Official website, Tmall sells out of stock! Recently, the super -hot “velvet sneakers” opened the box! And new version


For sneakers, in addition to the noodles with noodles and limited shoes, the daily shoes with comfortable feet are just needed.

Because of this, Li Ning’s “Yundou” has become one of the hottest shoes in the near future.


The round and lovely shape and comfortable foot feel, those who have tried will fall in love with.


▼ Xiaobian opened the box real shot

Today, the editor brings two color matching output. In addition to the conventional version, there are many “velvet sneakers” that many players expect.


The black version is low -key and easy to match, which is quite functional. It is the first wave of popularity in the color matching.

The upper uses woven materials as the main body, with cotton straps on the instep of the toes, bringing a comfortable package.

The midsole adopts a round arc design, which brings smooth rolling dynamics in walking.

The built -in full palm technology, the feet are soft and unforgettable.

The other is the “Velvet” version, the fluorescent green color is extremely bright.


Earlier, this version only released women’s shoes. This editor finally received the male code. It seems that the male code should be available soon.


The biggest difference from the ordinary version is to strap and use the lambscase.


Not only is the texture more suitable for autumn and winter, but also hidden attributes.

Later, the conventional version of the sharp corner design was canceled.

At present, the first wave of color matching has been released on the omni -online and offline channels of Li Ning. The official website, Tmall part of the color and size have been out of stock, and the large size even has a premium.

Recently, Li Ning’s high -popular shoe amount will not be small, the new color matching is still being launched, and the overall volume will become more and more sufficient.

So if your size is now higher than the original price, it is recommended to wait.


Xiaobian finally reminded that the shape of the toes may be pressed. It is recommended to buy more than half yards, which will be higher.

For subsequent new color messages, we will continue to pay attention to and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

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