Mid -high collar base, wear a sense of layering


His type-enhances the image of men and creates calm and free, other platforms have the same name.

The mid -to -high -necked bottom shirt can be said to be a very practical basic item in autumn and winter. The design of the high -necked design can be properly windproof and cold. It can also be stacked with various items. sense.

In terms of color, you can prepare a few more.

Such as the “brown system” with a sense of lightness and versatile, the “beige system” with a white temperament, and the essential “black and white system” that is necessary.


The two most important things are: put on a coat and leak out the bottoming shirt.

How to stack the middle and high -necked base?

Let ’s share a few very useful stacking methods.

1. Half -high collar base+shirt

In fact, the way to wear a shirt with a high -necked shirt is already suitable for men and women in the fashion industry. Boys are very gentlemanly to wear.

Especially the black bottoming shirt, although black up and down, is nothing wrong.

If the color of the color formed with the white shirt is very eye -catching, giving people a refreshing and capable feeling.

The blue and white vertical stripe shirt with a dark red bottoming shirt, the contrast is very temperament.


2. Half -high collar base+round neck sweater

Half -high collar with a round neck, which can leak half -high necklines, staggered height; at the same time, orange and blue have a strong sense of comparison.


Round -neck sweater is particularly suitable for autumn and winter with medium and high -necked base, because it is more matched with a base

T -shirts are more layered.

3. Half -high collar base+hooded sweater

Our tradition of wearing a hat sweaters is also the most classic way to wear is the accessories inside


T -shirt is found. What if you replace it with a half -neck?

Is there a sense of layering immediately like the picture above?

Try to match the shades in the color matching, and the inside deep and shallow or the inside shallow depth can be.

4. Half -high collar base+jacket


The white half -high collar bottom with a coffee shirt -style jacket above is very retro and a sense of age, and at the same time without losing fashion.

In fact, in the winter, the shirt is pretty decorative, and the shirt itself is already paired with items, so if you think of trouble (don’t want to wash one piece of clothes), you can actually match it directly with the jacket.

5. Half -high collar base+shirt+jacket

Yi Xi Qianxi’s clothes have been online. I do n’t know how to wear it often starting with the imitation. You can turn the photos of Yi Xi Qianxi. The style is changing and the dress is always online.


The white half -neck base+blue shirt+retro water washing denim jacket, three -piece stacked, is also clean and refreshing, full of youth.


6. Half -high collar base+shirt+suit


Friends feel the lethality of the black bottoming shirt with white shirt and suit!

Black-white-black, “Oreo” stacked, black and white, with a strong sense of layering. Any stack can be matched like “Oreo”.


7. Half -high collar base+shirt+coat

The color of red and blue on the color is very beautiful. With the turtleneck of the jujube red, the woolen coat will appear better. Even if a loose shirt or coat is worn outside, there will be no procrastination.

There is another reason to compare with the coat. As soon as you reach the room, you may need to take off your coat, and the bottoming shirt is also very modified.

In fact, it is cold in the cold, and a coat is the warmest!


What’s more, with a small high -necked neckline.

(It can be cold, but also very temperament)

How to wear “not monotonous” high -necked bottom shirt

Woolen cloth?

The flat high -necked bottom shirt, some people look very temperament, but some people feel easy to wear

“Rusty” and “rigid”.

In fact, when we learn some Japanese wearing, we will find that the details of accessories are the most important.

Take a long one

“Metal necklace”


For example, the high -necked white bottoming shirt can immediately improve the texture with a eye -catching metal necklace to embellish it. It can increase the fashion of the city. It is very suitable for commute dressing to work.

Summary: The mid -to -high -necked bottom shirt is particularly suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. It can be matched with shirts, jackets, and even suits and woolen coats. Not only is it good -looking, but also the cold, leaks the exquisite neckline and immediately wear a sense of layering.


At the same time, the necklace can be used as a decoration on the chest, which is trendy and stylish.