Chen Songling is too beautiful! Wearing a large size shirt skirt and socks only wear one, 50 years old is still fashionable and fashionable


Once women reach the middle age, they will pay special attention to comfort in their wear. When people reach a certain age, they will pay more attention to their own experience. In fact, this is the best state and living method. Feeling and ideas are the most important, which is also an attitude that a woman should have.

“TVB Sister” Chen Songling is such a woman. She has her own views on fashion. She does not follow the flow, does not follow blindly, and never goes tender. Today, she has already entered half a year, but she still maintains it. My fashion attitude, wearing a large size shirt, looks particularly fashionable,

“TVB Sister” Chen Songling is too beautiful, wearing a large size shirt skirt and socks, only one, 50 years old and still personalized.

See how Chen Songling interprets personalized and free?


It’s more temperamental

The personal and easy side of wearing needs to use the correct method. Middle -aged women cannot deliberately make tenderness to reducing their age. Use some personality processing methods,


For example, irregular tailoring and asymmetric design are very good.

Eye -eye accessories are highlights


The shaping of highlights in the overall shape is very important, especially when choosing a simple processing method in the wear, it is also necessary to spend some effort from the accessories. It is also possible to use a little exaggerated method. Color processing,

Don’t forget the addition of personalized elements, chains, tassels, and tags can be used as detailed nodes.


Black and white match interpretation of advanced beauty

The 50 -year -old Chen Songling is too individual, using black and white, white as the leading item, but black is used on a sock. This inconsistent dressing method can only be controlled, but this black and white It is indeed very high -end and fashionable,

For shirts, T -shirts, and dresses, they can achieve very effective purposes.

Keep your fashion view

It is important to keep your own view of fashion in wearing and not to follow blindly. Remember that the classics are never outdated. Avoid the situation of insufficient figure. Use the fashionable items to shape the personality beauty. From tailoring design, to color comparison And the embellishment of exquisite elements and accessories, these details cannot be ignored.

Breaking the monotonous and tedious sense of wearing can make the overall dress look more fashionable.

How to use wearing to create a free and easy personality?


The disappearance of the lower body


Personality is not an anti -trend, nor is it exaggerated, but just right highlights its own charm value, and the sense of fashion is not to follow the current. It is based on its own advantages and conditions. Use the right method,

The disappearance of the lower body can avoid the lack of figure, increase the sense of proportions, and expose the legs of the legs to better modify the beautiful legs.


The collision between different styles

Often, the collisions of the two different styles in the overall shape can be said to test the aesthetics and taste of women, otherwise it is easy to wear an uncoordinated effect, and it looks not fashionable and advanced. The sense of fashion, combining the blessing of the belt on the overall loose version, can effectively outline the waistline, avoiding the laziness brought by too loose, and at the same time, it can transition different styles.

Suggestions for wearing middle -aged women


The loose and documented version reaches the body tolerance

Here I want to give you some suggestions for middle -aged women. In fact, once the age of 5 years old, the improvement of temperament and body modification must be the two most critical requirements for dressing. It is excellent tolerance. For the lack of taste in the body, it can achieve an effective self -cultivation effect, but it must also pay attention to the details of the waist, neckline, cuffs and other positions.

Comfortable and versatile single product selection

Since you want to show a free and easy personality, comfortable and versatile fabrics are definitely a must -have. The softness brought by cotton fabrics is full of softness. Combining the length and loose version of the hips. The foundation of the embellishment, the eye -catching pattern, the overall shape is very extracted, which can show the unique personality charm of women.

Fashion Ending


Women’s personalities are free from their own views. If you want to shape the spilled and easy side in wearing, you must know how to use the advantages of clothing. From high -level color matching to personalized tailoring, it is the key to achieving the goal, and simple and comfortable. The fabric is also the top priority, and the embellishment of the element is the finishing touch.