F22 Jin Chancan, F35 green oil, why is the two five -generation primers of the US military different?


When it comes to the US military ace fighter F22, some people may care about its stealth ability, and some may admire its powerful “heart”, but what impresses it most about it is the row of rows of puts on the factory’s assembly line on the factory’s total production line The body is just like wearing a “golden armor”. At first glance, it is high -end goods.

Jin Chancan’s F22


On the other hand, the F35, which is also the fifth -generation machine, is a green oil on the total production line. The workers are in it, as if running on the prairie. It is also the Fifth Generation of the U.S. Army, one Jin Cancan, and the other green, why is there such a difference? Is it true that F22 is high -end goods, and the rumor of F35 is the rumor of low -end goods?

Green oil F35


Some people may say that green is the color of composite materials. F35 uses more composite materials, and F22 is more traditional. After all, it has been born earlier. Later, the F22 body was also green, indicating that it was updated and pace with the times. It is very good, but in fact this is not the case. The color of the composite material parts we see on the surface of the aircraft is presented after a series of complex spraying processes. The paint is yellow, green, and even pink.

Later, F22 was also green

F22’s pink and yellow mix -mating paint


The effect of primer painting is very large. First of all, anti -corrosion and prevention, especially when experiencing long -term exposure and entering high -altitude and low temperature flight, severe temperature changes will accelerate the corrosion and fatigue of metal materials, the protection of primer for primer paint It is reflected. In addition, some stealth paint itself has a certain corrosiveness. It requires the bottom paint as the attachment layer. It not only sticks it to it, but also separates the metal and stealth coatings to separate it.


The role of the primer is very important

Some people say that the early gold paint of F22 really made a layer of pure gold coating on the fuselage. Though

复合材料表面必须喷涂导电的防静电涂料、铝膜,甚至覆盖铝丝网,以解决它导电性差导致的静电荷大量积累,造成材料烧蚀的问题,但那也不是真的黄金,而是铬The color protective layer, its color is yellow. Of course, the formula of the U.S. military may be different, so it is golden yellow.

Chromicate protective layer is yellow

In the later period, the F22 was changed to the same dinomoamide and epoxy composite materials as F35, so it showed green on the general installation line. But in the final analysis, these yellow and green color are not primer. They are just the attached layer of the second layer of the countdown, which is convenient to paint stealth paint and cover the polymer film. The paint of F22 and F35 should be applied to multi -layer. Many people at the lowest bottom paint can’t think of it. It is actually black. This can be seen from the punch on the F35 airframe.

The primer of F35 composite material is actually black

In fact, there are many layers of paint on the fighter body

The primer painting of the U.S. fighter aircraft is strictly standardized. Aluminum alloy, composite materials, and carbon fiber surfaces are different, and even the primer of rivets, seams and landing racks also have special regulations, such as high flexible skin skin leather skin leather Platform paint must be matched with polyurethane elastic primer, as well as water -based paint, electrical paint, high solid, chromium -free and non -chromium -free, and moisture solidification type, which must meet the requirements of low VOC.


There are many types of various types


At the same time, composite materials cannot be used randomly. Some places can be used, and some places cannot be used. For example, Japan’s XC2 transportation is because of the blindness and composite materials in the wing and fuselage position, which causes the body to have strength structure problems and wing cracks. After all Through traditional detection methods, learn in advance.


The Japanese aircraft is a negative example


Therefore, it is extremely unscientific to guess the composite materials to guess the composite materials, and the golden body on the early production line of F22 is just a coincidence. Representing the level of technical level, it is more reflected in the main components of the coating.

F35 also has this kind of primer