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Today, I specialize in the issues of resources.

Although I have said many times before, there is no way, there are too many people asking.

There are nice one, and there are not nice.


Where is the resource?

Send the picture without planting, XX 10,000 people stab …

I want to see, but I don’t know where I can see it?


Having said so much, don’t you tell the resources?


It must be reiterated:

The movie that is being released in the courtyard, going to the cinema is our only suggestion.


What we call “resources” refers to the non -theaters and overseas TV series.

So, we had to “curve the curve to save the country” –

Tell you how to find resources.

The content of this tutorial is very detailed, not only listed some resource websites, but even how to search, how to save to Baidu Cloud, how to download it with Thunder, and the difference between embedded subtitles and internal subtitles … all explained one by one.

If you don’t know the existence of this tutorial, hurry up and take a look.

In fact, it is so difficult to find resources. As long as you save one or two resource websites, enter the name of the film, click search, and you ca n’t take a minute to find a movie.


Of course, collecting one or two resource websites is not a perfect strategy, maybe they are “cool” someday.

You also have to collect some BT search websites, magnetic search websites, subtitle group websites, etc. to prepare from time to time. (Although at present, one or two resource websites are enough.)

It sounds like starting to get trouble again …

But this is nothing.


If you want to get a more free perspective, you have to accept this trouble.

Find a channel



General classic and popular movies are available on major mainstream video websites. like:

Tencent, Youku, iQiyi, Sohu, LeTV, etc.

Watch method: Watch the webpage online.



Unpopular, latest movies, and some non -theater lines, non -mainstream movies, and British, American, Japanese and Korean dramas, etc., can be obtained through online disk search engines and some film and television resource websites.

Watching method: Generally, you need to go online to the network disk, or to watch it after downloading.

Recommendation of film and television resource websites:


Look at the house:

Free cinema:

Sissi theater:

Baidu Cloud/Thunder Download


Fat Bird Movie:

Chase HD:

Renren Subtitle Group:


80s Film Paradise:

Seeing this, you have become a resource emperor, and you can find more than 99%of resources.



God level

Foreign resource websites have fast updates, but often do not have Chinese subtitles, suitable for ashes with good English.

Resource website:



Subtitle website:

Sub hd subtitle station:

Subtitle library:

Pseudo Sagittarius:

● Supplement special site:

S three, The main 3D resource

Documentary House, the richest documentary resource site

● Skills of resource search:


1. Some movies have many title names. You may not be able to search for a title. You can try a few more.


Domestic websites are mainly searching for Chinese names, and foreign webs are mainly searching for foreign language names. And all the title of the film can be found in the corresponding Douban entry. Of course, the IMDB entry is also available.


For example, the film “Unbearable Lovers”, you can search for “love house”, “lakeside hut”, “love letter to jump over time and space” …

2. Some Chinese films with the same name can be added to the later years to facilitate distinction.

For example, if you want to find Kirk’s “Stunning”, you can search for “Stunning 1960”, or search the title “Psycho 1960”.

In addition, if you want to find a high -definition, you can: “Film+720p/1080p/Blu -ray” and other suffix.

Download and play

1. How to watch Baidu Cloud Seeds on a mobile phone?

1. Enter Baidu Cloud, find the seeds you just saved, click, and then select the movie you want to download according to the prompts, choose a folder to save.


1. [Baidu Cloud Offline]: For users who are used to using Baidu network disk

1. Select the movie you want to download and right -click on the title of magnetic, eDP, FTP download area link, and select the link address on the pop -up right -click menu (if your browser does not have the “Copy link address” option, please click on click Attribute and then copy the link address.)

If you use the mobile phone you use, long press the download link title will pop up the following window, different browser option names may be different:

2. Log in to Baidu network disk,-> Click offline download,-> Click the new link task

3. Paste the copied link into the input box, click OK

Select the movie file you want to download, click “Start Download”

4. After the network disk check is correct, you can start playing online



Baidu Cloud is not 100%successful. The premise that can be offline is that this magnetic or eDonkey corresponding video has been downloaded before and uploaded Baidu Cloud. Therefore, the possibility of the success of new films or new seeds and eDonics is relatively low. For the seeds of packaging TV dramas, only part of the seeds are partially out. These situations are not the problem of seeds. It is recommended to use download to solve it.


2. [Thunder, 115, UTORRENT download]

If your network speed is slow, or you like to download before you can enjoy it, you can choose the software to download

1. Generally, after you click the download link, Xunlei will automatically pop up the download box as shown below

Wait a few seconds to pop up the specific information of the movie, select the file you want to download, you can download it.

2. If there is no automatic pop -up download box, copy the link address

Then click “New” in Thunder Software, paste the link into the download box, and can also download

The third step, the movie video playback

3.1 [Recommended by player]: POTPLAYER or perfect decoding (currently many × 265 and HEVC codes such as QQ player cannot be played normally)

3.2 [Subtitles]

3.2.1 Embedded subtitles


Also known as “hard subtitles”, the simplest one is the most year -round. Subtitles sneak into videos. No matter what the situation is, as long as you open and play, you can directly display the subtitles;

3.2.2 Inner seal/Inner hanging subtitles

This kind of subtitles are also encapsulated in the downloaded video, but it is not like an embedded subtitles, but the video suppression staff put the subtitles and videos that adjust the timeline in the same video file. Manually calls, generally encapsulates multiple subtitles, such as simplified, traditional, Chinese and English subtitles, etc. You can also set the source of subtitles without displaying subtitles. The subtitles can set fonts and colors according to personal habits. , CNSCG, TLF, Wiki, etc. are all internal subtitles, and this subtitles can be extracted separately.


Special reminder: This kind of subtitles can not be displayed by Baidu Cloud playback, downloading to the local player can be played normally.

3.2.3 external subtitles

As the name suggests, it is an independent subtitle file.

Common formats: SRT/SSA/ASS, graphic formats such as IDX+SUB, SUP, of which SSA and ASS are special effects subtitles.


Special reminder:

In these subtitles, only SRT subtitles can be matched online; graphic subtitles SUP only supports POTPlayer or perfectly decoder player, and other players cannot be used; IDX+SUB subtitles must be downloaded together Put in the same folder, and the naming of the two files must be the same, otherwise it will not be used normally.


Regardless of the format subtitles, use the mouse to drag the subtitles (IDX+SUB subtitles as long as you support SUB) to the video where the player is playing.