Summer is more comfortable than sneakers. It is flat sandals.


Based on the comfort and lightness, the sneakers are welcomed by countless middle -aged women. Many people wear pants and skirts. When they do n’t know what shoes, they like to wear double sneakers.

It is just in the hot summer, although the sneakers are not tired, it is easy to be stuffy, which is not as breathable and cool as the flat -bottom sandals. In addition to cool, flat sandals are also very comfortable to wear. This time, in order to share a set of Japanese -style sandals with sandals. In summer, it is more comfortable than sports shoes. It is flat sandals.

1. Flat sandals style

Flat sandals are comfortable and fashionable. No matter how fashion changes, it always occupies a place in the fashion circle. It has a high rate of mirroring in fashionistas or bloggers, and there are many styles of flat sandals. If you want to wear sandals out, For effortlessness, we also need to choose the sandals that are suitable for ourselves.

The first is a thin band sandals, such as a tie -strap sandals or a lace -up sandals with irregular split design. In addition to exposing the instep area to create a cooling feeling, these sandals can also highlight the slim feet.

And there are many colors of thin band sandals, such as khaki, coffee, gold, silver, white, or color, which can meet the needs of most women. However, although there are many advantages in thin band sandals, it is not suitable for women with wide and fat feet.

In addition to breathable and not tired feet, compared to sports shoes, flat sandals also have super plasticity. The style and matching are different, and the dressing style created will also be different. Whether you like an elegant lady style or casual style, you can use flat sandals to build.

For middle -aged women who are pursuing leisure vitality, try sports sandals in summer. Sports sandals are simple, but they have a little handsome and stylish boyfriend.

The flat semi -drag is also a sandals style that is popular with the blogger of the Japanese miscellaneous bloggers. The main advantage of this kind of sandals is that it is convenient to wear, and the semi -drag design can also create a free and easy visual sense.


When it is used for leisure scenes, the flat bottom half -drag is the most suitable, which not only enhances the comfort of the overall look, and has no restrictions on the foot type.


Second, flat sandals color selection

No matter what kind of sandals style, there are many types of colors. If you want to enhance the sense of advanced, then middle -aged women need to choose the right color.


The first is black, white, gray, silver, or khaki. Flat sandals with such colors are the most practical and versatile. It is not too stable, and it will not be too public. It is very suitable for creating a simple and intellectual mature style.

The color of the colorful sandals is bright and bright. When the under the jacket is filled with dark colors, middle -aged women can use colorful sandals to light up the shape.

In addition, the colors of sandals are “color echo” with tops, underwear or accessories, which is also an effective way to enhance the refinement.

For example, when the jacket, pants or dresses are orange tones, wear double orange or earth -colored sandals, and the details will be further improved instantly.

Third, the matching plan of flat sandals

The Japanese style focuses on simple and practical, and the reason why flat sandals are welcomed by the bloggers of Japanese miscellaneous bloggers, which has a lot to do with the versatile nature it has.

Middle -aged women in summer can wear double flat sandals regardless of skirts, and one shoe is more practical and generous. The first is the shirt+high waist under the high waist, such as high -waisted half -length skirt, high -waisted high -leg pants. This method is mature enough to be used in the workplace or leisure occasions.

If it is used in the workplace, it is recommended to wear a double -flat thin band sandals or sandals with sandals for leisure scenes. Sports sandals are the most suitable.


Flat sandals are a good partner for high waist -frung skirts. When wearing a long skirt, if you don’t know what shoes, you will never make an error.


This is because the length of the drinker skirt is above the ankle, connecting flat sandals, which can often further extend the calf lines, showing legs and slender feet.

Middle -aged women wore half skirts or dresses, and they are the most boring to dress up, and sandals usually have a beautiful shoe premium atmosphere. They can easily get rid of the swelling of the skirt and further enhance the sense of light.


Such as the camisole long skirt, a word -shoulder dress or silhouette dress, combined with fine band flat sandals, mature age full of points.


Flat -bottom sandals are also very diverse in pants, but no matter which kind of high -waist pants wearing, it is recommended that middle -aged women priority to use nine -point pants. The nine -point design can expose a slender ankle, which shows the length of the legs and legs.

The above is the Japanese -style flat sandals wearing it for everyone this time. This summer, no matter wearing skirts, women do n’t always wear sports shoes. Wearing flat sandals will be more comfortable and elegant!

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