The dark green lapel shirt with white casual cropped pants, capable, elegant and temperament


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Today, Xiaobian wants to share a set of capable and elegant dressing demonstrations.


The younger sister’s red -brown hair is very elegant, and the partial hairstyle shows her forehead, which is even more full of temperament and feminine!


The dark green lapel shirt with white casual cropped pants is simple and formal.


NO.1 Ink green lapel shirt


The upper body of the younger sister chooses a small dark green lapel shirt. First of all, look at the color, the dark green is low -key, and the temperament is naturally conveyed. It is quiet and full of life tension, which makes many adults and women want to stop. Fortunately, dark green is more friendly to the beauty of beauty. When dark green meets a shirt, it shows a unique personality charm. At the same time, this shirt is still a real texture, which looks high -level.

NO.2 Qun -Pants

If white shorts are more casual and suitable for travel, then this white cropped pants are more suitable for professional women. The biggest feature of this white cropped pants is self -cultivation, which looks like the lady’s legs are straight and slender. A black belt tied to the waist not only plays a role in decoration, but also extend the proportion of body and increases the waistline.

This little dark green lapel shirt and this white cropped pants are matched with the clothing requirements of professional women. With a black handbag, a capable and elegant professional female image immediately appeared in front of it.

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