Don’t buy anything that will increase your workload


The propaganda of Double Eleven has been for a while, and it is estimated that many people have already started buying and buying.

Today I will talk to you a question that may be rarely noticed.


That is, don’t buy things that will increase your workload!

Don’t underestimate this problem. Many people spend a lot of money on it. Originally to improve the quality of life, but because it took a lot of time to maintain, it seriously reduced the quality of life.

Today, let’s talk about how to persuade your vigorous shopping desire to avoid those things that will bring you more work.

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Buy a lot of time to take care of the pets

Unless you are really determined to pay

Many people will buy things because they like and impulse, but it is estimated that the cost of taking care of it is not sufficient, and they will regret it after they really buy it.


For example, pets.

I have a friend who opened a pet shop. He said that he was before selling pets (especially puppies), and he would tell the other party:

It is very troublesome to raise a dog. Whether it is raining, snowing, or hail, you have to go out to walk the dog.

After walking the dog, you have to pick up shit. The dog is sick, and you must also prepare for spending a lot of money to treat the disease. When you change the season, you will lose hair, which is extremely unfriendly for patients with rhinitis.

Many people were directly dismissed because they only saw the puppy cute and did not expect that the dog was so troublesome.

The reason why friends seriously dismiss is because many owners find the difficulty of raising dogs, and they will return the pets to the store, and the bad ones will be directly abandoned, so the customers must be strictly selected.


I chose to raise cats because of this reason, but even if it was much more easy to raise a cat, I still put a lot of pressure on me.

I raised a Garfield named Silly Der. It was cute and could lose hair.

The sofa that has just been cleaned in the morning is covered with hair now

When I invited my aunt to clean every day, I came back every night to see the Mao that it dropped on the floor.

There are often colleagues that I told me that on the back or other visual blind spots, the cat hair was stained.

I was even more fierce on my last cat. I couldn’t support it to me. A puppet cat called a dumplings not only made hair loss, but also peeing everywhere.

So I can only match a two -meter -tall cat cage to clean up cat urine regularly, but I still feel hard -working, and in the end I can only return it to the original owner.

Because of raising cats, my rhinitis kept for many years.

Of course, pets are very cute and can accompany the owner.

But if you are very busy at work, it is difficult to have time to take good care of your pets, which is not good for both of you.

So if you have n’t raised it yet, I advise you to do n’t raise it.

If you have already raised, then you still stand it.


It takes a lot of time to stay away

Daily necessities


When we buy things, we all want to improve the quality of life and make ourselves happier.

But in the process of use, you will find that there are some things that are difficult to serve, not only does consumption fail to make you happy, but it will make you more painful.

Picture source: panorama vision

There are too many such things, for example:

It takes a lot of time to take care of the clothes.

I think there is a girl on the Internet that she has a skirt and can’t wait to provide it. Every time she dry it, she must clamp the folds one by one.

There are also shoes that are reluctant to wear out.

Some shoes are difficult to serve. It takes an hour to brush the shoes for one hour to wear, and finally lying in the shoe box mold.


Some clothes are specially material and cannot enter the washing machine at all.

So every time you wear it, wash your back, and wash your back pain.

We bought things, which was to improve the quality of life, but spent too much time to maintain these things, but reduced our quality of life.

My suggestion is that if you want to buy daily necessities, simple, durable, and convenient are the most important. After all, you spend money to make yourself happy, instead of asking a ancestor to toss yourself.

I realized this because I bought a Japanese cast iron pot before, and looked very feeling, thinking that I could use hot pot.

The cast iron pot that can be used once a year is super hard to take care

But I did not expect that the cast iron pot was so difficult to take care of …

Wipe the water clean every time you use it and then apply the oil to prevent rust. Otherwise, you will find that the pot is full of red rust on the pot.

And once you have rust, it is difficult to clean. Even if you wash it seriously, restore it into a normal color, there will be an invisible rust that is invisible to the naked eye.

Once I didn’t prepare to make it rust, although I had already brushed it carefully, I made a meal. After eating, I found that my tongue was dark.

Stay away from all low -frequency use


Electronic products, small home appliances

In the previous year, I bought a wall breaking machine and felt that I could fight the juice. When I bought it, I was happy.

But after using it, I found that this thing is too difficult to use!


Because I do n’t need to be buried all year round, I have brushed it temporarily

First of all, I didn’t like to eat fruits as I thought, and forcibly bought fruit juice and took more sugar.

Secondly, it is difficult to take care of this stuff. Below the rotary knife at the bottom, there is always one part that cannot be wiped out.

The third is that this thing has troubled the food to eat fruit. Bananas that can be eaten by peeling are better. I still have to think about what to squeeze with the juice with the juice. mesa.

Anyway, I don’t want to eat any fruit anymore.

This wall breaking machine has not met with me for two years.

There are too many small appliances that waste money, waste time, and occupying local appliances.

