Decathlon Fun Yue brand hiking snow shoes experience sharing


Hello bosses, this time sharing a pair of men’s hiking snow shoes SH100 U-WARM in the Quechua Brand of the Universe Decathlon Brand: 199.9 (Item Number: 8640887) also has a high-end version. The female version also has different colors. This shoe is simple in terms of face value. Under the impact of the epidemic on the global economy, the price of thousands of outdoor shoes of other brands is still very economical. Of course, this shoe is only a primary version, and it has some advanced editions, and the price will be higher.

迪卡侬 趣岳品牌 徒步雪地鞋体验分享

The toe and shoe help the surrounding reinforcement treatment, preventing the hard objects outdoor to protect the toes, and improve the parcel and stability.

To put it, the material upper uses a polyester fiber and polyurethane to embed a layer of 5 to 25 microns with waterproof and breathability inside the fabric. Add velvet on the tongue and ankle on the velvet, and the tongue is seamlessly designed, ensuring windproof and warmth.

The seamless diagonal tongue design special parts with velvet, and people who love to sweat will not feel covering their feet, keep warm and breathable.

The outsole of the shoe uses fun Yue’s own SnowContact (snow contact) technology with special grooves and three millimeter raised shoe nail design provides excellent anti -slip and grip. In the northern winter, it is not cleaned in time when it is snowing. It will be stepped on by passers -by and the crushing of the car to form smooth hard snow on the surface. The measured pair of shoes will have certain non -slip shoes walking on hard snow. It is recommended to go around the ice.

Different textures, special groove design.

After December 15th, Harbin also came to about minus 20 degrees. After wearing a city commute and hike for an hour 8000 steps, about five kilometers, and about minus 20 degrees during exercise. It can withstand about minus 10 degrees, and there is no problem in winter commuting in winter.

迪卡侬 趣岳品牌 徒步雪地鞋体验分享

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These shoes allow us to easily reach the slope of the outdoor steps, which fully reflects its non -slip and grip.