HIFI headset’s wireless partner -Fi Ao UTWS5 real wireless Bluetooth ear hanging


Fi Ao has made a lot of headset products in recent years, but it focuses more on the field of wired HIFI headphones. On the TWS real wireless headset currently consumer electronics market fire, Fi Ao only tried the water on entry -level products. But on the other hand, Fei Ao did not stop thinking about how to help listening to the wired HIFI headset in his hands to be wireless. After the launch of the real wireless Bluetooth ear hanging in 2019 and 2020, Fei Ao brought another new series UTWS5 in 2021. Compared with previous products, the upgrade of UTWS5 can be said to be comprehensive.

Product specification


Bluetooth chip: Qualcomm QCC5141


DAC chip: AK4332

Code format: SBC, AAC, APTX, AptX Adaptive

Bluetooth version: 5.2

Endurance time:> 30 hours (8 hours in a single headset, 3 ~ 4 times charging boxes)

Standby time: 200H

Output power: 33MW (32Ω), 53MW (16Ω)


Base noise: <4 μV

Signal ratio: 109db (a)

Protection level: IPX4

Charging interface: USB-C, wireless charging

Headphone interface: expansion MMCX, 0.78mm (launched later)

Single ear hanging weight: about 8G (excluding earphones)


Reference price: 699 yuan


UTWS5 continues the shape of UTWS3 in appearance, but in order to facilitate distinction, it has changed in some details. The “FIIO” logo of the charging box is changed from ordinary silk to the “nickel tablet glue” process, and the visual effect is more three -dimensional and eye -catching; the logo color on the ear hangs has also changed from the previous white to gold. UTWS5 still provides versions of two interfaces of MMCX and 0.78mm, and the latter will be slightly more listed. The two ear -mounted joints also include the “red right blue left” logo commonly used by Fei Ao, which is easier to find the corresponding unit when connecting with its own headset.

▲ The logo color on the UTWS5 ear changes from the white of UTWS3 to gold


Compared with the fine -tuning appearance, the inner changes of UTWS5 have a huge change. The most important upgrade comes from two places. One is that the Bluetooth chip is upgraded to Qualcomm QCC5141, and the other is to add an independent DAC chip AK4332. QCC5141 Based on the latest Bluetooth 5.2 specifications, it is more important to support Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound, which is Snapdragon Shopping Technology, which makes UTWS5 support APTX Adaptive wireless coding technology, which can play 96kHz/24bit high -definition audio. APTX Adaptive we have previously introduced it. It combines the advantages of APTX HD with high -code and high -sound quality and low -code -low -yield lower -sound quality APTX Lossless. It can adapt to adjust the sound quality and delay after the connection of the device connection.

▲ UTWS5’s ear hanging also uses the “Left Blue and Right Red” logo commonly used on Fei Ao headphones


QCC5141 also brings TWS Mirroring technology, which enables the two ear 5 ear hanging in UTWS5 to switch flexibly when used: for example In the case of poor radio frequency connection, this technology can ensure that this switching is automatic and seamless. Users cannot feel it, and there will only be a stable and reliable wireless sound experience.


UTWS5 is also the world’s first independent (external) Bluetooth ear hanging. Other similar products use integrated chips. It can be said that Fei Ao uses the player architecture on an ear -mounted product. The external DAC needs to be powered by independent power supply, so UTWS5 is more excellent in terms of related performance: compared to the original Bluetooth integrated chip, its distortion is distorted. From -85.4DB to -97DB, the distortion of the sound was reduced by about 4 times; the signal-to-noise ratio increased from 100DBA to 109DBA, an increase of about 3 times; the dynamic range increased from 100dB to 107DB, an increase of more than double; The output power is greatly improved, especially the power under 16Ω impedance is directly increased from 30MW to 53MW, an increase of about 77%. It can be said that the Bluetooth ear hanging that can provide such a surging power is quite rare in the current market and is more conducive to exerting the potential of HIFI headphones.

▲ The charging box of UTWS5 is relatively large. It can be charged through USB-C wired, and also supports wireless charging.


