The physical store’s clear warehouse Daphne “broken wrist” is difficult to solve the dilemma


Volkswagen Shooting Daphne, which has blossomed all over the world, has not ended, and this time it has been spreading in first -tier cities. A few days ago, a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily visited the market and found that Daphne’s stores located in large supermarkets in Beijing were withdrawn from the store.

As a women’s shoes brand that has been established for nearly 30 years, Daphne has created the performance of selling 50 million pairs of women’s shoes a year, occupying nearly 20%of the market share. Today, Daphne may not have expected that losses and closing stores are only overnight. In the face of continuous losses, Daphne has also considered transforming into e -commerce, but the effect is very small. Closing the physical store as one of the ways to rescue themselves, but how to break the ride of business is still a difficult problem for Daphne.

Reappear more than 10 stores

In fact, Daphne’s closing tide has begun for a long time, but this time, Daphne’s closed stores are concentrated in first -tier cities. A reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily found that the Daphne stores, located in Food Bao Street, Zhongguancun, Beijing, have begun to clear warehouses. The words of removal of the store clearance in front of the store, and the products in the store enjoyed two 120 yuan discounts.

Although the words that were withdrawn in other merchant Chanda Daphne’s stores were not posted, the discounts were almost the same as the discount of Zhongguancun Store. Discount. A Daphne sales staff said that he has not received a notice of clearing the store time, but the store has stopped purchase. The shoe placed on the shelves is all inventory in the store, and the store will be withdrawn after digestion.

When searching for the situation of the Dafni store, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that Daphne had 23 stores in Beijing, but some shops located in the shopping mall were displayed in the Gaode Map as the service status. When visiting, it was found that the shop had been closed. In this regard, Daphne customer service staff said that such shops did not register the business status in the headquarters in the previous quarter, so they could not query relevant information.

According to a Daphne sales staff, Daphne, which is located in most Shang Chao in the second half of the year, left the store, leaving only a street shop with better income.

However, the condition of the streets on the street is not ideal. The above -mentioned salesperson told a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily that the street stores on the streets of Beijing Xinjiekou were forced to withdraw the store after paying liquidated damages by the landlord. The specific reason may be related to the rent.

A reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily interviewed the relevant person in charge of Daphne on the channel closure of the channel. As of press time, he did not receive a reply.

In response, Cheng Weixiong, an expert in textile and clothing management and general manager of Shanghai Liangqi Brand Management Co., Ltd., believes that Daphne’s withdrawal is related to the rising rent and Daphne’s own planning. The physical store business has become a straw that overwhelms Daphne.

The product is on the “cheap” label

Daphne’s large -scale withdrawal of stores is undoubtedly related to its successful performance. The former Volkswagen “Shoe King” rely on the advantages of offline channels. During the ten years from 2003 to 2013, Daphne’s main stores developed from 739 to 6,702. In 2012, the number of Daphne stores reached its peak, with a total of 6,881 brand stores, with operating income of HK $ 10.529 billion, an increase of 100%year -on -year.

However, after 2012, Daphne’s performance began to deteriorate, and in 2015, the first loss occurred. In 2015, Daphne’s turnover was HK $ 8.379 billion, with a loss of HK $ 497 million, and shareholders should account for HK $ 379 million. Three years after this, Daphne continued to lose money. In 2016, Daphne’s revenue revenue was HK $ 6502 billion, with a loss of HK $ 819 million in operation; revenue of HK $ 5.211 billion in 2017, operating loss of HK $ 689 million; revenue of HK $ 4.127 billion in 2018, and a loss of HK $ 787 million.

In order to shrink the cost, Daphne started large -scale closing stores since 2015. Annual report data shows that from 2015 to 2017, Daphnes had 805, 1030, and 1009 nets, respectively. By the end of 2018, there were only 2,648 core stores in Daphne, which was less than half compared to the peak.

With the intensification of the competition in the industry brand, Daphne’s road is getting worse and worse. Unlike other brands positioning, Daphne’s positioning is popular. Daphne products lack innovation, and gradually separated from the aesthetics of consumers, and the inventory remained high. Daphne sales staff told the Beijing Business Daily reporter that it was the aging of the product and the lack of development of e -commerce, which led to the extension of Daphne’s inventory cycle, and the shoes could not be sold, a large amount of inventory, and began to engage in discounts. “Cheap” label.

Economist Song Qinghui believes that Daphne has gone to today’s situation. In addition to the poor industry, it is more about not keeping up the market changes and presence. A large number of stores may save Daphne’s inventory and performance in the short term Not optimistic.

Where to turn around

Facing the continuous deterioration performance, in addition to the batch closing stores, Daphne also tried to transform. As early as 2006, Daphne began to contact e -commerce business. In 2009, a special e -commerce company was established. In 2010, Daphne plans to co -build the e -commerce platform “Yao Point 100” with Baidu. However, the “Yao Point 100” project ended in failure. Daphne resigned two consecutive e -commerce executives in a year, and the e -commerce business once stagnated. Until now, Daphne’s sales on Tmall are still not optimistic. The official flagship store page of Tmall shows that the best sales in spring 2019 are only 747 people paid. The best products sold by the official flagship store of hot wind Tmall are paid by 6579 people, and the best summer new women’s shoes in the official flagship store of Qianfeng have more than 13,000 new women’s shoes.

In terms of channels, in addition to accelerating stores that operate losses, Daphne also plans to transfer physical stores from street stores and hypermarkets to shopping centers. A reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily interviewed the relevant person in charge of Daphne on the channel improvement. As of press time, he did not receive a reply.

In the 2018 annual report, Daphne’s accelerated closing stores caused by deterioration of performance attributed to the slowdown in economic development and deteriorating the trade environment. He also pointed out that it will continue to accelerate the closure of losing stores, strictly manage inventory, and upgrade products in design and other aspects. However, the current problem is that high inventory and low gross profit have become an inevitable problem in Daphne’s operations.

Cheng Weixiong believes that in the process of penetrating from street stores and hypermarkets to shopping centers, the inventory generated by trial and error cannot be avoided, which may increase trial and error costs and even bring a new round of inventory. For salesperson, “not earning money” has become the most frequent word.

Daphne sales staff is also frank. Daphne’s current product positioning is low-end and the pricing is too low. Even the listing of new products is only between 100-200 yuan. Compared with other brands with high pricing in the mall, Daphne is too cheap and leads to too little sales volume. The profit is so poor. A reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily found in Shang Chao that it was Daphne’s self -worth, positioning low -end, and gradually separated from consumer aesthetics, and sales were affected.

At the same time, Daphne was once again reduced by the major shareholder Wellington Management Group LLP.

Facing the business model of heavy assets and the impact of new retail, what will Daphne go from? Song Qinghui believes that after missed the best time to e -commerce, consumers and investors are now gradually losing confidence in Daphne. Except for accelerating the changing business model, Daphne has no other law.

(Editor in charge: Zhang Qianrong)

The physical store’s clear warehouse Daphne “broken wrist” is difficult to solve the dilemma