Photos | 22,000 meters of three -dimensional flower walls lingering Bincheng! Rose flower fragrance is the taste of Dalian summer


CCTV Dalian June 10 (Reporter Ge Yunfu) “The rose is full of yin, and the redness is deep.” Qian Xia Yingying came to the streets and alleys in June in June. Surrounded and lingering by roses and roses that are blooming, everyone suddenly wandered in the sea of ​​flowers. By the street corner, alleys, and courtyards of the city, vine rose and multi -flower roses bloom, clusters, clusters, or dark red or light powder. In the alley, the front building is full of emerald green, the blooming flowers make the whole person’s body and mind rippling the flowers, attracting a large number of citizens and tourists to take pictures. Pickings.

Dalian landforms are mostly built by mountains, hills, urban roads, buildings, etc. In recent years, Dalian has made full use of urban slope, blocking walls, fences, bridges and other facade in the construction of greening to actively promote three -dimensional greening. The three -dimensional landscape of 10,000 meters has enriched the color of urban green space, and also meets the citizens’ desire and pursuit of greenness.

组图 | 2.2万米立体花墙萦绕滨城!蔷薇花香就是大连夏天的味道

In the past few days, Dalian was raining. In the early morning after the rain, the sun shines on the petals stained with dew, and the bird’s tweeting comes from the ears. It feels even more refreshing, as if in the legendary wonderful wonderland.

Walking on the streets, there are beautiful scenery everywhere (Photo by Ge Yunfu, a reporter from

Living in Bincheng, people seem to be in Huahai (Photo by Ge Yunfu, a reporter from

Rose flowers and rose flowers enter the blooming period, climbing the walls, scrambling to bloom (photo by reporter Ge Yunfu)

The rose flowers and iron fences are combined to make Bai Lian steel turning into soft fingers, adding flowers of flowers (photo by reporter Ge Yunfu, a reporter from CCTV)

组图 | 2.2万米立体花墙萦绕滨城!蔷薇花香就是大连夏天的味道

22,000 meters of three -dimensional flower walls lingering Bincheng, flowers everywhere (Photo by CCTV reporter Ge Yunfu)

组图 | 2.2万米立体花墙萦绕滨城!蔷薇花香就是大连夏天的味道

The rose cannot be closed in the garden, tens of thousands of red flowers come out of the wall (Photo by reporter Ge Yunfu, a reporter from