UTWS5 is still equipped with a larger charging box with a large inner cavity of aluminum alloy, which can adapt to headphones of different sizes and UTWS5 at the same time. The battery life of UTWS5 has been increased to 8 hours. The charging box can be charged 3 to 4 times for it, and the overall battery life exceeds 30 hours. In addition, in addition to charging the charging box through the USB-C interface, the wireless charging method is added. It has a charging coil at the bottom and a wireless charging base to obtain a more convenient charging experience.

▲ UTWS5’s clothing and comfort when worn by UTWS5 are good and stable.

The stability of the TWS headset is one of the key factors that affect the experience of the use experience. I use FD7 to connect to UTWS5 for wearing experience. First of all, its comfort is good. The light nano -coating on the surface is delicate. The memory metal in the ear hanging is good. After wearing the headset, it can also easily adjust the ear hanging to make it more convincing. The existence of the ear hanging is not stronger than that of wired headphones. It is evenly distributed evenly, which will not make people feel that there will be obvious pressure somewhere in the ears.

▲ The internal space of the charging box is very large, which can adapt to headphones of different sizes and store it at the same time as UTWS5.

Secondly, its wearing stability is very good. I deliberately stay up and down headsets in the upper and lower heads can also be steadily staying in the ears. It will not loosen. In terms of stability, the ear -hanging design surpasses most TWS headphones. Of course, in terms of weight, the combination of UTWS5+FD7 is still heavier than the TWS headset, but I think it is acceptable. Out of the street and commuting will not bring a clear burden. I also try to wear this combination during jogging. The overall stability is still excellent, and it will not make people have to regulate its impulse. UTWS5 has the IPX4 standard waterproof design. It is no problem to cope with the sweat in the movement. However, considering that the headset with its headset does not necessarily have waterproofing effects, and most of them are matched with UTWS5 Use during exercise.


Users can set various settings and firmware upgrades to UTWS5 on their mobile phones through FIIO CONTROL or Fi Ao Music APP. Among them, the audio -related options include the separate adjustment of ear -sorting volume, prompt volume, and call volume, each with 32 levels, and the APP regulating earlike volume and mobile phone volume are independent. That is to say, users can be more detailed Ground control volume. In addition, the user can also change the function of the ear hanging in the APP. It provides three sets of key function combinations. Users can choose the group that is most suitable for their adaptation habits.

▲ UTWS5 with Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra supporting APTX Adaptive. You can see the word “AptX Adaptive” in the Bluetooth connection interface.


I use UTWS5 to match FD7, and find Xiaomi 11 Ultra that supports APTX Adaptive to connect it through Bluetooth. In the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone, you can see that UTWS5 will keep up with the words “AptX Adaptive”. If you use a mobile phone that does not support AptX Adaptive to connect to UTWS5, the default work is under APTX.

The FD7 is relatively high in the earplugs of Ai Ao, but the UTWS5 driver is easy. FD7 left me a deep impressive sound field performance when I tried it before. When matching UTWS5, it can be displayed better. Although the broadness of the space is slightly convergent, the shape is still very good, the layers are clear, and the positioning is accurate. In terms of sound style, UTWS5 will not bring extra “seasoning” to FD7, and the original sound characteristics of the headset can be presented well. In the FD7’s outstanding mid -to -high frequency part, with UTWS5, its human sound moisturizing and reducing are good, full and vivid, and the inhibitory of the tooth sound remains at a high level. High -frequency has a clean sense of stretching, and the extension is maintained at a good level. Although the degree of fullness of details is slightly discounted, it does not affect the expression of sound charm. Low frequency maintains good elasticity and a certain dive depth, and the sense of volume is not great, but it is enough in setting up the music atmosphere.

In addition, I also watched the video and news programs and played two “Glory of the King”. Even if you pay special attention to the anchor’s mouth in the news program, UTWS5 can ensure that the audio and painting is consistent. In “Peace Elite”, the game sound effects will not be delayed compared to the screen. UTWS5 does well in the delay and stability of wireless transmission.


Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth chip, independent DAC … Fi Ao UTWS5’s comprehensive upgrade allows it to better play the energy of wired HIFI headphones. At the same time, its emergence has greatly expanded the application scenarios of replaceable HIFI headphones. Users no longer need to make choices between convenience and sound quality. Whether in exercise, commuting to get off work, or at home, UTWS5 can allow users to enjoy high -quality music without restraint. And its low latency performance in wireless transmission can also be used as users’ good choices when watching videos and playing games.