A must -have skirt in autumn and winter! The upper body is beautiful, too thin


Good afternoon, it’s time for another annual writing

Thick skirt

The moment! Girls who are familiar with me should know that I can be regarded as a senior skirt enthusiast haha ​​~


After all, as a single product, the skirt can enter

Wear in a cool weather

, Retreat and be directly

With a thick jacket, solve the internal trouble with one click.


It can be said that if you want to save your heart in autumn and winter, it is necessary to have a few skirts in the wardrobe!

However, although the skirt is very “central air conditioner”, after all,


Thousands of styles, once the style does not match, sometimes it will turn over


Not to mention, there are autumn and winter wanting to take into account both “keep warm” and “fashionable”. As a result,

Big skirt blessing directly becomes a small dwarf



Therefore, the senior enthusiasts in this skirt are time to share with you for so many years


Skirts, skirts


Tips. Want autumn and winter

Take care of warmth and fashion


Then you must look down on this article

Let’s talk about the selection of skirts first! In fact, it is not difficult. To put it, choosing a skirt and stepping on the mine is not the right. And most of this is because everyone doesn’t understand


Positioning style from fabric, version and color, printing



Look at the version, look at the fabric

Take the simplest fabric, whether it is soft or hard, and the style of presentation is completely different.

The softer the fabric skirt, the sweeter, and the harder the fabric will feel, the cooler it will be



This is why everyone wants to choose when we want to wear a sweet sense.

Chiffon, knitted

This kind of soft fabric; and when wearing a cool feeling, it is replaced by it

Suit, wool


This kind of hard model.

There is also a decisive factor in the skirt style.

It is strong and the soil, the probability is that the version is not selected right

Symbly design elements, complex design elements,

There are many rounds of round lines, which are sweet; and the styles with many straight lines will be more neat and cool

, Also more suitable for large skeleton girls

Some girls may still not understand the lines. You can look at this picture, and you can understand that the lines in “Sweet” and what is the cool line that represents cool.

This is why the skirt stepped on the mines in our beginning. The large skeleton is a stiff square face, wearing a lace+wood ear … but the sweet skirt is not conflicting with the figure and face ~


Picture source:@图 啊 图



Definitely sweet or cool according to color, printing

Of course, in addition to judging from the version and fabric, the skirt

Color and printing

It is also an additional condition to determine the style.


Like a light -colored skirt, it is not so strong to wear in autumn and winter, it will be suitable for sweet -looking girls, and dark colors are biased towards cool -footed style.

Seeing the same frame diagram will be clearer, the same skirt, light and dark, is it obvious?

Light color style is fresher and sweet

If you love to wear a solid color skirt, it is enough to judge the above. But if you want to get some tricks, you have to pay attention to printing.

It’s not difficult, you just think about it

Sweet wind

Is the first to the mind that appears in my mind?




Wild, cool, abstract geometric patterns and leopard patterns

Of course, the first choice.

So when you summarize the above points, the style of the skirt can be steadily grasped

For example, if you are a small skeleton or a sweet girl with a soft facial features, you can grab the skirt


Soft fabric+floral+light color system these keywords


at the same time,

Straight line+stiff fabric


(Similar to thick hair, leather)

+Dark color

It is very suitable for a capable big woman. The proper aura is one meter eight.

After speaking, let’s talk about the troubles that you are very concerned about warmth and fashion.

I want me to say, this is the simplest, as long as you grasp it


The length and matching of the skirt

Not a problem

Boot boots, fast and warm -seeking high artifacts

Wearing a skirt in autumn and winter, you can’t lose warmth, otherwise it will become a veritable “beautiful frozen man”.




It has become a semi -permanent match formula for my autumn and winter skirts, and sometimes I can hide autumn pants in the boots.

However, when using this group of gold CP, be sure to pay attention

“Connection” of skirts and boots


Because the whole set of wear is over, it is easy to form a visual center there. If the boots and skirts just “hit”, the connection will become eye -catching and swelling.


