Yi Nengjing “Summer in winter”, the hair collar coat with ultra -short pants exposed thighs, the legs are thin enough to support the boots


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This year’s winter seems to be very long. Compared with the past, everyone likes to wear a dumplings in winter.

The current trend of fashion seems to be popular in the upper body, but the lower body shows her legs, so as to create a visual sense of visual.

However, we need to pay attention to it when wearing it like this.

There is no shortage of small actresses in the fashion circle. Among them, Yi Nengjing can be said to be the actress who loves to “exposed legs”, because this can lengthen the proportion of legs and also look fashionable.

A set of airport styling about her also shows us how to shape the winter fashionable shape that is not afraid of cold.

She revealed her legs, and she seemed that the whole person was both tall and not wrapped into a “dumplings” shape. Let me follow me to analyze what the shape she rely on her shape to build If you have a sense of advanced, please look down.

One: Analysis of Yineng Jing’s winter fashionable modeling

1: Use the slimming feeling of a coat to avoid bloated effects


The most bright combination of Yi Nengjing’s shape is on her coat, all netizens

Knowing that the important reason why most people look wearing a bit bloated in winter is because the choice of jackets is mainly down jackets or cotton jackets. s reason.

Therefore, it is recommended to consider this coat -style velvet jacket like Yi Nengjing. Why is this coat -style jacket so temperamental?

An important reason is that it has a high -level hair collar that specializes in the sense of nobleness. The version of this coat is also relatively close. It is not too fat, and the overall shape looks very self -cultivation.

2: Inner clothing

Yi Nengjing itself is a small man, but even if such a naked coat is wearing her body, she did not shorten her proportions. Instead, the whole person looked like he tall. There are a certain amount of kung fu on the up and down, and the upper body is a gray tight bottoming shirt.

As a pair of denim super shorts, the best way to lengthen the height is to reveal the thighs, and Yi Nengjing is to match with a pair of boots under super shorts, but I do n’t know if her figure is too slender, so many netizens make many netizens It means that the boots are not fully affixed with the calf, and a small piece is empty, but it does not affect the sense of fashion.

3: Four -color matching method

If you want to create a sense of fashion, you need to consider the color combination of dressing when dressing. If you wear it colorful, you will only make your wear a little bit of the point. It is difficult to reflect the sense of fashion.


Yi Nengjing is deserved to be a capableist, and one single product is four colors


They are gray, blue, black, and green. The combination of these four colors belongs to the dark color matching. The high -level sense of the overall presence is full, and they are not old -fashioned at all!

Moreover, the combination of dark and light color will look more layered in the shape of the whole body. It will not be too uniform and monotonous. It will also make her shape richer in color, which will be much better than the combination of the same color system.

4: Use accessories to increase color

In this shape of Yi Nengjing, there is a accessories that enhance the fashion sense in the overall shape, which is her sunglasses.


The size of this sunglasses is large, which has a good effect of modifying the face shape, making Yi Nengjing’s face look much smaller.

Two: Attention points for creating winter fashionable styling

1: The version of the coat

As the hottest item in winter this year, coats have all kinds of differences in the version. Some girls will choose a more “hypertrophic” coat with a mentality that wants to be thin. Because Asian women’s skeletons are relatively small,

It will be a bit like a “dragon robe” on the body. Not only is it difficult to show thin, it will also make you look fat. On the contrary Good lean effect is easy to support.

2: Use boots to pull the legs

High boots are thin tools in the winter shape. Compared with sneakers or thick puffy shoes, it can show the temperament of women. It can present a strong sense of advanced, and it can show a strong fashionable atmosphere with any item.

When you choose high boots, you can also consider high boots made of bright -faced leather materials. Wearing it will be more trendy, more eye -catching, and enhance the exquisiteness of the overall shape.



No wonder Yi Nengjing’s clothing has always been praised by many netizens! This set of “exposed legs” in winter was very fashionable by her, and the whole person looked noble and good! Also show a special figure,

If netizens who also want to try “exposed legs” in winter, you may also refer to her set!


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