that you choose Oden fabrics. High cotton content, good elasticity.

Look at the model


Pink is a must -have color for female treasures. Don’t ask why? I believe you know


One color is one

Spring is more white with more matching


Actually I prefer gray

Isn’t it great


Cutting pictures, here I do a 100 -yard mother version. I do one hand number (90 yards-130 yards). Anyway, the child has to wear it, and it is done at a time. Essence Essence


Clash drawing


Drop a schematic diagram

Just look at the method of pushing the size. You can refer to the size table below to launch the size of the suitable baby


The size of the size is the length of the rubber band in front of the waist, and the back can be pulled to the largest size


I use a professional stretching machine, which can be rolled up for general home.

Remarks: Remember to use elastic lines

The rubber band of the waist

The rubber bands on the waist must be used for better rubber bands, and the feeling of elasticity is very good. Children will be more comfortable to wear.


The size of the waist and head of the size watch on the top of the table is only for reference. The actual measurement can be measured that the normal children wearing more comfortable pants waist and the bracelet size

The method is super simple, and the mother you like can really do it at home. Because the price of buying a pair of pants can be made several pieces


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