Ski skiing is a skiing board as a tool to quickly turn back and slip on the specified hillside line, or to complete the snow competition projects that complete various difficult movements in the air with landslides in the special venue. The sport was considered to be in Michigan, USA, which originated in the 1960s, and it was related to skateboarding and surfing.

At the EV Winter Olympics in 1998, single -board skiing was listed as a formal competition. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics single -board skiing has a total of men and women’s U -shaped venue skills, slope obstacles, parallel big circulation, large platform and obstacle chase, etc. A total of 11 gold medals are generated. Among them The Olympic New Tips. Except for the big jumping competition, the first steel ski jumping platform in the Beijing Division, which is full of “industrial style”, will be held in the Genting Ski Park of the Zhangjiakou Division.

Liu Jiayu is a well -known skiper in China. In March 2007, she won the silver medal in the U -B -shaped Skill Skills of Calgary, Canada. At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, she won the fourth place. On February 7, 2022, Chinese athlete Su Yiming won the silver medal project of the Beijing Winter Olympics Ski Men’s Slope Obstacle Skills Project, creating the history of Chinese single -board ski sports. (Gao Zixuan sorted)

“People’s Daily Overseas Edition” (05th edition of February 11, 2022)

Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition