The luxury commissioner is blended, with 21 US dollars to subvert the jewelry industry, poke the pain points of women.


When the lease is replaced with sharing, the leasing industry is obviously glow, and the most successful Chinese sharing business is sharing bicycle, but in the United States, “sharing” The most successful bike is not a bicycle, but jewelry.

American Migen Rose founded a Jewelry design sales website named Rocksbox in 2012. He first with some designers who had some trend of new jewelery, with average price of $ 200, and it is probably 1300 yuan, then let the user charge members, just starting the membership fee of 15-19 dollars per month, now increased to 21 US dollars, equivalent to approximately 134 yuan. Then, according to the favorite style type provided by the user, 3-4 pieces of jewelery, the user is returned to the end of the month, and if you like it, you can also discount it.


Do you want to be willing to rent 4,000 jewelery each month?

Rocksbox target customers are unwilling to spend too much money on jewelery, and more important people who are more important and popular, such a population is a perfect customer. Data shows that 25% of users will choose to buy recommended jewels.

Some people will ask, the rent is so low, how does Rocksbox make money? We analyze it.

First of all, the pricing of a single jewelery is about $ 200, but the cost price is much lower. We temporarily calculate it, that is, 100 US dollars, each jewelry rental can recover costs for 5 months. In addition to operating costs, every penny earned afterwards is net earning. And 25% of people will purchase, which is also part of income.

Second, RockSbox positioning is designed and sales, so the focus is sales, through users brought by rental ornaments, it is entirely the target customer, only need to slowly transform, RockSbox is not only drained, but also make money, very high.


Finally, each user will share the views of the jewelry, and publish the style you want on the Rocksbox’s INS home page, Rockport estimates that the fans on INS is 7 times that of the peers, so that rocksbox will always hold With the latest user needs, you can make your favorite jewelry.

Rocksbox’s fan strategy has a fight with millet.

In 2016, Rocksbox completed $ 8.7 million A round financing, plus a seed round of 1.5 million US dollars, and founded a million dollars in four years. Six months ago, in April this year, Rocksbox was acquired by the world’s largest diamond jewelry retailer SIGNET JEWELERS LIMITED.

China has similar business models, but compared with Rocksbox’s civilianization, China’s shared rental jewelry is more advanced, and the Guangzhou Daily reporter experienced a month before a month: in a app for advanced jewelry lease Select a double C earrings in Chanel, 10 days, need to pay 5,600 yuan, daily rent is 140 yuan. According to the search, the current style of Louis Vuitton, Dior is almost “to return”, if you join a member, you can enjoy the free deposit, enjoy the “unlimited Division” welfare for the platform.

From the business model of both parties, Rocksbox is still a technique, and the domestic is only rental. The target user is a user who has demand for a specific time. Rocksbox users have long-term needs, business models are not only rent, but also sales, Most importantly, RockSbox gets the latest first-hand data by lease.

If this model is popular, will you rent an jewelry? What price segment jewelry is attractive to you? Welcome to the message discussion.