Jilin: minus 30 degrees, girls wearing stockings high heels to drift, bluntly: not cold at all


Girls love beauty is a kind of nature. Getting confidence with the beauty of clothes and the beauty of appearance. No matter where you go, you must dress carefully and appear in people’s sight with the best attitude.

Some girls’ beauty of beauty is deeply ingrained, and the usual moves are dazzling. Even in the winter, in order to show a better figure, she is thin, and the grace should not be warm.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that in a scenic spot in Changbai Mountain, Jilin, at a low temperature of minus 30 degrees, young girls wore stockings to play. Friends together were worried that she was frozen, but she was not cold at all.

In the winter in the north, you can describe it with ice and snow. When people go out, they will be three layers and three layers inside, wrap themselves tightly.

Jilin’s temperature dropped sharply, and there were heavy snowfall. There were rarely pedestrians on the road. However, in a scenic spot in Changbai Mountain, the temperature was minus 30 degrees, and it was still very lively. The cold weather could not resist the enthusiasm of tourists.

I saw a group of young people drifting in the scenic area. There was a girl, with her legs wearing flesh -colored stockings and thick down jackets on her upper body.


The companion joked and ridiculed: “Such a cold day, I regret wearing stockings, dare to wear it like this”

Girl response: “It’s not cold at all”

According to the girl, her home is in the south. Taking advantage of the holiday, she went to the north with her friends. When she was at home, she was worn like this in winter and never wore cotton pants. I went to the scenic area.

Judging from the girl’s move, wearing gloves with both hands, warm in the top, and a thick hat on her head. Although it is not cold in my mouth, when the body is cold, you can still see a little change.

Some netizens said: The northeast is dry and cold, and the south is wet and cold, and the south is minus 3 degrees. It is colder than minus 30 degrees in the north. I am from the south. I live in the northeast for 5 years. The northern families have heating, where the winter is actually more comfortable than the south. Girls are young and can resist freezing. Maybe she is really not afraid of cold, nothing is worthy of surprise.

Some netizens said: Beautiful women are wearing this, so they come to the scenic area in the north to play drift. I haven’t thought so cold, so I really dare to challenge. It may have been frozen to lose consciousness, without feeling, and not afraid of cold.


The snow scene of Changbai Mountain in Jilin is beautiful, but the temperature is also low. Go there, at least to keep warm. The cold starts from the legs, and the upper body is not used. If the body is frozen, it will still be guilty.

Girls are so cold, and they are fighting for beauty. Wearing drifting in stockings looks different and can reflect the perfect figure, but the surrounding tourists will think it is abnormal, and even dressing. People don’t know how to cherish their bodies.

Now you are young, your body can be carried. When you get a certain age, your body is wrong, and then you regret it too late.


There is a large temperature difference between the south and the north. Especially in winter, when you go to a certain area, you can do a good job in advance, understand the temperature changes there, and prepare the appropriate clothes before going.

Each girl has the right to love beauty, but it is easy to enter the misunderstanding. It is believed that the clothes are worn less to show the perfect figure. Such a girl is actually to show off, satisfy her own vanity, and take her own body. , Not desirable.

What do you think of girls wearing flesh -colored stockings?