Which juice juice is more suitable for drinking juice?


Which juice juice is more suitable for drinking juice?

Summer is here, I want to drink a glass of juice, quench thirst and nutrition. But I always worry that there are chemical additives in fruit juice drinks. Want to drink it, or squeeze it with fresh fruits.

However, searching for “juicer” on major e -commerce platforms will see many different styles of machines. In fact, they all have their own names, but we will not distinguish in daily life, and we like to uniformly control them called “juicer”. However, different machines themselves, as well as the juice they make.

Two kinds of less useful machines

Early juicers and juicers were not recommended. It was said that it was because many machines later were improved versions of traditional juicers, which is convenient for everyone to understand.

❶ juicer

The earliest juicer consists of a base, container, and filter, and there will be strong noise at work. After the food is crushed, the juice is separated through the filter. Because the power is not high, the flesh cannot be chopped. The squeezed juice is easy to layered, and there will be many remaining fruit juice in the fruit residue that it cannot be precipitated. It is wasted with the pulp, which is very wasteful.


❷ ❷ juice machine

There is also a “juicer”, which is similar to the drum of the washing machine: rotate through the chassis knife, chop the fruits and use the centrifugal force to throw the fruit and fructing to the filter to separate the juice. Although the juice rate will be higher than the juicer, a lot of water remains in the fructic residue, and the juice also has layered problems.

If you want to drink a good cup of juice, you still have to detour if you see these two types of machines. The following is what you are worth having.

Juice machine

The juice machine is one of the “evolutionary versions” of the juicer, and is a juice machine that squeezes juice through slowly pressing. The operating principle of the juice machine is very similar to “twisting towels”: through spiral squeeze, squeeze the juice a little bit, and then filter the residue through the filter to get the clear fruit juice.

The advantage is that the juice is clear and not layered.


After squeezing the juice machine, the residual dregs are less water, usually with a juice rate of more than 75%. Compared with the juicer with a juice rate of only about 30%, the waste of ingredients is largely reduced. Because of the high juice rate, it is not necessary to add water to the machine when juice. Compared with several other machines, the fruit juice squeezed by the juice machine is closer to the fruit itself. Because the slow pressing method is adopted, there is no noise of the motor at high speed at work.

The disadvantage is the lack of cellulose and easy to gain weight.

The fruits and vegetables we eat on weekdays have high content of dietary fiber. These cellulose will not be absorbed by the gastrointestinal, but it has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal motility in the human body. However, there are very few fruits squeezed by the juice machine, and the proportion of fructose in pure juice is very high. Long -term drinking is easy to gain weight.

Hurom/Huiren HUES790 Low -speed juicer

¥ 1980.00

In order to balance the relationship between nutrition and taste, many juice machines are equipped with two filters of thickness, which can be selected according to the taste. Huiren HUES790 juice machine has set “seasoning valve”, which can also adjust the flesh content in the juice, eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement of the filter.


The blender is similar to the early juicer, but it has greater power and can handle more types of ingredients. The mixer does not have a filter and cannot make very clear fruit juice. Therefore, there is no need to consider the problem of the juice rate, nor do you need to worry about the waste of ingredients.

Commonly used mixers that can be used to make juice have motion mixer and cooking machine (including wall -breaking cooking machines). Usually, when making fruit juice, you need to add water to the container. You can also add milk to make ice cream or milking. Of course, it is also a good choice to add ice cubes to make ice cubes when using a mixer with a large power.

❶ Movement mixer

The sports mixer is small and convenient. Its characteristics are that the mixing container can be used as a sports cup at the same time: after the juice is squeezed, the machine is deducted, removed the knife head, and put on the cup lid to bring it out directly.


The advantage is portable and easy to clean up.

For the convenience of carrying, the container that usually exercise the mixer is the size of the water cup. Because the size is small, it is very easy to clean and suitable for single use.


The disadvantage is that the power is low and the fuselage is unstable.

