Change new clothes in the New Year! In the winter of 2021, wearing a “New Year Red” down jacket, so fashionable and foreign


It is now in 2021, that is to enter a new year, but in Chinese tradition, it still has to spend the Spring Festival to “spend the New Year”, so at this time, you must prepare your new year clothes.

In the cold weather, of course, we wear down jackets, change new clothes in the new year! In the winter of 2021, wearing a “New Year Red” down jacket is so fashionable and foreign, and the supercenary brings good luck. At the same time, it also merges the advantages of fashionable and white. Each girl can control a color!


When it comes to the New Year, the color that is most suitable for it is of course “New Year’s Red”. It represents festiveness, good luck, and New Year’s taste. Such a new year red down jacket concave shape is suitable for!


Short new year red down jacket

In fact, for the young girls, instead of pursuing long down jackets, it is better to choose clothes that are suitable for their height and length as well as the short.

This is a new -year red down jacket, with a high -grade luxury hair collar design, which makes people see your high product, short -style length, will be easier to control, and it is also very friendly to small children. It is also easy to match, with wide -leg pants or grid skirt, so beautiful!

Middle -length belt new year red down jacket

If a small girl, I also want to try the down jackets of other lengths, then this medium is also okay, but be careful not to exceed the length of the knee, it is easy to step on the thunder. Sigh.

The down jacket with a belt design will be thinner than other version of the design style. It is thinner to wear, and it can also show your waist curve. The new year red tone of the western style is so beautiful and fashionable. Jeans and boots, cool and handsome!


Long New Year Red down jacket

For this long down jacket with an ankle length, it is not recommended to wear a small girl. If you wear it, there will be an illusion of a child wearing adult clothes. Better show your height advantages.

Of course, the new year is about to wear red. This new year’s red down jacket is still a long version. It is more aura on the body, and the cold ability is stronger. This makes the shape more bright.

About New Year’s Red Matching ideas

1. Belt New Year Red down jacket+skirt+knight boots

In the new year, of course, there must be a new weather, and the most suitable for the color of the new year is red. Choose this red down jacket with this belt to concave the shape, so that people will become the focus of the audience. Very foreign, with a black skirt+knight boots, the style and temperature are merged with such a dress, full score!

2. Mao collar New Year red down jacket+knitted skirt or small black pants

In fact, the color of the New Year’s red is very versatile. It will be more fashionable and bright if it is matched with white, black, and apricot. After knitting skirts, it will make people look white, and they are particularly gentle and feminine!

If it is not with a skirt, then the pants are also okay. This little black pants with the New Year red down jacket will be more versatile, and the thin effect will be more obvious.

3. Long Mao Nian Red down jacket+knitted pants


To spend a warm winter, of course, you need to put on a down jacket, and it is still warmer. The new year red down jacket with the hair collar is perfectly treated with the cold and the cold. Humy shoes look very gentle and beautiful. This year’s New Year is the most foreign.


Well, I will share with you here today. If you like it, then follow me and let us become beautiful together.

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