Black suspender vest with jeans, clean, cool and fashionable


I suddenly saw a very hot words on the Internet today: the classics are never outdated. When I heard this sentence before, I felt that it was talking about those elegant art or literary works now that it could be used in many places. In fact, this sentence can be used in the clothing industry. For wearing in this way, you don’t need to choose those complex and dirty clothes to decorate yourself. If you are a girl who likes a simple style, I suggest you have to read this set of wear that I will share below. You can also become a fashion darling


1. Black pure cotton camisole vest, breathable, comfortable and thin


I really have a lot of things to say about wearing this. In the past, I always pursued strange costumes and worked hard to make myself different from others. But after buying countless clothes, I found out that the simple -style clothes are most consistent. Today I will give you a strong black cotton cotton suspender vest. Its color is very thin, and any sisters of the figure can easily control it, and you have to believe that this color will never be outdated. The cotton fabric makes it better. When you touch it, you will find that it is very comfortable. If you sweat all over for a while, you must start with this cotton vest. Its design is also very user -friendly. This is very well reflected in the part of the suspender, because the too thin sling will leak the meat, so it is widened in this part. The appropriate width guarantees that it will not decline. It will not decline. It also values ​​comfort.

2. Dark blue tight jeans, the gospel of the big sisters of the buttocks

There are tens of millions of jeans on the market, and why do I recommend this to sisters? One of the most important reasons is that its hips are designed very well here. For people like me who stepped on the thunder because of the lack of wide pants and hips, I bought it. I feel that I am lucky. It is very often worn by sisters with hypertrophic hips, because it is really tolerant, and it will not have a sense of restraint on the body. Let’s talk about its version, which belongs to the tight version, which can modify talents well, and you only need to look at the model’s upper body effect. It is not a very wide version of the pants. I like this kind Sisters of the pants, hurry up


3. Pure white flat leisure shoes, no longer distressed because of shoes


The color of the upper body is the dark color system, and the shoes can be worn in white, so that the visual layering of your wear will be more rich. The comfort of this pair of shoes is also great. Don’t worry about lapsee in flat shoes, and it will not feel tired when wearing it for a long time.

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