The sports mixer is small, and the motor cannot provide powerful output power. Therefore, it is impossible to stir hard foods, such as ice cubes and nuclei, which will cause damage to the fuselage. So it seems unlikely to use it to break the ice.

At the same time, when the knife head rotates at a high speed, it will easily shake because of unstable center of gravity.

Ergo Chef My JUICER portable mixer


¥ 298.00

The recently popular My JUICER is a sports mixer, which is characterized by simple: only one function of “stirring”, does not need a button, start working after power -on, eliminating the time to adapt to the machine. Although the function is single, the 300W power is sufficient to handle most fruits and vegetables. In terms of, it is higher than most similar products on the market. The simple structure also makes it the easiest to clean up among all fruit juice machines.

Kenwood/Kafed SMP060 Multifunctional Sports Machine


¥ 599.00

The same quality is the Kafed SMP060. The difference is that its power will be divided into two types: strong and weak, which are used to handle soft leather fruits (such as grapes, watermelon, etc.) and harder fruits (carrots, apples, etc.). It is only slightly higher than my juicer.


The two machines also have a humanized design, that is, the four small vacuum suction cups of the base, which can firmly “suck” the desktop to prevent the machine from dumping during use.

❷ ❷ ❷ ❷

The cooking machine is a very practical kitchen cooking appliance. The high -speed rotating knife head can be broken in a short time. Although there is no filtering function, the high -speed broken flesh particles are relatively uniform and can be suspended in the fruit juice. There will be no obvious layering in a short time.

The advantage is that there are many functions and great power.

The role of the cooking machine is not just to make juice. Any ingredients that need to be stirred or crushed can be treated with a cooking machine. Because the power is large, it is not necessary to cut the food when adding ingredients. It is a convenient and fast cooking machine.


The disadvantage is that the noise is large and covers a large area.

The characteristics of the cooking machine are: big.

The “big” here refers to large volume, high power, and larger containers. Although the container is large, the shape of the upper width and narrow shape also makes the ingredients easily stuck in the container, causing the blade to turn empty. At this time, you need to stop the fruits in the container, or adjust the location of the fruit in the container with a dedicated stirring rod.


High power provides higher speeds, but also brings high noise. However, the operating time of the cooking machine is about half a minute, which will not affect a long time.

Vitamix/Vita Moshis TNC5200 Multifunctional Wall Breaking Merchants

¥ 6800.00

Vitamix is ​​the first brand to propose the concept of “breaking wall”. Although there is a lot of strict places in the concept of “breaking walls”, the Vitamix 5200 is indeed visible on the market. It can mix the ingredients with the finest and most uniform machine.

The official price of Vitamix 5200 is 7,000 yuan, and Haitao is about 4,000 yuan. Products released by official channels do not need to be equipped with another transformer, and they can enjoy seven -year after -sales service at the same time. Haitao is much cheaper, but you can only buy 110V products and need another transformer. At the same time, it is impossible to enjoy after -sales. So if you want to buy Vitamix, you will really have a lot of concerns.

Kitchenaid wall -breaking cooking machine

¥ 2599.00

Kitchenaid is a well -known American chef machine brand with a history of nearly a century. Unlike other wall -breaking machines, the Kitchenaid wall -breaking cooking machine will not blindly pursue the speed, but to adjust the suitable speed to make a completely crushed speed according to the hard and hard level of the ingredients.

In order to meet daily needs, the Kitchenaid wall -breaking cooking machine does not use the common “high, middle and low -grade” to divide the speed mode. /Cooked food, broken ice, and electric special models make you easier to get started.

Finally talk about the stirring stick:

The stirring rod is the “standard” of the wall breaking machine, but some products need to buy another mixing rod.

If your food is stuck in the container, you can use the stirring rod to “stab” them. Generally, there will be a round hole on the top of the container of the wall breaking machine. After removing the lid, you can insert a stirring stick. When buying a mixing rod, you should choose the appropriate length, and you will not let the mixing rod touch the blade. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the circular diameter at the handle is matched with the diameter of the round hole, so as to prevent the juice from splashing from the round hole when stirring.

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