This summer’s super popular women’s shoes make you become a fashionista in seconds!


Although shoes are not as noticeable as clothes and headdress, it is also a very important part of matching. No matter how good clothes are, if you don’t match a pair of good -looking shoes, it is also futile. The following will introduce some of the super popular women’s shoes this summer. Which one do you pick?

Sweet and cute

1. Pink flower sandals

The shoe body created by the comfortable PU leather fabric is smooth skin and is very comfortable to wear. The pink shoe body and the pink flower design embellished on it creates a sweet and lovely feeling. With an oval toe design, there is an elegant and generous temperament in sweetness. I believe that every girl has a pink girl’s heart. In this case, what else he hesitate, hurry up!


2. Cute Korean strawberry sandals


Strawberries are really popular fruits, not only delicious, but also beautiful. Strawberry elements are also used in clothing and jewelry. For example, strawberry cards, strawberry printed T -shirts … Of course, there are strawberry sandals ~ This sandals are bottomed with beef tendons, which is strong and wear -resistant. There are also five red strawberry decorations with five red shapes, which have a sweet feeling in love. It is very suitable for a pair of shoes that put on dating.

3. Bowlon Harajuku sandals


The thick -soled sandals, known for its simple and fashionable, have always been the darling of fashionistas. With a bow and strap design, it shows the playful and cute little girl. With shorts and long legs, with a skirt, it shows a sweet lady style. The thick bottom is increased, soft and comfortable, and it is not easy to grind your feet. Are you moving with such a sandals with strength and strength?

4. Retro Fairy Wind Pine Cake Shoes

The pine cake shoes may be a very bulky image in everyone’s impression. This loose cake shoes have changed the image of the thick bottom. Due to the flower design on the upper, with a little element of ethnic style, this loose cake shoes look as a whole look given people people as a whole. It is very light and light, and it is not bulky at all. It is a fashionable shoes that must not be missed this summer.

Temperament lady style

1. Fairy Wind Cross -Bundle Shoes

This is a simple ladylike half -bag sandals, which are very delicate. The inner materials are ultra -fine fibers, which are very breathable, and they can also bring you a comfortable experience. Four centimeters of heels, rubber bottoms, and wearing it for a long time will not be tired, elegant and comfortable. Tongtong or dating is very OK.

2. Large -size thick heel Baotou sandals

This sandals are made of velvet fabric, which is very good, giving a high -level upper -grade feeling. The important thing is that it is very resistant to wear. If it is not surprising, the shoes of this fabric can generally be worn for several years. And this kind of shoes is the gospel of big feet MMs, which is large, and it is very suitable for girls with height or wide feet.


3. One word open -toe sandals


Some girls MM are afraid of thermal physical fitness, and they can’t wear full feet or even Baotou shoes at all in summer. Then like this kind of open -toe sandals is very suitable, basically expose full feet, very cool and comfortable. Do n’t miss this shoe with a particularly good -looking MM. It can show your beautiful foot type, showing the charm of elegant women.

Wild casual wind


1. Ulzzang Hong Kong Wind White Shoes

How can small white shoes such as outdated versatile artifacts in the shoe cabinet do not always have a few pairs? This Hong Kong -style small white shoes use a classic shoe sannival design. The soles of the shoe use the non -slip rubber outsole. The version of the version is very good, and it is comfortable to wear. Whether it is paired with jeans or wide -leg pants, or skirts, it is very suitable.


2. The new thick bottom Roman shoes


This red sandals with a little male element have been very popular in the past two years. It is not as easy to wear as a pointed high heels for a long time, nor is it slightly bloated and heavy as daddy shoes and loose cake shoes. It is casual and stylish, loose and comfortable. The most important thing is that it can almost hold girls of different styles. Sweet types are put on, adding playful temperament; professional types are put on, giving people a sense of affinity and fashion …


3. Wild black board shoes

After small white shoes, black canvas shoes or sneakers were popular in 2019. Classic black, with versatile shoe styles, easy to wear and dirty. Black canvas and white shoes form a color collision and impact. It is very fashionable. You can also be salty or sweet with skirts. Both sisters and loli can be held easily.