Therefore, when wearing a skirt+boots


The length of the skirt hem and the boots are staggered

Either between the two

Show a little calf

Either skirt


Cover the boots directly

(But it is best to stop at the ankle 3-5cm height, so it is not easy to show short).

Of course, it has a certain relationship with the width of the boots.

When wearing a skirt and boots, if you pile a wrinkled leather, you will fall into the center of gravity, which is short and fat, and a little bit sloppy.

Especially this kind of socks and boots that are very popular this year, the center of gravity is about to be grounded, not to mention higher

Therefore, we simply treat the boots as the role of bottom pants, choose


Leg -legged boots

, Will not show procrastination.

Such as this

Slightly soft leather

When you buy, measure your legs and keep

Boot cylinder circumference is 2cm larger than the leg circumference

The left and right are very suitable. It is very good to put on the legs with the legs and will not be fat.

I really ca n’t pick the right boots. The most Easy method is to choose Martin boots style.

Finally, pay attention to the toe, and I have told you before

The more dull the toe, the more bulky it is

Essence Naturally, the less it is suitable for the thick skirts of autumn and winter, otherwise it will be easy to look



According to me, the most suitable thing is

Round -in -the -Belt Fang Fang Boat

, Softening round and pointed, light and clumsy take the right degree, it is comfortable to wear if you are not picking people!

Picture source@图 图 I want to travel

At the same time, it can also adapt to most of the skirt style. Girls can prepare with those who want to match thick skirts.

Put on pantyhose, the depression temperature is won


After talking about the boots, let’s talk about the pantyhose under the skirt and boots!


I believe that many girls wear less skirts in winter, and there must be a reason for cold. No, there are socks of different thickness, but skirts are casually wear, and the wind and temperature are available!

However, the color of the pantyhose that inadvertently leaked between the skirt and the boots. Although it is small, it is extremely harmful, and it is easy to wear the feeling of the “urban -rural combination”.

So, I recommend the most insurance

Black, gray and brown


This kind of neutral color will not make mistakes. Not only can it be versatile in autumn and winter, it can also be thinner.


But! Be careful

The harmony of pantyhose and whole set


Otherwise, it is easy to wear “bamboo legs”



black Brown

Pantyhose match


Dark dress

grey White


Light -colored wear

, Avoid the whole set of LOOK that looks like the color is separated.

I recommend using black pantyhose with the same color shoes and dark skirts. It can easily make visual poor visual to quietly pull the legs.

Picture source@图 图 图, Xiaoli


In addition, try to choose the thickness of the meat, too thin, it is equivalent to not wearing, and there is a sense of cheapness.




It belongs not to light,


It will keep warm.


Wear “there is light and heavy” and easily say goodbye

Whether it is a skirt or a coat, remember to keep the whole look light and heavy, and it does not look unbalanced.

“Heavy”+”heavy” is easy to be too hard


Like a rough rod wool itself, it is very heavy, and then match the woolen skirt. The thick boots are like a cylinder.

So, on the matching items

To hold the “weight” of each single product


It’s important!

The correct way is

There is at least one lightweight sensor in the whole body


, Reduce the weight of the whole body, like a thick coat with a lightweight chiffon skirt, it is not easy to show bloated

If the skirt is a woolen skirt with a sense of weight, the coat is appropriate or shorter to reduce the sense of weight.




Remember the length of the jacket at all times

The little girl who wants to wear warmth in autumn and winter can also choose long skirts, but in addition to paying attention to the “severity” of the single product, remember to remember

Internal and external lengths are staggered


Like a long jacket with a long skirt, skirt and coat, basically say goodbye to the height, if

Receive one length


, Form the gap, don’t you just look high right away

However, it must be noted that the skirt is best to avoid the knee skirt when wearing a jacket, otherwise the whole person will be cut into two shorts and shorts, which shows short legs.

The correct method is to increase the length of the skirt and reduce the length of the jacket, so that the upper and lower proportions of the balance can be significantly higher.

Well, this autumn and winter skirts are talked about here. It can be said that I have told you that I have chosen skirts for many years. Haha, I hope you can learn!

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