Bakers that are not used all year round

Such as bread machines, yogurt machines, juice machines, even night lights, decorative lights, card cameras …

These things are often very valuable, but the frequency of use is very low, or it has a serious increase in your burden. Do not buy it.

So how do you judge what is a must -need for high frequency?

I recommend everyone a principle -toothbrush principle.

That is to say, the products you want to buy, you need to use more than twice a day, otherwise it is low -frequency products.

In fact, many of the electronic products we buy are about once a year. It takes a lot of time to take care of each time. Not only does it not improve the quality of life, but it also greatly increases the burden.


If you spend money to buy a crime, you are talking about this kind of person (such as me).

50 pieces must be thrown

I saw a must -throw list on the Internet, which can be used as a guide for you. Most things not only do not use it, but also increase your maintenance costs.

You can start throwing up according to this guide.

If you are not hoarding, then you will not throw the wrong thing according to my list.

1. Hole breaking, single, unpleasant socks and underwear.

2. withered pot.

I believe I can no longer save it.

3. Cheap, deformation hanger.

4. Old data cable and charger.

5. Old computers, fans, mobile phones, TVs.

If you haven’t used them for three or five years, you won’t use it anymore.

6. Save money.

You have been saving money but not exchanged, occupying places and wasting energy.

7. Old carpets, clothes, and sneakers on the side, not only useless, but also take care of it.

8. Do you have to spend time to sort out the expired coupons?

9. Cheap jewelry needs maintenance, but you will never wear it.

10. Too many plastic bags.

It is useless to occupy the place.

11. One -time tableware and straws that have been stored for a long time, you will not use it anymore.

12. Expired, or long -term unused cosmetics, medicines, health products, skin care products.

13. Old calendar.

14. Broken pen.

15. The washing suit from the hotel.

16. Expired food, food that I don’t want to eat for a long time.

17. Pillows that have too long. Mites and bacteria are everywhere.


18. The eliminated mobile phone case, keychain, and the key to do not know what to do.

19. Small electrical appliances that are only once in half a year, or small electrical appliances that brush for half a day.

Consider your fate, you are so lazy, you won’t want to use it again.

20. Dirty rags and dishes.

Some people also like to collect old towels as rags, so let’s throw them away.

21. Recipes you don’t read.

You are so lazy, you ca n’t make meals once in three years, what recipes.

22. No elastic head rope.

23. You don’t like perfumes that don’t use it well.

24. Old mineral water bottle and kettle.

25. Various packaging, manuals, carton.

If you have a problem, you can ask customer service on the e -commerce platform, and you will not read such a complicated manual.

26. Uttle all the advertising emails.

27. Software that can’t be used once in several months.

28. Watch that does not go to the word, the hook clock at home.

I bought a hanging watch and couldn’t see a few years.

29. Tablecloths and table cushions that have never been used.

These things look beautiful, but it’s hard to take care of it.

30. Various shapes, special feature tableware and kitchenware.

31. Various low -frequency small appliances.

For example, yogurt machines, bread machines, juicers, can not be used several times a year, and they are troublesome when they use it, and they also take a lot of sugar.

32. You need to spend a lot of clothes to take care of, and some clothes need special shelves. Each time you have to wash it, you need to iron it.


Buying clothes is comfortable and happy, not tossing you.

33. Any bad shoulder bag or backpack.

Some bags are really difficult to open, or they have to operate on both hands, which is troublesome to use.

34. Expired magazine.

35. You, children’s textbooks.

Many people have graduated from college, and they still have the textbooks in elementary school. They are called nostalgic. In fact, they have never read it, and a few boxes of books are too located.

36. Seasoning that has not been used up in three years.

37. Toys that children do not need.

38. The sheets do not want to shop at all.

39. The roots of the movie you have watched, tickets for the tourist area you have visited.

I used to be so nostalgic before, and later I found that I forgot to have these tickets at all.

40. Empty flower pot, empty bird cage.

Either plant flowers, or raise birds, or throw it away.

41. Annestal friend.

Friends bring happiness, not disgusting you. Such friends should bravely break their friends, no matter how good the relationship was before.

42. Various trials.

43. The belt that does not fit.

44. For decorative candles, if you used to be useless, you will not use it in the future.

45. Your schedule.

Most people don’t need this thing at all.


46. ​​Alarm clock, business card, business card clip.

You have a mobile phone now, wake up friends!

47. The drawer is waiting for your big needle.

48. Various useless bookmarks.

If you need it, it is enough to fold a corner. I never need a bookmark.

49. Shoes, hats, and scarves that have not been used for several years.

Then you won’t wear it all your life.

50. A person who doesn’t love you, there is no need to keep all his traces, reminding you not to be loved.

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Author: Axiu, attacking Axiu.

Picture source: panorama vision

Picture source: panorama vision

Picture source: panorama vision

Picture source: panorama vision