Novel: I left Shanghai to Dali. Strangers heard that I was going to open the inn and said:


I did not expect that I was far away from Dali, and there was still a temptation of 3,000 kilometers. The salary of a product manager is about twice as much as me before, but in this way, I still can’t afford the house in Shanghai. If you have no house, it is difficult to have love, and once you fall into such a dilemma, the kind of humiliation that lives without dignity is the most terrible and torture.

In the process of thinking about these, I ordered a cigarette, and I was about to suck before returning to Lao Huang’s information: “I don’t want to return to Shanghai, Dali is good.”

“The GDP of Shanghai and Dali is more than 50 times. What does GDP mean? That’s money, Money, Shanghai is the place where gold is golden everywhere.”

After standing on the land of Dali, I had a sense of illusion of half a real and half -dream, so I particularly disgusted Lao Huang and picked up these bloody reality to show me. I did not reply to this information, because I know that there are only a few people who can live very much in Shanghai, where they live in gold, and most of them will leave there after all.


I went out to sit in the empty yard and looked blankly, and I didn’t want to send a message to Yang Sisi. Just wondering in my heart, how to open an inn in a living here.

After 12 o’clock, the Tie Nan returned to the inn, followed by a young man carrying a guitar behind him, and it was probably the stinky horse guidance. Obviously, Director Ma was not as talkative as Tie Nan. He kept the beer in his hand on the table, and stood on the corner of the corner to lit a cigarette.

After him, Tienan also threw a convenient bag of pig’s head on the table, vomiting alcohol and said to me, “Welcome to this decadent, sad, lonely and shameful world. The sorrowful pain, we don’t drink high tonight, not! “

I smiled, and then opened the lid of the beer bottle with a lighter, and handed it to Tienan and Ma in the side. While receiving the beer, Director Ma didn’t know where he took out a bag of peanut rice and threw it on the table.

After drinking half of the wine, the iron man asked me: “You plan to stay in Dali for a long time, what do you want to do?”

“I want to open a inn here.”

The iron man swallowed the wine down, and then asked, “Dude, aren’t you joking with me?”

“No joke, I really came for the passenger.”

After my words were finished, the instructor Ma, who hadn’t spoken much, finally opened: “Open the passenger, sick!”

Tie Nan took the instructions of Ma, and said, “Buddy advised you to quickly dispel the idea of ​​opening the inn. In order to protect Erhai Lake, from last month, Dali Inn had been forcibly suspended for thousands of houses. The government said that it was environmental protection. A buddy in Beijing rented a house on the edge of Erhai Lake and invested 10 million yuan. This was not forced to shut down as soon as it was ready. The house was sold to Dali, and I borrowed a lot of money with relatives and friends. Now I say that they are out of their family, isn’t it? “

There is a while in Dali that has shut down a lot of inn in the seaside. The most famous thing is Yang Liping, who jumping peacock dance, is very design. You can go to the book stalls of the public account tank. You can only look at the photos of the photos of the beautiful scene.

I asked with doubts: “After so many inn, where do tourists come to Dali?”

“There are still some parts of this. I heard that the government encourages large hotels to settle in Dali, and the attitude towards the inn is very vague. So at this time, opening the inn is equivalent to seeking death. You are lucky. After all, the money has not smashed. Go in, otherwise it will really make you lose money. “

I looked back subconsciously and looked at the youth hostel of Tienan. Obviously a dozen rooms, but the lights were blind, and it didn’t look bleak.

In this regard, I can’t comment that the place where I feel that I have been swept by the policy is simply a grassless, and this scene is very deviated with what I imagined before I came. The bustling lights, shining bright …

After a while of silence, I raised the glass to them and thanked them for their reminders, but I was a little disappointed in my heart, and I felt a little disappointed Wang Lei. After I couldn’t come to Dali, I lived like she imagined, transformed myself, and created the inn.

I probably felt my disappointment. The iron man held my shoulder again and said, “Brother, Dali is a place that is not very pressured. We are like a day, and no one will look down on you. Everyone is like this, no one is more noble than anyone else. “

I nodded, and instructor Ma opened at this time: “What can make money in Dali is the grandson who will pretend to be!”

