How to match femininity in spring leather jackets



Each dressing expert has his own masterpiece. For example, Miranda Kerr is the most able to wear leather clothes. There seems to be no leather clothes in the world. Of course, Ke’er is definitely one of the goddesses in many straight men (let alone straight men, even the bend wants to be a girlfriend with her!), So learn to match with her, so that he loves you and loves you and loves you. To death!

Whether it is locomotive leather or casual leather clothes, it can be well controlled, and it is very brilliant. Let’s learn together.

In addition to putting on, leather clothes can also be used as a “shawl”. How to match it? Look at the picture, the style of the jumpsuit has played the biggest role here, whether it is printed or solid, it is very fashionable.


If you want to be cool, you can try to put on sunglasses.

At this time, the high heels cannot be ignored. Putting on its body is even more straight, the heroic is cool, and who does not want to do elegant women?


The tassel is very popular this year, and the tassel leather coat is also fashionable. With a striped shirt, the black -footed pants are slim and thin, not so formal and casual.


It can also be paired with a white shirt, white pants, and high heels. It is worth noting that the belt around the waist is the key. The belt can divide the body proportion well, lengthen the leg ratio, and show long legs. The principle of high line is used.

Usually leisure may wish to try this match, loose striped shirt, not as restraint as tight, more comfortable. Pants can also choose loose cropped pants, just tighten them. Make a big bag and wear a pair of Martin boots.


As for the hair, you don’t need to be so delicate. After simply sorting it out, just don’t sloppy.

The leather clothes with dresses are simple in style and exquisite tailoring, which makes people feel cool and fashionable. Wearing long skirts, low -key and elegant dressing attitude makes you more attractive. The high and ankle skirt showed a tall figure, full of ladies.


You can handle a handbag or backpack.

If you can, it is also good to match a thin scarf, creating a sense of layering.

The style of these two sets of long skirts has changed slightly, and it is more casual. It depends on the hairstyle on the right. It is also very comfortable.

If you attend a banquet or party, this combination is very colorful. The combination on the left depends on the wide brim hat. Spring is most suitable for bringing.

The match on the right, the long skirt split, leaks part of the thighs, can be very sexy. A pair of leopard -print high -heeled shoes, which is very eye -catching to the end of your sexy.

In addition, it should be noted that the neck necklace is not good if you don’t wear it.


Spring no longer needs a thick scarf, silk scarves or thin scarves are most suitable. You can be encircled, or it can be vertical like the right picture, and set it according to your preference.

Leather clothes with jeans will never make mistakes. Especially with slim -fit jeans. It is sexy and fashionable with high heels, comfortable with flat shoes.

Jeans can be blue or black, because leather clothes are versatile.


Leather with a short skirt, leaking long legs, sexy girl Fan. It can be paired with a hip skirt, or an umbrella skirt, and the leather skirt is more sexy.

However, it is recommended not to wear too fancy skirts, it will look nonsense.


If you like to wear a sweater, you can use a thin sweater. The color is basic. There is no special requirements. The white is actually the most photogenic. Black and white matching is compared, which is very attractive.

As for black jeans, it is better to try lower leather pants. It feels cool and sexy. With a pair of high heels or Martin boots, the street feels strong.


As for colorful leather jackets, it can increase fashion and add some highlights to monotonous black.


Figure/PCLADY Author: Xiao Yu

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