The owner broke the news: Lingke 01 new car headlight assembly, freezing inside the lamp cavity, suspected design defects


When it comes to Lingke 01, it has been more than a month since it was launched on November 28. The sales statistics of the new car have not yet been released. Performance. At present, the earliest batch of car owners have also mentioned that the car is in use, and in recent days, a WeChat sent by a car owner to the brother has attracted my special attention. Please see the screenshot.

I will explain to you that the general meaning of chatting is that the owner mentioned a new car for a few days. It should be reasonable to be more excited and happy. After all, there is a new car. But when he just washed the car, he found that the inside of Lingke 01’s headlights was frozen, which made him startled. You know, even if it is not a new car, ordinary people will definitely be surprised when they encounter such a situation, and they know at a glance that this is obviously that it is water in the headlights. To this end, the owner is also very anxious. Because there are no similar cases on the Internet, he asked the sales in advance, and the sales said that after normal, he quickly found out what I should do.

The above is the internal ice of the headlights sent by the car owner. There are such problems in the front and rear lights.

In this regard, Shi Ge believes that the possibility of individual examples should be very small. First of all, according to the pictures given by the netizen, the inside of the headlight is definitely caused by the water inside, which is beyond doubt. And what we want to analyze is why it gets in water? Is the assembly technology not rigorous or the design of design? At present, it should be more unreasonable to design.

A thick layer of ice has been knotted inside the lamp cavity, which is obviously caused by the water in the water.


Based on our existing views, the height of water in facts often occurs on many models. The conventional method is to use glass glue to block the air inlet, so that the headlights can ensure that in normal conditions, not in normal state. Enter water. The advantage of using glass glue to block the inlet is that when the pressure difference between the lamp cavity is too large, the glass glue can be compressed, because the glass glue is soft, so even if the glass glue itself is crushed, it will not damage the lampshade. Being a one -time appropriate measure.


Although similar events can also be seen on other models, Lingke 01, as a luxury brand model that has been listed shortly after the market, can actually appear such an unreasonable design, which is really worrying. After all, according to the standards of joint venture car companies, the design of headlights generally has a exhaust port, and the generally designed exhaust port will be facing down, so that it can effectively prevent it from entering the water. Now it seems that the exhaust port of the Lingke 01 is estimated to be the opposite design structure, otherwise the car owner will not appear the lamp cavity in water and cold freezing.

In general, Shi Ge believes that there should be some design defects in the design of Lingke 01. Although the phenomenon of this car owner is only a case, it is difficult to ensure that there will be no similar events in the future. It happened again.


Therefore, here is a strong recommendation of the manufacturer to attach great importance to it. If it is a defect in design, the vehicle should be recalled as soon as possible to make consumers feel at ease. After all, the problems caused by the water inside of the headlights will heat and burn the assembly when light, and if it is blocked, it may cause the headlights to break or suck it. Hidden dangers. Therefore, due to the consumer’s safety issues, I hope that the manufacturer will be able to pay attention to it. (Editor Wang Zhuo Wang Zhuo report)


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