I was surprised, and Ma’s guidance was a bit abrupt. I just inquired about opening the inn, but he talked about the grandson. I feel that he must have the festival with the grandson, because when he said that, he felt almost unable to control his anger.

Tienan didn’t answer, and I would not ask more. I am not a person who likes to expose other people’s scars. Everyone seemed to be in a mood, drank a boring wine, and the first night in Dali, I drank high.

In the morning of Dali, it came later than Shanghai. It woke up at six o’clock, and the genius was bright. It was clear that it was midsummer, but it was cool.

After washing, I left the inn in the sound of Ma in the guidance and Tienan. Hundreds of meters across the inn are Erhai Lake. I sat down on a reef. The light was very dark. Only the sound of the tide was cooperating with my mind, and it should be fictional. A little smelly smelly in the distance also shows that this is indeed a lake that needs to be treated.

In a world without recovery, there is a vague helpless helplessness. I don’t seem to be here. I can’t choose the 190,000 left by Wang Lei at this time, and the reckless smashing into Dali is very turbulent. I am a person who is eager to get happy, but sitting on the sea of ​​Erhai Sea, I can’t always be so idle.

Gradually, dawn came. I feel the same mood, the same posture, until I see what color and variety of grass and trees in the distance. Thinking, thinking, a white cruise ship carrying a guest drove past me and swayed a circle of water waves. Then I saw the mountains opposite the sea. It was very beautiful. I unknowingly entered a state of empty state, and no longer care about how many lives have been splurked in the morning.

“Uncle, have you found the place where you live?”

It turned out to be a WeChat from Yang Sisi, which really meant to vote for the net.

I immediately returned the message to her: “I must find it, have you found it?”

“you guess.”

“I am not a tapeworm in your stomach, how can I guess.”

Yang Sisi sent a bunch of smiley faces, and then shifted the topic again, saying, “Uncle, let’s play a game … If I can find you before eating meals, you promise me something? I arrived. “

“Don’t just kidding, do you know how big Dali is?”

“Of course I know, so you won’t suffer this matter, because I basically have no chance of winning.”

“Okay, if you can’t find me before eating at noon?”

“I invite you to dinner.”


“Then come to find it.”

“Okay, you can only stay in place from now on, if you deliberately create difficulties for me, you are a dog.”

“What if I want to pee?”


I looked at the dialogue and smiled, ordered a cigarette, waiting for this little sheep who voted for the net. I am very puzzled, where she came from, so she would find me.

I didn’t let myself idle, and I have been looking for a house suitable for the inn in my mobile phone. In order to avoid strong ultraviolet rays, I transferred to a tree in order to avoid strong ultraviolet rays and continue to find.

I think that although the inn has closed a lot of environmental protection, there is no policy to say that it is not allowed. On the other hand, the prospect of the inn is worrying that I have the opportunity to take over the inn in the special period of this person’s heart.

In recent years, I have saved a total of ten thousand dollars, and the 190,000 given by Wang Lei, barely enough for 300,000. By preliminary understanding on the Internet, I can take care of a small inn.

It is noon after sorting some of the collected house information to the mobile phone memorandum. Unlike the morning, the number of tourists on the side of Erhai Lake increased significantly. Some people rode a big turtle motorcycle, some drove convertible jeep, and more were the rented four -wheeled electric vehicle. These colorful transportation, like a beaded bead, turns around Erhai, as if wearing a string of flowing colored necklaces for Erhai Lake.

A group of wanderers came from the dock not far away. There was a tent next to the white building, while selling beer to sing for tourists. Tienan said, when the sky is cold, the seagull will fly back from the north, and the Erhai Lake is really beautiful at that time. But at this time, I felt very beautiful! I even want to go to a stray singer to buy beer and listen to them to sing a little closer.

I almost forgot to bet with Yang Sisi until I saw her land patrol from a distance from the distance. I really see ghosts! Not to mention the ancient city, just walk around Erhai Lake, and there are more than 100 kilometers. I really don’t know how she found it.