46 square meters of one -person home, the small study room of the guest restaurant shares, the back of the sofa is placed on the back of the back, it is really creative


46 square meters of one -living home, the room space of the guest restaurant is shared, and the back of the sofa is placed on the back of the sofa. It is really creative!

A room of 46㎡ is a typical representative of small units. Even if a person lives, you have to use the space planning reasonable and storage to make enough. Otherwise, it will be crowded. So how can such a small home design achieve the ideal living effect?

May wish to learn the same area of ​​the small home design below. Although they live alone, the rooms and small study rooms are shared by the guest restaurant and small study room. The open layout gives the space to double the sense of sight, which is too spacious and bright! and

Nordic wind decoration makes the small family fashion and fresh, comfortable and practical, especially

The back of the sofa is placed on the back, it is really creative, hurry up and see!




Entering from the entrance door is a small porch corridor. A simple storage design is made on the left wall, which is convenient for the clothing and shoes to hang. The left to the left is the location of the restaurant. A large and textured long -line solid wood dining table is placed. With six light small dining chairs with different colors, the three exquisite small chain lights are reflected. style. On the right side of the dining table, a row of real wooden meals was made by the wall, and the sink was planned here to release valuable space for the kitchen.

Apart from the place where the hostess usually dine, the family or sisters are not afraid of sitting on the meal, and the quiet office here is also very suitable.

living room


Opposite the restaurant is the location of the living room, placed a dark gray fabric three -person sofa, with two mothers and mothers with black tray -shaped coffee tables. Under the bright flower arrangement embellishment, it is stylish and stable. On the side of the sofa, a solid wood storage cabinet is placed on the sofa. It is the same as the green back of the back of the grass on the back of the grass on the back. It is very space -saving and very designed.


The TV wall uses a simple white wall to install a suspended solid wood TV cabinet with an inclination angle. It is very fashionable. The wall surface is decorated with tall green plants and various decorative hanging drawings. It is lively and full of agility.


Opposite the green fabric sofa is an open small study. The desk and bookcase are customized by the wall. It is matched with office equipment, small table lamps and seats. Sitting here is very quiet and efficient. There is a storage room across the hidden door opposite the study. There was an embedded bookshelf next to it. Sitting on the sofa, it was very relaxed and comfortable to read under the light of the long -arm wall lamp.


The kitchen is located on the side of the meal cabinet. The open layout is not used to avoid the oil fume from entering the room during cooking. Although the space is small, the white cabinet, solid wood operating table and mint green mosaic wall combination of L -shaped layouts not only fresh, tidy and comfortable, but also meet the needs of various types of kitchen utensils.



The Nordic style bedroom layout is fresh and comfortable. The shallow beds with bed stools, storage cabinet bedside tables, seats, frames on the shelves, green plants, etc., are fashionable, simple and generous, creating a relaxed, healthy and elegant recreation Atmosphere.



In the white invisible door next to the restaurant, the bathroom is designed with a minimalist without losing taste, creating a relaxed and leisurely space atmosphere. Both bathroom facilities and supplies are just right, which has improved a comfortable life experience for the overall home!