43 batches of clothing countries are unqualified, and brands such as Antarctic people, MO & Co and other brands


Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision has organized 34 products such as leisure clothing and other 34 products quality countries. The results showed that there were 43 batches of casual clothing products unqualified, and the unqualified discovery rate was 14.8%. Unqualified projects involved fiber content and pH value. Antarctica, Pilkan, Scarecrow and other well -known brands were on the list.

【Small check】


43 batches

Unqualified clothing

34 batches

Involved in fiber content

The main investigation of the 315 batches of casual clothing products produced by 301 companies in 14 provinces (cities) are products in the field of online sales, of which 25 batches of products are suspected of counterfeiting and no factory site. Of the 290 batches of the test, 43 batches of products were unqualified and the unqualified discovery rate was 14.8%.

It is understood that this time it focused on eight items such as formaldehyde content, pH value, and can differentiate carcinogenic amine dyes. Unqualified projects involve fibrous content, pH value, water resistance, and alkaline -resistant sweat stains. Nandu reporters noticed that in 43 batches of unqualified products, unqualified projects involved 34 batches of fiber content, accounting for 79%. It is understood that the fiber component content is the basic quality element that determines the comfort of a clothing and whether it is healthy and harmless. Buy the content.

The other unqualified project with a relatively high account is pH, and 12 batches of 43 batches of unqualified products involved unqualified projects. The pH value is acid and alkali, and the human skin is weakly acidic. Under this environmental conditions, it can prevent the invasion of germs. Therefore, the pH value of textiles is conducive to protecting human health if it is slightly acidic or neutral. High or too low will destroy the skin’s balance and resistance, which causes skin allergies or induces infections and causes germs to invade.


Scarecrow, MO & Co, etc.

Multiple well -known brands on Internet celebrities are on the list

Nandu reporters have noticed that many of the unqualified products involved in this spot inspection are well -known brand products in the field of online sales.

Among the products involved in a relatively high unqualified project fiber content, there are a men’s knitted band shirt sold on the Jingdong platform (nominated for Fujian Chuangleye Industrial Co., Ltd., Item Number: MBYB0003ZD), Antarcticer people A ladies sweater sold on the Jingdong platform (nominated for production of Hyunzhe Clothing Factory, Haizhu District, Guangzhou), and a denim jacket (nominated in Guangzhou Aiyi Clothing on the Xiaohong Book Platform (nominal Guangzhou Aiyi Clothing Co., Ltd. Company production, model number: MAI2JKT007-S80).

Among the products involved in the pH value of unqualified projects, there are a jeans sold on the Jingdong platform (nominated for Guangzhou Jaeger-LeCoultre clothing Co., Ltd., goods number: UK-605), clothing Tiancheng in Tmall A jacket sold on the platform (nominated for Hangzhou Quanshang Technology Co., Ltd., the goods number: AMJ0331), and a jeans sold on the gathering platform of Mystery Show (nominated Guangzhou Strawberry Mask Clothing Co., Ltd. Style number: mx19d02374).

【focus on】

Antarctic clothing

It has been selected many times

A ladies sweater sold by the Antarctic clothing flagship store was on the list due to the fiber content. This sweater was called the production of Xuanzhe Clothing Factory in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. Nandu reporters have inquired that the “Antarctic” clothing has been selected by market supervision and management departments in various places.

For example, the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration Administration was raised in 2020. The authorized person is Antarctic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and the manufacturer is Danyang Haoqi Clothing Co., Ltd.. Infant underwear (Antarctic Newborn clothes for 0-3 months of baby monk service for newborn baby sets), there are problems with unqualified rope. The Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau also raised the nominal trademark as Antarctic in 2018. The production unit was unqualified by a cotton fiber in Changshu Beno Eslite Clothing Co., Ltd.

On February 19, a reporter from Nandu called the telephone hotline of the South Pole E -commerce official website to inquire about the situation of the spot checks and the quality of the quality.

“Antarctic” e -commerce

“Sell only tags, no quality control” is questioned

“Antarctic E -commerce” official website information shows that Antarctic e -commerce was formerly a Antarctic. It was established in 1998. The headquarters is located in Shanghai. Brand authorization and comprehensive services, collect brand comprehensive service fees, dealer brand license fees), mobile Internet marketing business and other businesses (as agents of mobile traffic media suppliers, promote products for customers on the supply platform, advertising) Essence The company is mainly e -commerce channels, and strives to build world -class consumer goods giants with brand authorization and industrial chain services.

It is reported that the “Antarctic” e -commerce has been questioned by the public because “does not produce, only sells tags, and has no quality control”. According to media reports, whether it is diapers, fat -threading machines, or glass, and car cushions, Antarctic people have genuine tags for sale. Most dealers are collected in the market and pasted Antarctic trademarks. As for the “Black List” of “Antarctic People” in recent years, an insider of Antarctic E -commerce has said in an interview with the media that “quality control we have been doing, suppliers and dealers’ product quality review Not only include our company, but also the country and platform. The three parties are working hard to do this. “

Writing: Southern Metropolis Reporter Xiao Yunxi

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