How does the TV cabinet make more beautiful? Combined with the TV wall, the on -site customization is very advanced


The TV cabinet is a big furniture in the living room. Because it is placed on the TV wall, it has a vital impact on the style and effect of the entire living room space. In the past, the matching of the TV cabinet was generally buying a finished TV cabinet, but this kind of TV cabinet is more difficult to achieve harmonious unification with the overall style of the living room. As people’s requirements for decoration style are getting higher and higher, customized according to the on -site hard decoration to customize the on -site hard decoration to customize the on -site hard decoration to customize the on -site hard decoration to customize the on -site hard decoration to customize the on -site hard decoration to customize it to customize the on -site installation. The design of the TV cabinet can make more advanced results and become more and more popular.

1. Custom cabinets on both sides+intermediate embedded TV cabinets

In this case, the TV cabinet is still buying a finished TV cabinet, but it is optimistic about the corresponding styles (size and color) before the decoration, and then reserved sufficient size during the decoration, and put on both sides with the TV cabinet. The custom cabinet with consistent style makes the space style uniform and the effect is high -level.

▲ Customized storage display cabinet on both sides, an integral style of finished TV cabinet in the middle, to achieve unique and high -end beauty.

2. Stone floor table+custom TV cabinet

Making the entire TV wall into a custom TV cabinet is now a more popular approach. The basis of the overall customization TV cabinet is added below. The combination of marble and custom cabinet can make the TV wall appear practical and fashionable High -end.

▲ The entire TV wall is installed as a custom cabinet, and the marble floor is added to the bottom.

3. Wooden table+custom TV wall


The entire TV wall is based on the custom cabinet of wood color, adding wooden texture to the bottom, maintaining a unified texture with the entire TV wall, bringing a natural and simple atmosphere.

▲ Wooden custom TV wall is used as a TV cabinet, adding consistent wooden tables to the bottom.


4. Hanging wooden TV cabinet

The wooden shelves installed in the air are used as a TV cabinet. You can put a storage basket below and the top can be placed on the top. The entire TV wall is simple and elegant, and it is also a minimalist and high -end design.


▲ Wooden shelves are installed in the air to make the TV wall concise and generous.


5. Wooden Taiwan TV Cabinet

According to the width of the TV wall, customized a wooden platform as a TV cabinet below, and the vertical customized storage display cabinet can be appropriately added to the side. The effect of the entire space is also quite high -level, suitable for simple -style living room design.

▲ Wooden -textured custom -made platform brings a simple and comfortable visual sense.


6. Stone floor TV cabinet

In addition to the wooden floor, marble materials are used as a platform TV cabinet, with a bright and stylish texture, combined with the overall modern and high -end soft furnishings, and placed in the modern living room, which can also bring gorgeous and advanced grade.

▲ Marble -based platform TV cabinet, fashionable and generous.


7, fireplace shape+platform TV cabinet


On the TV wall, a fireplace shape is installed under the fireplace. The decoration and green plants can be set on the floor. Such a unique design is a bold attempt for modern American style.

▲ Fire furnace shape+marble floor, unique matching design.

8. Marble floor with drawers

Generally, marble as a floor TV cabinet, basically the entire floor is covered by stone. If you want to improve the practicality of the platform TV cabinet, you can also use marble as the material of the countertop and the side, and then on the ground. The drawers are installed inside the table to make the TV cabinet look practical and stylish.

▲ The platform TV cabinet with a marble appearance is beautiful and practical after the drawer is installed.

9. Hanging stone TV cabinet

Based on stone, green plants and small accessories can be placed on the countertop, and on the stage, the floor can be cleaned up, storage of small items, etc., so that the TV wall can be fashionable and high -end.

▲ Dali -made TV cabinet, suspended installation looks minimalist and fashionable.

The nine TV cabinets designed above are customized TV cabinets based on the scene and decoration style. Through customized design, the TV wall style is harmonious and unified, making the entire living room full of high -end and elegant temperament. Among the 9 designs introduced above, which one do you like? May wish to talk about the comment area!