In autumn, a loose shirt must wear a “sense of atmosphere” to look good


In the cliff -like cooling autumn, the jacket has become a must -keeping item for people, especially a shirt that can be worn alone or as an outer jacket. While showing its classic and simple matching, it can also show commute, leisure, and sexy one by one.

So this fall, if you have entangled what kind of coat you want to choose to protect the cold or concave shape, I suggest you choose a loose shirt.

Loose shirts will not give people real estate agencies and salesmen selling insurance. Loose shirts can give people a sense of laziness and casualness. And the autumn wear itself is very particular about the “sense of atmosphere”, so the loose shirt can be well interpreted.

1. How to choose a loose shirt is more “atmosphere”?

When choosing a loose shirt that suits you best, you may wish to think about whether it is versatile and easy to control. It can be fashionable and effortless, and wearing the autumn “atmosphere”.

Shirt version: O -shaped shirt

At present, the most popular Oversize -style shirt is an O -shaped shirt. Of course, it may be called cocoon -shaped shirt elsewhere. Its waist and abdomen cutting is relatively loose and the overall is O -shaped style. The most significant advantage of this shirt version is that it is quite covered with meat. As for some details, it is judged according to some details when the match.


Especially the apple -shaped figure with a lot of waist and abdomen, it can achieve the effect of covering the meat and avoiding weaknesses. And it is also very modified for the pear shape. The loose silhouette of the top is exactly the visual balance of the lower body of the meat.

Therefore, in terms of Apple -type figure or pear -shaped figure, we can actually use the waist to create an X -shaped figure and create the autumn “atmosphere” in the lazy and casual effect.

Shirt version: H -shaped shirt

Although the H -shaped shirt will look quite satisfactory, there is nothing to match the highlights. But for the small man and slightly fat, that is also a artifact.


However, if the H version of the H version of the shirt is based on white, it is best to choose a version with a striped design. The small playful feeling will be more points.

Because the version of the shirt is H -shaped, it is not only suitable for the smallness of the small man, but also the proportion of the body’s stretching figure, but also the matching is not picky. As long as the color matching is right, it is easy to create a high effect.

And for the H version of the shirt, it can also use the waist to create an X -shaped effect, create a visual ratio of the waistline, and stretch the vertical length of the body.

The loose shirt with a little element embellishment, the autumn “atmosphere” is not far away ~


Second, loose shirt 3 classic matching ideas


The wearing ideas of loose shirts can be parsed from two details. The first is when the loose shirt is worn alone, and the second is when the loose shirt is used as an inner. Different dressing scenes should deal with different dressing details, and we need to correspond one by one.

①: loose shirt single wear


When a loose shirt is worn alone, of course, it is still color. How to choose the color of the shirt, we can think from two details.

Whether or not skin tone, the second is to want aura or casual simplicity


Skin color judgment: skin tone is divided into cold and warm and neutral, cold skin tone is pink, and the skin tone is yellowish.

Selection of skin color:


Cold skin tone wearing white, blue, pink, purple, big red, and green will be very skinny; warm skin color is orange, red, and wine red. The neutral skin tone is the most proud, and the basic color can be very lined with skin tone. You must avoid the color of less dresses and proud capital.

The second point is the aura that shows. In addition to personal dressing, we can determine the color needs you wear according to the needs of the occasion.

For a simple example, playing the street is a pleasant and beautiful thing, then choosing a loose shirt can choose the color saturated and highly bright. Low saturation and more basic colors.


The color of color and saturation is high, more casual. Low color saturation is more simple and capable. If you want to match a little more, then who is more color choice.

Then the loose shirt can be stacked, and the loose shirt is used as a coat, and the inside is paired with other items. With a sense of layering, it is easy to show a sense of fashion.

②: Loose shirt inside


In addition to wearing a loose shirt, it can actually be worn inwardly, but it has the size of the inside and the size of the inside is less than the size of the coat.

The loose shirt is used inside, you can directly wear the shirt, or you can put it on appropriately, reflecting the layered sense of wear.

In addition, it is best to choose a contrasting color matching, and the sense of layering will be more intuitive.




③: Shirts with single products


If a loose shirt wants to wear different styles of beauty, of course, the options can be more diverse. Then we can combine with these items to form a sense of atmosphere in autumn, and it seems effortless to match the match.


Shirts+cigarette pants are like evergreen trees in the fashion circle. They always top the list in rounds of fashion. The matching of shirts and cigarette pants is soft and rigid. If the color is slightly more gentle, the autumn atmosphere is very eye -catching.

Shirts+jeans are very common matching, but because of the assistance between colors and details, white+light blue color is fresh, loose shirts are half -clothing corners, laziness and casualness are quite daily. Full of high -level sense.


The light blue and green color combinations are probably the effect of many people’s fearful matching, but in fact, it will also have unexpected combinations after using it. If she uses striped sweater to embellish, the embellishment color is also the basic auxiliary, and the loose shirt is also balanced in various details.

When a loose shirt appears in the form of a single wear, the most impact should be the color matching. If you choose the contrasting color matching, it will have a more eye -catching effect. If you choose the same color system, it will look a lot conservative, but the matching rate will be much less.

Well, this time it is here for the sharing of loose shirts. If you like this way, you may wish to try this match!

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