The Korean young lady has been circled. In the early spring, it is fashionable and exquisite, wearing a gentle goddess fan


When watching Korean dramas, I especially like those

Gentle personality

As well as

Freshly dress


Girls, they are like a gentle spring breeze, which can warm people’s hearts.


Korean gentle girl wearing


It’s not difficult to learn at all, remind you that you can prepare a small book.

Today, I invited a young lady in Korea. She has both sweet looks and good clothes, even if they use

Basic clothing

can also

Interpret the fashionable and gentle atmosphere

Want to create the most ideal effect,


It must be the point.

Like Miss Sister

Knee coat

You can go out of the street daily, and you can show your temperament!

In fact, the dresses of the Korean girls do not have specific rules and rules, just remember to remember,

Simple and natural color

Black and white coats are the most classic, and the young lady highly recommended.

White coat

Clean and fresh,

Black coat


Low -key and calm, these two are suitable for gentle wearing.

In addition to classic black and white, caramel milk tea colors are also particularly durable.

Miss South Korea changed it respectively

Caramel coat


Milk tea color coat

, Immediately became

Fashionable and advanced


Combination of coats and pants

Will look more neat, wearing it like this

Sigh and thin

, It also improved its temperament virtually.

Even the most common basic models and simple colors can form extraordinary effects in combination.

Miss below

Cross -knee coat with knitwear and wide -leg pants

At first glance, it is very simple and casual,



Wind coat+shirt+sports pants

, This body is even more dressed up

Free and casual

It’s right.

If you want to ask the most unspeakable items for gentle girls, I think it is

Plush jacket

The plush jacket that is loved by the majority of women is not only warm, but also has one kind of


Hurry up.

And it is also a good match,


High sense of exquisiteness,

Sports pants

Child and casual, in short, the style is determined with you ~

Now that spring is coming, you can consider changing the heavy sweater with a thin


Here, Miss South Korea demonstrated the combination of two knitwear.

One is

As a background

, Overlap and wear spring jackets,

Literary and fashionable

; The second is to wear

Knitted hollow sweater

With strap pants,


In fact, you can also try


For example, it is popular nowadays

Small incense suit

, Short coat+short skirt+short boots, so a look and exquisite.

There are also people in the workplace often wear


, Light -colored suit with black base and blue jeans. The simple color matching combination makes people feel visually comfortable and more advanced.

Upper body demonstration

The gentle wear of Korean girls is not difficult to master at all. Below is my upper body display.

The coat selected

light grey

This color

No skin tone

Very friendly to anyone.




Light gray coat with milk apricot bleire hat and scarf

The overall shape


Warm and temperamental

I also tried the plush jacket.

As soon as you put on this

Light pink plush jacket

, I feel that the whole person has become soft and waxy ~



Very soft and sweet,

Hooded design


More cute. Listen to me, if you want to create a girl, choose such a coat right!

Seeing Miss South Korea a demonstration

Knit cardigan

I also put on one.

This cardigan belongs to

Warm color



Setting the skin white can also highlight the charm

Essence Piece of the lower body

White pants

Although the overall shape looks simple, what is reflected is this stock

Random and nature


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It’s right.