How about Byford’s shoes, Byford British leisure leisure bean shoes introduction introduction


Society is developing. Times are progressing. We enjoy high -quality quality of life. Shoes are one of the necessities in everyone’s life. A pair of comfortable and breathable bean shoes for driving men is definitely your best choice! British Fan’s full Byford’s casual shoes. Classic style. The upper uses high -quality head layer cowhide, the leather is delicate, soft and breathable. Pig skin as the inside of the shoe. The delicate leather surface can provide a comfortable walking feeling. Breath and sweats to ensure dry space. Effectively inhibitory and deodorant European trend. Bending polymer compounds. The soles of the shoe have a unique latex back to the convex point, and it feels like a rebound. Whether it is walking or driving, it feels very comfortable and easy.


BYFORD Geoffu Droudou shoes use high -quality cowhide to show delicate and full upper fashion and simple tassel pendant trend design

Fashion Dark blue. Mature and low -key colors. Men loved them. It shows its calmness and classic car line craftsmanship. Pay attention to the details, comfortable, wearing shoe body and sole connection. There is no leakage and flat.

European trend craftsmanship exudes British fashion and texture, the head layer of cowhide soft and comfortable feel

From a visual point of view, the shoes feel thinner and long. But the number of yards is still positive. Usually the domestic brand Okang Red Dragonfly shoes are 41 yards. This 41 yard is just right. Exquisite glossy leather upper. It has good breathable sweats. Provide comfortable space for both feet

The upper brand logo printing is more quality assurance. The workmanship is very detailed, the wiring is uniform, and the coincidence of the soles, the heel and the shoe is quite high, and the feeling of integration.


In order to prevent the insole from sliding. The insoles are firmly sticking to the soles of the shoe. In order to take a picture, the insoles are pulled down. Inside the pig skin with affinity, the texture is clear and natural. To relieve your foot pressure at any time, take care of your walking walking, it is really comfortable to touch, and the insoles are soft.


High -resistant rubber outsole. Bend -resistant polymer compounds. The soles of the shoe have a unique latex rejection point, non -slip shock absorption is elastic, and it has non -water. Put corrosion.


Advantages: Byford’s Byford Geofer Leisure Shoes. Classic style. The leather leather in the head layer is very delicate and the skin is clear and natural, which not only makes the feet dry and breathable, but also relieves the foot pressure at any time. Big bottom. Bend -resistant polymer compound. The soles have a unique latex to rejuvenate, whether it is walking or driving, it feels very comfortable and easy.

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