Throw away the velvet autumn clothing! It is popular now, keep warm and fashionable


The nangua are good afternoon ~


I want to ask the Baozi in the north to wear autumn clothes and autumn pants!

Facing the care and greetings of my mother, I am be like

“Thousands of mountains and mountains are always affectionate, you can’t wear autumn pants.”

Because the mother’s gun, a certain man, the autumn clothes and autumn pants are like this:


It was ugly and bloated to wear, destroying the fashion completion of a youthful beautiful girl.

But if anyone says that keeping warm and fashion cannot coexist, I don’t agree with it!

Fashionable cooling wear, arrange!


It’s 2021, and there will be no one who will be wrapped like a dumplings on the three layers and three layers in the inside!

You must know,

Put more warmly.

You think that the young lady wearing on the street wants the demeanor and the temperature, in fact, they may have mastered

“Sandwich stacking Dafa”

It’s really cold!

Listen to me, you can wear this rule, keep warm this winter and not delay your fashion!

Of course, if you want to keep warm, the key is to choose

The most close one is the first line of defense to retain the heat of the body.

It can be said that heating underwear is good, wearing one to wear three pieces.

You said, I have been preparing for Double Eleven to grab the excellent*library in the past at this time.


However, this year’s Sao operation continues, slandering our Xinjiang cotton and human rights issues without apology, and we must not get used to him!

#CEO Speaking


The face value is resistant, soft and skin -friendly, can accumulate heat lock, the key is cheap

We have a warm underwear. We do not lack it.

I entered a set of little bear warm underwear earlier this year. I just caught up with Qingdao to cool down. The sisters of the studio because the thick clothes I bought had not been shaking into a sieve.


To be honest, I shuttled in the WeChat of various sisters and asked them if they wanted to link, and live like a new century “flyover”.

The comfortable and warm underwear wearing it must be the first.

This set of underwear is very comfortable when it is soft, soft and waxy, and the upper body

Gentlely wrapped every inch of skin, comfortable to the bones.

I checked the neckline, cuffs, and trouser legs from beginning to end. I didn’t see any nets.


The sewing technology full of needles, neatly wiring,

Even if the details are controlled, the problem cannot be selected.

If you want to keep warm and thin in autumn and winter, you must choose a slim -fit version.


It will not be bloated, and you can also help collect the flesh on your stomach.


Although the body is slim, we are not like Sun Wukong’s golden hoop, and we can’t breathe on the body.


Let me show you this elasticity,

Sisters from 135 to 80 pounds can be worn with confidence,

I won’t feel it.


My favorite is its round neck, autumn and winter

Wearing sweaters and low -necked sweaters will not leak out the scenery.


Especially sisters with big breasts and short necks, give me a round neck. The semi -high neck that has been popular in the past two years has doubled with a neck!

The most afraid of keeping warm underwear is to get the ball. I took a toothbrush and brushed it for a long time. I didn’t see any changes, and I walked safely.

The warm underwear we worn before was to keep warm with velvet thickness, and the upper body was heavy and swollen.

This underwear endorsement is said to use intelligent warmth circulation, poly heat lock temperature technology, can

Hold the body surface temperature and isolate the cold air.


Is it really so mysterious and we don’t know? Anyway


It really feels cold when wearing it.


Put a sweater or sweater according to the sandwich method of sandwiches,

The whole person was warm.


Seriously, even if it is cold this winter, it is not afraid of it, and you will definitely have a warm winter.

In addition, it is also very light and breathable, and it will not be stuffy with stinky sweat. It is reluctant to wear it at night.

Bear -keeping warm underwear in total


6 colors, there is always one clothes that can be worn with your wardrobe.

Black, gray, and skin tone are versatile. It can collide with different effects from different clothes. The most important thing is that black is thin!


The brown is like a cup of caramel cocoa in autumn, with a strong elegance with a strong sense of elegance.

The gray purple is white, and the cherry powder is the gentle girl color of fried chicken, and must be rushed!


Design of vertical thread

It is destined to be an ordinary warm underwear.

You can go out when you put it on it, and you can wear a knitted vest alone for this temperature.