Five children’s common home risks, many parents do not know how to prevent scientifically?


The winter vacation is coming, and the children have a lot of time to spend at home. As a shelter, the home has blocked most of the dangers for the child, but also

There are some objects that may hurt children,


requires attention.


What are the common risks of children’s homes? How to prevent it? Dad’s evaluation will help you summarize, and check the inspection before the winter vacation!

1. socket, plug -in board

See if there is such an old one in your home

Universal plugging board!

This kind of socket without electricity protection is a disaster to meet a curious baby!

Previously, there was a news that “2 -year -old boy inserted the key into the socket and was crying.” Many netizens also commented on their childhood shock experience below.

If you want your children not to be called, parents should choose

Anti -electrostatic socket,

That is the new national standard socket.

If there are some old sockets that cannot be changed for the time being, you can also use it

The socket protection cover.

Second, desiccant

Some children eat






Desicida will be kept fresh. Children sometimes mistakenly think that these desiccants can also be eaten.

There were fans for help because their children were eating desiccants by mistake.


In this case, parents need

Clarify the type of desiccant and deal with it in time.

For mistakes,


It is more important than processing afterwards. We want to tell children that the desiccant is not a toy, nor a food. The excess desiccant at home should be thrown away in time.

Third, drawer cabinet


After speaking, some small pieces, let’s take a look at the large pieces of the home. Some children

Like climbing high,


The drawer cabinet is a suitable climbing object.

At this time, if the cabinet fell, the child was pressed under.

The famous Swedish home brand has recalled the drawer cabinet due to dumping hidden dangers.

After buying such a drawer cabinet, there must be on the back or side of the cabinet

Install a fixed device,

The manufacturers of general cabinets are equipped.

In addition, we can also install

The drawer is safe,

One anti -clamping hand, two definition climbing.


Fourth, drawer cabinet

In addition to climbing high, human cubs like cats and boxes like cats. They will hide when they are caught


Lockers, toy boxes, washing machines.

However, these narrow spaces may turn the hide -and -seek into a fatal game.


Love to play is the nature of children. We must protect the nature and emphasize that danger is around.

Can’t get into the cabinet to play casually.

At the same time, the cabinets that are not commonly used at home can also consider locking.

Five, bed

The baby has to sleep for 16 to 18 hours in bed a day. In order to take care of the children’s convenience, many novice parents will sleep with their children. Studies can show that many babies diagnosed as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) are

Sleeping and/or the unexpected asphyxia caused by the soft object on the bed with adults.

From a security perspective, it is best to sleep in the baby

Flat and strong cribs.


If the mother and baby must be in the same bed, the child needs to keep the pillow, sheets, and blankets that may cause suffocation, avoid pets or other children to sleep on the bed to ensure that the child will not fall off the bed.


Growing up healthy and safely is the greatest expectation of each parent for their children. As the first person to bring the child to know this world first, in addition to telling them to explore the beauty of new things, they also have to

Constantly emphasize the danger in life,

Help the child add a safe lock.

We never refuse children’s continuous exploration of the new world, but there may be some small “beasts” hidden here. When our children are too late to cope,

Parents are more attentive and have more protection.


Finally, we are ready


Home risk self -check list,

Parents can check home inspections-

A egg:

Earlier, Dad’s evaluation has repeatedly emphasized that Buck (magnetic beads) are not suitable for children’s contact, and may cause harm to children by mistake.

With our unremitting efforts, the online shopping platform has added consumption prompts on the page to remind parents

Magnetic beads are not suitable for children to play.

We are a dad who always protects children.

Forward, like

, Make children safe at home for the winter vacation.